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Oct 2021 · 300
Life is in everything. Love. Understanding. Peace.

Even Fear.

These are things that gather you there,  Lpve is everywhere.
Oct 2021 · 141
When the trees blow
In the wind
the grass
blows thru the trees

Many revelations
Have come and gone
However, His freedom
and Justice
His Final Product

Even tho/we come
from distant lands
we are still one
you are still my friend

Thru Him
With HIm
In Him
We are made strong

We are filled
with strength
with Our Anger
And our shield

Thru the Light
Thru the Fire
We  are made Pure
ro Treasure
May 2021 · 509

Are you

Can you


And go

Deep for me

Meet me in Another Universe

Or somewhere farther away

You Call


And quietly  speak

To my heart

Gently hold me
And whisper in my ear

For I am a truth seeker

And you


Meet me


In my dreams
Mar 2021 · 91
Thru the Darkness

A Greater Light is Shone

A Light of Love


To be true


I wonder how
We can meet
In this darkness
Of mind


So let's meet

Even in the gray hues
We shall find
Mar 2021 · 118
Even thru this vacancy
I feel
Mar 2021 · 114
O! Mother of the Galaxies

I see Your face

Shining down on Me

So close

Yet so Far Away

The tide will change

To make it

Another Day

So Demons dance

And Angels Sing

Perfect Harmony

Let Nature Ring
To the One for whom all Seas are made
I will always Love YOU!
Forever, and Always,
Mar 2021 · 130
His breath
Takes my memory
Is Love Enough?

I feel
Thru these stone walls

Enough to break
Enough to steal

Too much to take
Not Enough to feel
Inspired by V1
For TR and (2
Mar 2021 · 121
Divine Love
Divine Love
From above
The Love of a Creator

If not a man
But it doesn't matter
Cuz he's a real man
He always gives me a hand

He's all I want
He's all I need
All I need
To truly be me

In my dreams
He's there
In the day
He cares
This is all I need

I'm under the spell of
Divine Love
Mar 2021 · 856
Tender is the moon..
Sweet as the moon

Tender as the sun

Wanna live in sin

Call me a Harlot

Battles beginning

And guess...

We've already won

We have been winning

Since the beginning of Time

Now darkly

Tho she bleeds

Heal me heal me

The full moon bleeds

To be without her touch

Is a sin to any woman

It is a Sin for every man

To be with her

She is the dark maid

So without Me is SHE

Please be careful calls out the moon

Then well speak again

As I can understand you

Woman so beautiful

So I can speak to you

Lets speak tenderly

Woman to woman

Moon to 🐉
And the moon counsels the dragon
Saying thus

Practice and repeat
May the God and Goddess be Merrily Blessed
Are you pleased with me

The God says:
Not yet
And yet shall I be
Look at my Wife
Treat her Tenderly

Or can you says the Goddess

See dear one the God is always faithful steady and true
And even tho the Goddess bleeds for all humanity
She'll bleed for you too
Love triangle issues babe.
Mar 2021 · 1.2k
Ev'ry Woman is the Moon
Evry woman is the 🌙

Evry 👨 is the Sun

Who is the Eternal One

Arent 🇺🇸 All

And if We are Eternal

Why is it that we Fall

So Listen Closely
Hear Me Still

We Are One
No need to Fear
Let Us Become One

Thru the many seasons

Thru the many years

             I 💘 U
Mar 2021 · 147
When we were young.. I used to follow you

Across the oceans

             And the seas

You'll never know how much I love you 👶

When I feel your hand grazing across my face

I would die and cut my heart out
Before I Ever 👀 You replaced

You are so dear
      You speak tenderly to Me
So Near

So Drink Of the Milk and
Honey within

Our Self

Within Our Breast

Love Me Tender
Silently and Still

Make Love to My Soul
It's Our Father's Will

Hear Me,
My Love
I need you evermore
Will Planet 🌎
I need You in store

Let's see
Planet 🌎 WILL Survive
If We remain in

Love Itself..

