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ApocalypsenoW Mar 27
All conflict fade in light
Of what is yet to come
I fear muself sometimes
Destroying all i’ve done
Confused by feelings, old and new,
By deamons i create
My love, i wish you only knew
What rages in my brain.

One second passed and all had changed
I am not ready still
To just enjoy the things i gained
The bliss i yearn to feel
Feelings of Love obscured by Fear
Of all that is unknown
Of monsters dwealing in the deep
Of deamons i had known

If you to ask me weeks from now
About my deamon friends
Ill lauth and tell you that right now
This deamons have no chance
But in this constant solitude
In castle made of Ice
I lock myself so far from you
Stare into deamons eyes.
ApocalypsenoW Mar 15
In darkness, sitting here and wonder
What parts of you belong to me
As i am spirit i am thunder
I am not bound by gravity.

I feel illusions grow beside me
Back in the corner of my eye
Its where my darkest fear might find me
Its where my deamons hunt their prey.

This time around, not like the other
I stare my deamons in the face
This time around my soul is calmer
There is no storm, theres only grace

This year, a long and epic journey
Has gave me a new sence of Me
I grew up quickly and eternaly
What ever happens now, im Free
My demons all fight
Over the music in my soul.
Oh how i hate
This lack of control
Coriander Lee Jun 2015
Glare at the blank page,
Splatter it with black
the oil that oozes up
from deep inside me.

Shape it to a likeness
Give it a collar, a chain
But I prefer not to name it.

I'm good at keeping the door cracked.
I keep the key around my neck,
In case I need to shut them in,

Or shut myself in?

I'm not sure which side of the door
is the inside.
They bang on rough wood.
Scrape with sharp nails.
I haven't named them.
If only they didn't know mine.
I haven't written in so long. I found it easier to rewrite a rough draft instead of starting from scratch.
Ben Fernekees Dec 2011
I feel the love that burns in my heart
but the hatred has been there from the start
slowly burning away my soul
turning it into the darkest of holes

holding you close by the burning fire
opens up the gateway to desire
and the anger that thrashes inside my eyes
shows the truth of whats inside

thinking that this is all ment to be,
not seeing the lies of whats really to see,
the demon inside that breaks away
steals all the love inside me today,

the lies growing into truth
taking away all of my youth,
it all happens quickly without making a sound
for where there is love, hate can be found
Eloi Nov 2015
Heaven sent Deamons surround us all now.

We bow our heads and sing hyms, as he's lowered into the ground.

He was so beautiful, kind, and loving all of his life, but the Angels came and took him to keep by their side.

Now he will forever be but a memory to me, I fear that the truth will soon be clear to see.

About why he had to leave, and why he had to go, leaving us all here, in this icy cold snow.

It's hell here without him, I still cry every night,
He was a child of the galaxies who had to return to gods side.
I am simply a rough caretaker of my
Temple, vessle, canvas, corpse..
Whatever it may be
There is so much more than you can see
Too much if we were able to we'd be overwhelmed
Our eyes would probably burn out of our skulls
Because among the deamons we manage to see
Random, rough draft
Bluebird Dec 2014
What are poets made of?
is it luck and charm?
or dreadful heartache
that causes them self harm?

What are poets made of?
is it love and dance?
or a soul that withers
from one lost love romance?

What are poets made of?
is it tweenkly feeling from inside of chests?
or a hurtful silence that reeks of deamons
those dark,lowlife pests?

what are poets made of
i'll leave that puzzle unsolved
i'll just say it's a feeling
that make their words revolt
love hate poets self harm dace romance luck charm deamons pests  puzzle revolt feelings

— The End —