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Sep 2018
Look into my eyes.
Don't tell me you are fine.
I'd rather watch you break down and
Listen to you tell these ugly lies.

Let your words
Break into sobs
And let me watch as your once red tears
Turn clear.
Please tell me why you
Still do this to yourself.

Don't tell me what I want to hear.
Tell me why you break down.
Tell me what you feel
And the things you fear

Tell me how you got stuck
In this rut.
Let me listen
And don't think you're the burden
On my shoulder.

You should fear for youself
More than you do me.
You should be free
From these mosnters in your head.
But they keep dragging you down.

You need someone
But you keep running
Until you're all out of breath.
I'll try to help and try to understamd
But you'll just keep runing until your death
To my friend. I wish you could get better.
Broken Angel Wings
Written by
Broken Angel Wings  14/F/California
         Sam, Sam, Ciel Noir, Siranne, Surbhi Dadhich and 21 others
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