Deep within
💘 ya Sweetheart

This one's for our 👪 here in the Americas and Planet Terra,
also known as Earth

May We Roam FREE. Forever

Por Siempre,

Annie 'Ike'

I miss you

Please look me up on:
Annie Eichhorn
Annie eichhorn
AnnMarie Eichhorn

Hi K Stew ****
Mar 2021 · 83
Even tho I miss you
Keep panting for you to stay
You wait here in the shadows
So silently I pray

Guess such is love
And even more to this life

Tell me baby love
What is in your mind

Who is the one showing us it's all about the ❤
Cuz here is what will happen if we ever do part

The sky will darken
The moon will cease her glow
Will the sun keep shining
Deep within our woe
The stars will continue
To give their light
What happens when the moon shines
But hey
It's all worthwhile in the end
Cuz life's about the journey

Mar 2021 · 245



For everything you are

What you have done

To and for me

What can you


When all Earth's pleasures

Are both taken away and fulfilled

Because I am the 🌙

In all her phases

Don't be afraid.

I'm still here

For you
So know this my Cousin

Even tho we fight we laugh and bleed
Our Self dry

But it's alright


Because were one

I'll love you forever
I'll 👍 you for always
As long as youre living
My 👶 you'll be

I love you

Mar 2021 · 212
Maid of Ara
Seeing You for the first time
Makes me feel alive
Feb 2021 · 398
Even tho

I'm alone

I know

Where we meet
Wrote this way back when I was Moses and fell for nefratari.
Apr 2020 · 198
Do I consider myself a heathen?
What is the definition of a heathen?

A friend?
A Loved One
Or Enemy?

We are One!
All my friends are heathen. S take it slow
Apr 2020 · 122
Fire burning
In your veins
What happened to your eyes
Can't be replaced

Too Much
Of nothing
Why are you here

I told you to Leave
So why do you
Apparently my alignment was a Lil on the true side with this one lol
Apr 2020 · 199
Amidst this fortress
Battle is gone
My Lightbeam
My shield

Love is so tender
Among this hell

Dreams of attaining

Love is more than just a feeling
This Virtue is a decision

To Love or be Loved
Not a question anymore
So I leave

And bid love goodbye
For You
Yup. :)
Apr 2020 · 148
Another Day
You were the sunshine
Warm embraces
****** me

I die

Only to miss

A brighter day
Full of love
Full of light

Light my way
To Another Day
Re write of one of the love poems I have. Mixture of light and dark. Dark and light
Apr 2020 · 118
Megilan Sun
I know
You are the one
To bring me down
Yet I still stand
In this common ground
You will always be the One
Megilan Sun
Apr 2020 · 150

A leader ponders
His quest
Asks one question
To the Tempest

An honorable feeling
A loved one's embrace

Or are we set in stone


What is Megilo?
A friend.      
A lover .  
A cave

A child?

And Yet

A lonely whisper
A tall tree
A giant

... Ice ....
Staring back at me


Tho the earth underneath may shatter
And the mountains may quake
Here in Megilo
We make no mistakes
Love is a Battlefield
Apr 2020 · 202
Carpe Diem
Deep witchery
I have felt
So much torment
Inside this Hell
Moves so close
Yet so far away
No time for alliances
Nothing left to say


Please forgive me
For I have felt
Deep within this Heaven
Deep within this Hell


Tho I sleep
I will Rise
Only to Awaken
To this Dream
This Paradise
Phew, this took a lot out of me
Thanks to my friends and  family
#ForTerra !
Apr 2020 · 131
Your Love

Your shield

Remember who You Are

You Are Enough

God is Strong with You

The Force is Strong with You


Serve Your People proudly!
Oh, its nothing :)
Apr 2020 · 89
It takes a mighty Roar to show Courage. We may be brave but are we always Courageous.

Having Courage is not just something we do on the Battlefield or a physical War.

What about Showing Courage on the Battlefield of Life!

It takes True Courage to open up to someone else, to show Our innermost Being.
"I know what it's like to be Courageous!"

