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Karen M Jun 24
Words only cut skin-deep if you
Don't take anything to heart.
Heather Jun 4
And since I’ve been there once
I can already tell you will break my heart
But I can’t stay away
Because love is magnetic
And this will only end when the poles change.
annh Mar 17
Will you let me go? Or have you distilled my essence so completely that, unmarried of your obsession, I must remain empty of myself; stripped of sanity’s constraints?

Am I fated to revisit the conjunction of my undoing, if only to recognise my own signature in your scent, and to taste the smokey flavour of my combustible flesh upon your skin?

Is it I - desirous of an end - who have released my immeasurable craving in order to destroy us both?
‘I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.’
- Sylvia Plath
nightdew Dec 2018
you are nothing but the cause of blood on my fresh wounds.
i am nothing but the cause of your fatal demise on paper.

but you didn't just cause bleeding,
but i didn't just cause your demise on paper.

funny how things come to be, my love.
dab on that wound with alcohol
Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
Now his name gives me chills.
What would have happened
if I'd gone home to him?
My tough man, my big man.
You're not a good enough
reason to **** myself.
nosipho khanyile Nov 2018
We gaurd our hearts in daylight;
hiding from the shadows of our shattered pain

Forgetting how, when darkness falls upon us, we let our gaurd down to fatal love expections.
stopdoopy May 20
"It Comes At Night"
(Desire) First renewed
Under the silver light (of the moon)

"A Quiet Place"
(A) Fatal Attraction
There will be blood (he hopes)

Venom (drips from his tongue)
(as he forces open her) Jaws

(the) Heat
"Let Him Have It"
Primal Fear (is all she knows)

"The Usual Suspects"
Goodfellas (they claim)
(making her play) The Game
A poem made from movie titles
A good man with good looks
Looks too good to be true
With an ambition as big as his muscles
Assuming he would have a big ego too
I have loved and I have learned
No man is worth the pain
Because I chose to take his place
He left me with nothing to gain
Love drew me in so tragically
Blinded me with infatuation
Then stabbed me where I'm vulnerable
All because of some fatal attraction
So how do you expect me to admit
What led me to despair?
I will not fall in love again, I quit!
When has love ever been fair?
Brittany Hall Aug 2018
Yet another distraction;  a nearly fatal attraction.
Getting lost in one another's space-time contraptions.
How could we do this to eachother, and  be so careless with our actions?
I can't take the blame this time, though I was wrong in my reaction.
You can rub it in my face, for your very own satisfaction.
But I will always know the truth;  I can see the equal fractions.
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