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Aug 2018
Call my scars ****
Because I've never seen them as beauty.
Make fun of how I lost my sanity
For numbness.
And yes,
Go ahead
And call it teenage angst
Because you can't seem to find the line between
Phase and disorder.
I fought so many battles against myself
That you can't even imagine.
My scars on the outside
Only reflect little
Of the many scars I've left on the inside.
You may see my arm
Covered in scars as me once seeking attention.
While you are not completely wrong,
I can't even begin to explain
How wrong assuming could have been.
I lost my pride and disgnity for these scars.
Assumptions like yours
Are the reason I try to keep
Them hidden.
Why I, for so long,
Thought they made me ****.
But really,
They are just an **** part of my past
And beautiful reminder of the present.
So next time you see my scars,
Don’t stare,
Don’t assume,
And don’t call them ****.
Just walk by
And see me as a normal human being
I have maybe 20 scars on my arms, but many more on my shoulders, stomach, and legs that no one can see. Ppl see what is visible and assume that since they can see it, I wanted them to see it. I wouldn’t have so many scars they didn’t see if I wanted them to see it all
Broken Angel Wings
Written by
Broken Angel Wings  14/F/California
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