Mar 2020 · 356
Faithfully Yours
Love exceeds without bounds

He Lives in You
So become Tender
In the Morning

So silently

Happy Golden Birthday to a few special people in my life

Love IS ...
Mar 2020 · 113
:: Weightless ::
Bare bones
Lie weightless
In the Cold
poem taken from a longer poem i wrote with the same name
Feb 2020 · 197
Such is Life

You are my treasure

Beckoning me from the Adlivun

Loved me once

Will you love me again

Come to me

By Nightfall

Tho no stars shine

I will treasure You

For the God of my Life
I love You

Returning to God is to Live
Jun 2019 · 118
Let Us Rise
What token can I offer you
My Love
In whom Nature Abounds
Within these stone walls
I know
I feel
Your Essence beat
Thru me
So even tho
We know
These clay pots
Burned in fire
Turn to Gold
Before Our Eyes
And Even Though
We Fall
I know
We will Rise
Because we were Born
To Never Die
So Let Us Live
Let Us Rise
From Our Soul
Of Water, Earth, Wind and Fire
We Loved
Only to Live
As One
Jun 2019 · 288
Fly Like You Must
Tried to do things on my own
Guess it was not easy
So within a day or two
I suppose
Love will see us through
How are we to know
What God has in store for us?

It is obvious
Our token
Our values
to Oblivion
Which turns into Obsidian

Spoken Truth in tongues
and tonage of Urantia
So even though I fall through to Gehenna
I know
I believe
that You will always be there
Because Returning to God is to Live


How do you  Charge your Soul
Some say 'Stay grounded,"
I say, "Soar Aloft!"

Who cares if it is with wings of Angel's or Vultures
Differentiation and separation weigh down.
Fly like You must!
Dedicated to my family, whom my Soul misses.
We may live on another land
We may live in another country
But know this
I will always Return
to the Land of the Livong!

Live Long and Prosper guys,
May 2019 · 113
Leaning on the ceiling panel
Of my walled-up life
I pause to consider
Do birds rest on fox carcasses,
Or nest upon the ground?
Because that is where they left me
Six feet
Not so soon
My spectre carries bones and thread
To hum these patterns together
Not so high
Where is my nest?
No place to hide
Nowhere to rest
Jan 2019 · 269
He laughs at me
Daring me to take him in
He curses my home
With Blood
And Poison
Which escapes his skin

I'm hungry
And broken
Deep down
The Hell-fire burns
Beneath my skin

Let me be
Who I am
Is more than
What it seems

So I carry my load
Across this wilderness
I am going to miss
The delights
Within these trees
So, it's destiny
To fall

And fight
Can someone
And release me
From this prison

All may be my demise
As God holds me close
Tells me not to weep
To my muse
As long foretold

I am a vagabond now
Dec 2018 · 167
For You
Is it in me
To fall for you again
After so much pain
That you caused
That I caused

Why this hurt
Why this struggle
So many times
I have to borrow

The Name of Love
Is not a game
To be played
By the weak

Only the strong survive

But you
You make me weak
I cannot hide
From You
Dedicated to my bc friend, jillian
Nov 2018 · 834
Is everywhere
But we only know
We're Breathless
When it is gone
Oct 2018 · 187
Losing My Mind
We grown
In love
To be sure
Of the way
That Angels fall

The sun rises
In your eyes
My Queen
In you i see
My treasured prize

The stars are beautiful
But only thru your eyes
I can see the Universe

Your song will live on
My muse, my love, my life
God's greatest gift to me
So i dance with you joyfully

Within these rains
The comet creeps
So deep within
I long to see you again

Be there with you

For us
Be strong
And tender

So i will quietly wait
Silently and still

Look for me
Behind the wildflowers
The thoughts
That cloud your mind

Think of me deeply

Because i drown in your subconscious

I love you

But circumstances wont let us be together
Can we weather
This storm
Dont want to cause any harm
Thru the looking glass

Was this meant to be
Cuz i have no idea
I want you here
Please stay with me

Thru this night
Of my mind

Im losing my soul
Losing my body
Losing my mind

For you
For drop and isabelle, i love you
Sep 2018 · 223
For the Love of Fall
The crisp Autumn air
Waves gently
Through the ever-changing leaves

