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Luscious and green
Pine, oak, maple, and more
The best ever seen
Lilacs, sunflowers, and daisies galore


Pollute, Pollute and Pollute some more
Baby turtles dying
Because of man-made stores
Consumers still buying

Faith Nov 2018
How could a smile be so meaningless
Or eyes that show no emotion
Arms that use to embrace me
Now push me aside

I don't know why this happened
We used to mean the world to each other
My best friend forever
At least that's what I thought

How could I have been so stupid
All the signs were in front of me
You never loved me
I was just too desperate to care
the sweet, innocent, happy girl
I used to be, only 5 years ago, is long gone.
Thrown away like a pile of garbage
& replaced by a zombie
Fueled by nothing more than fear, anger, sadness, & anxiety.
Not living; just breathing.
If she knew herself today,
She would be terrified of the monster she'd become
While her dreams were crushed right in front of her
& swept away by suicidal fantasies
And abuse of ecstasy
She saw.
She would probably be wiped away
Because she would have never guessed
She would become suicidally depressed
& at the age of 17, addicted to numbness
That eased her emotional pain.
Cutting, burning, drinking,
Taking so many pills she couldn't even think,
While almost by the minute,
Her anxiety and depression only got worse.
But what would surprise her the most
Was how she could even think of ending her own life,
Because she always knew suicide was never the answer.
But I guess after 2 years of constant anxiety,
Depression, hoplessness, & a life that didn't feel worth living,
It begins to feel like the only option.
Most painful of all,
She would hate to see her own death,
When the tiniest thread
Of the rope that once fully held her life together,
Bringing her hope,
Finally broke.
Crying, dizzy from all the pills she took,
She grabbed her blade and slide it across her throat.
Ending all hope for things to get better.
I'm sorry I'm not you anymore.
It shouldn't have ended this way,
But I couldn't live like that forever.
It had to stop
disclaimer: I haven't gone through some of these things, I based them off little things I went through and what others I know went through.
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
The familiar is all but lost
Relegated to monochromatic melancholy
This place holds no joy
Once soothing, now both dull and lifeless
This is not my happy place
This is not my comfort zone
This place holds no peace
Backed into a box of light gray
Don't speak, lest you be heard
Don't watch, lest you be seen
Don't care, lest you be hurt
This place holds no love
A hint of freedom long gone
An air of acceptance
Lured by what once was
This place holds remnants of a dream
Julia Elise Apr 2015
Quarterback, football team
Cute smile, James Dean
Drives me crazy, daydream

Blond hair, brown eyes
"I promise, no lies"
My day, blue skies.

I think, seeing stars.
Holds me, strong arms.
We're here, too far?

What happened, to you.
You changed, it's new.
I loved, you too.

He speaks, I look.
Love story, short book.
My heart, he took.

— The End —