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Sep 8
I'm the shadow
Casted by the sun,
Feeling small
As the day's begun.

I watch people
With nameless faces
Go places
With no destination,
No purpose.

I watch them with
Bruised ribcages
And flowers blooming from their arms,
Pretending to be a part
Of the crowd,
Pretending to fit in.

Their hearts are shattered to dust,
But they fix it
With stiches and staples that turned to rust,
Pretending all the pieces fit

Their shirts are filled
With pins and needles,
that poke their skin
Pretending not to notice
The emptiness filling in.

But I stay put.
My shadow is too small to notice,
Too scared to move.
My mind is almost as broken as theirs,
But my door is fully open,
Not pretending.

Their cuts are filled with dirt and vines,
While mine are healed
From the years of pain.
I feel like my poems aren't as good as they used to be but I'm trying
Broken Angel Wings
Written by
Broken Angel Wings  14/F/California
       Mandalina, Nadia, TNR, Noelle Williams, Irem and 8 others
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