Must be that time of year

Leaves fallen on the grass, the sidewalk
The crispness of the air
Always brings me back to this

Where Fall was always Autumn

And the trees are evergreen
Love stands the test of time and space
Earth never dies or ends

The winter may come
The snow may fall
The grass becomes white
And the trees become ghosts

The summer has ended
And we long
For days of spring
But we remember
The season of Fall
Jul 2018 · 446
The Knight
The recesses of my Soul
Three words I have
To utter
In these bones of misery
Do all things
pass away?
Just know
Within my core
A fire burns brightly
For you

Though I know not
The spaces between
Your lips
That drip
myrhh and honeysuckle
These rationalities of my dreams
This day, will soon discover
The smooth outline of your body
On this sheet of paper.

Lo, and behold
I write for you
These resins
Cause heartache
Because you are not here with me

My Queen, My Life, My Love
Together, as One, Forever
dedicated to my BC friend.
With love,
Jul 2018 · 734
Eludes me

In the gallows
This is where
I come

We look beautiful sleeping
But are demons
During the day

But I am
Love's glutton
And feed into you
Who is this holding my hand?
And why am I bleeding?

It hurts to move in circles
across this blue-lined white piece of street.

This partner, my friend
is a vampire
so it seems!

At any hour:
morning, noon, or night
I bleed and bleed again.
I hope that my ink
will not run out
because of my vampire friend.

As quickly as she holds me,
she puts me right back down...
unaware of what the dalliance does to me.
Please don't let my ink run out!

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm dizzy and she cheats and cheats again

by holding someone else's hand.

My ink has run out!

I guess I believe
in vampires now.
kinda humorously morbid but yeah lol.
Jul 2018 · 289
Sister, Woman, Friend
Treasures like yours
They turn into gold
Like a wildflower
You blossom my soul

Tenderness flows
From your very core
You open your heart
And heal my own sores

I think it's funny
How energies entwine
It's God's greatest joke
Spread the Love, Butterfly

A mother to a daughter
Sister to sister
Woman to woman

Finally we are one
Under the sun

I float
And you wander
Together we will conquer hearts

You're more than a mother
I'll love you til the end
And I'm more than just your daughter
Sister, woman, friend
For my mom, Judi Pesavento. I love you.
Jun 2018 · 406
From you sleep
My Queen

Do you dream of
At Night

My Beautiful One
Your lips
Honey, Wine, and Myrrh
You caught me

Lost in translation
Rescue Me
From my cave
Of Hibernation

Your Eyes
Reflect the Universe
Black and Beautiful
A Rose of Sharon

Arise from Your Sleep
So I can
Release You
Take you
To the King

The King of All
True Lover’s Hearts
I pray to God
That we Never part
Yet if we do
I’ll Remain
With you

Here on this Earth
Here in this place
So passionately
I wait
For you to Undo Me

Let us fly
No more
Remaining Here

I’m sorry

I don’t
Want to go
Home just yet
Even tho
That’s the place
We are
Set free to roam

So comely
My sister
Your Beauty
Shines Thru
Your Eyes
Of Loveliness
Carry me thru
Tell me
To Hold On
For certain

Under the Stars
We gaze
Into Heaven’s Eyes
So Deep
Do we Pray
Let us never
Fly Away
For our Lives
Are Still Young
We glimmer
With Hope

Watch over her
She needs you the most

I’ll hold her
If it is your will
From the Beginning
To the End

Is How I Feel
About my Sister,
My Friend
Dedicated to my BC friend, JW
Jun 2018 · 300
Based on the Demon, Saerys,  from love and legends.
Jun 2018 · 117
Blood Warrior and His Own
Above and Beyond
It waits
A certain torment
I am left to face

So I fall silently
Slowly and still
Will this blood coagulate
Will it refill

Unbeknownst to me
I realize
My blood was there
All along

It is within me
To grip and heave
To keep me strong
Jun 2018 · 523
Breathing In the Catacombs
Walking thru these lonely
corridors at night,
seeking some sense
and knowledge
to beam forth and
shine bright.

