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May 2023
I am the memories that haunt me
The demons that hold me down
And paralyze me with fear,
The ones that remind me not to trust
The ones i hold dear.

Sometimes I wish to forget it all,
To run away,
Hoping to numb the pain
From the scar that has yet to fade.

I am the memories that haunt me
I can feel it in my body
The aches and the terror,
The screams,
The cries,
And the pleading.

Sometimes I can still hear your voice,
See the way you cowered in fear,
Holding back the tears,
Hoping he would stop.

I was the spectator that was too scared
To speak.
I wish i had screamed and cried,
Pleaded for it to stop
But I froze as the lump in my throat grew
And I struggled to breathe

From that moment on, I surrendered my voice,
Changed my way of being,
Hoping that we would one day flee
From these blood stained walls.
I may forgive
But i will never forget
Because I have become the memories that haunt me,
The scar that never heals
Written by
Moni  18/F/California
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