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Isaac afunad Feb 13
Do l ask
do l still hope for more?
do we chase dreams?
Dreams that are fatal.
do we blend with the lies?
lies that blind fold the future.
do we hold back at a certain moment?
is it hard to find success?
GQ James Dec 2020
You put your trust in the one you think you can trust,
Then it turns out you can't trust em,
That trust is more lethal than them bullets in a gun,
You can run from them bullets,
You feel them bullets harder than a heart attack,
They both can **** you,
The question is which is more fatal.

If that bullet hits you inside your heart,
You're pretty much dead,
You're heart is the most fatal,
Without your heart you can't live,
Nothing compares to a broken heart,
The ones you love the most hurt you the most,
It's less painful not to care.

All that pain made me cold,
The only thing I care about is family,
My mama more than anyone,
Heartless what I've become,
I can't feel nothing,
My EMOTIONS have been faded.
N Feb 24
By the gods, I cannot
bear the possibility of
the morning light kissing
your back as you dream

I fear such tenderness
might be fatal, dear
GQ James Nov 2020
I can't get caught in love no more,
Love can get real twisted real quick,
EMOTIONS involved changes everything,
Can't make promises,
Things always happen unexpectedly,
EMOTIONS can get the best of you.

Web of lies get real wicked,
Web of destruction gets real twisted,
Web of love is dangerous,
The webs ties you in deeper and deeper,
Can't help who we get tied into and with,
Our EMOTIONS take over our judgement.

Loving the wrong one can have somewhere you don't wanna be. Loving the wrong way will show you things that you thought you'd never see with your eyes. Love is more fatal than the drugs we take.
Your heart can mislead you,
Follow your mind not your heart.
Jayda James Nov 2020
Fatal attraction part II
Fatal attraction
Would lead to the ultimate detachment
Fatal attraction
It's your love that's killing me
It's the slight thought that surrounds the thoughts of you killing me
Miles away , miles and miles away
The dark clouds fade, the dark clouds fade
Go away go away
Is it your exact face , that's really
Thats really killing me
Knowing that there are no part of you feeling me
I wanna go then i wanna fade from these broke down feelings
Why do I divide my mind
A fight i cant seem to win
But my inner thoughts just slowly let you in
Out of control I seem to lose control
But no i cant go no i cant go
Digging deep inside this bottomless hole
So where do we fall
If we do that at all
My mind sending off signs
Thats i don't intend to hold
Let me go
Let me free
My real thoughts I think?
Nah it could not be
Tell me why should I
When I know my true intentions
Why should I fight my heart and my mind for a position
But do you listen but do you listen
Nah I try to camaflouge these words in my spirit
If I cannot stop falling then I must stay put
For I do not know if what i may think is okay
To scared to hinder my name
Cool breeze old bay
I hope to learn to be okay
Whats ment to be will always remain
If i do believe i do retain
If its meant to be Lord send it my way
If not I'll be okay
No dont you look this way
I hold it so tight toxically thinking it'll stay
Let it fly and grow
And happiness to follow
A smile so wide
It'll carry you to tommorow
As the days past and the night seems to hit
I wonder do you remember the first time love exist
fatal attraction
ObsidianDeath Sep 2020
Hold my hands - I want to feel
Kiss my lips--I need you here

The words I hear are the truth
The words I need to hear are the lies
Scared like a kid who needs his parents

I don't wanna die
Will you be there when I arrive?
It's a fatal mistake
That we take life for granted..

It's a fatal mistake
That we all make
And I guess I won the grand prize

These curtains are trying to fall
But I'm not ready to go...

I'll be reckless... I'll watch it burn
I'll be fatal.. I'll make my words
Ring out loud and clear...

******* to the sky
As long as I have air in my lungs
My destiny is my own...
sofia Jul 2020
sadness is hiding away from reality
sorrowful, lost
a fatal flaw
in your own story
-elixir- Jun 2020
Fatalities turned rampant,
Felonies a usual.
Voices unheard,
Victims lay fallen.
The hypocrisy unfolds,
They hide from their lies.
Affluent cocooned in bubbles,
Anguish spread in commons.
Tough we ought to be as
Time's run out

Or is it?
Karli Z Jun 2019
Words only cut skin-deep if you
Don't take anything to heart.
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