I look into your eyes
Mysticism at its best
If only we had a little longer
To rise and stand this test

This sentiment that burns deep within my bones
Leaving me voiceless
One among the drones

Tho they know,  deep down, which vices are my kin.
Please help me ,dear Lord,  to turn away from Sin.

So Dead do I turn to you amongst the flowers.
Please help me to turn and release myself from this prison.
About a vampire at Hogwarts or the catacombs.  Not sure yet.
Jun 2018 · 285
Like a Bulletproof Vest
Scorching bullets
Pass us by
Like dancing faeries
Around our heads

You covered yourself
Like a bullet proof vest

Dragon's breath is unleashed
Are we living among the dead?

Or dead
Among the living?

Where wolves,  griffins,  and lions

But never surrender

Bullets fly
They want us

Or maybe

Who knows?

Can **** us
At all

The enemy
Will die
Of certain heart attacks

With AK bullets

God's will
So is seared
We can
Do it all
And rise above
Our fears

Deep within
This blood
Coursing thru our veins
Lies the Hunter
Among the hunted

Those within
This grove
Are seeking


To overload

Among the safety
We run,  we hide,  we search
So that those of us here
Will rise
And never die

Please cover
Like a Bulletproof Vest!
Jun 2018 · 302
One Day


Jun 2018 · 929
Skipping stones
For heart beats

Their hearts
Are reaching out
For more
Than just a shadow

These trees
Wave forever
In the breeze

The Fire
Shall capture
The Water

And induce
Certain labor

So we shall
On these Mysteries

Will endure
The Beginnings

An end.
Inspired by the life and lives of them that are dear to me.
May 2018 · 403
Mo Anam Cara
My concern : the Soul. Do not let the burden weigh on you.

Today, unexpectedly, I found peace. I know you well enough to know and believe in the unexpected - the unwanted even. My mind will not sit still. You know me. You know that for me, understanding is key. Knowledge is important but we must open our hearts with the opening of our minds. Ideas may change and shift. Most know change is an elementary concept that must be grasped. Some things will forever stay in our hearts. Humanity's quest for freedom and love will always be there to enlighten the star-less Sky. I pray we are there at the footsteps of our heavenly home. I dream of a place where a peaceful paradise is above any fear. Through any calamity we can find the place if we first look within and embrace ourselves. We must then reach out our hand to another and whisper, "You Are Loved!"
The world may laugh now but one day they will look back in Thanksgiving and Blessing.

We are each called on a personal journey. Here is where yours begins. Take the first baby steps, and then - always smiling - never look back my soul friend!
Mo Anam cara is Celtic for my soul friend, who can be and become anyone or anything! We only have one world and we need to take care of it and eachother
May 2018 · 8.5k
Carry On
Where are you?
Inside of me
But I can't feel you
You're too far gone

But, I know
We will carry on
All we have to do
Is remain strong

I am broken
When you are strong
I can't do this anymore
I'm too far gone
But maybe you
You can bring me back
In spite of what
You and I lack

We will carry on
All we have to do
Is be strong

Won't be long now
Til we're standing there
Together we'll reign
When life's not fair

We'll be there together
Our soul will entwine
Forever and ever
It'll All Be Fine

All we have to do
Is remain strong
As One
We'll Carry On
May 2018 · 322
A Mother’s Love
Can get me by
On sunny days
On days I want to cry
She soothes my soul
From wrath and tears
I know she’ll be here
Among the years
A rose
Amongst the thorns
So beautiful is she
Since Before I was Born
When my soul gently weeps
Deep within
This corridor
Within these walls
Of night
I see a light beam forth
It is She
Shining Bright!
#happymothersday2018 Dedicated to my mom. And Mother Nature.
The whole of the Religion is based upon Love. Why is that?

Jesus performed Miracles upon Miracles. His Love and Power filled His Soul and Radiated from Him. His Death upon the Cross Redeemed us All from the Near Occasion of sin if humanity so chooses. Even angels were Gifted with Free- Will.

He Breathes His Holy Spirit upon us All. It’s up to us to choose Right from Wrong.
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