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For everything you are

What you have done

To and for me

What can you


When all Earth's pleasures

Are both taken away and fulfilled

Because I am the 🌙

In all her phases

Don't be afraid.

I'm still here

For you
So know this my Cousin

Even tho we fight we laugh and bleed
Our Self dry

But it's alright


Because were one

I'll love you forever
I'll 👍 you for always
As long as youre living
My 👶 you'll be

I love you

Sweet as the moon

Tender as the sun

Wanna live in sin

Call me a Harlot

Battles beginning

And guess...

We've already won

We have been winning

Since the beginning of Time

Now darkly

Tho she bleeds

Heal me heal me

The full moon bleeds

To be without her touch

Is a sin to any woman

It is a Sin for every man

To be with her

She is the dark maid

So without Me is SHE

Please be careful calls out the moon

Then well speak again

As I can understand you

Woman so beautiful

So I can speak to you

Lets speak tenderly

Woman to woman

Moon to 🐉
And the moon counsels the dragon
Saying thus

Practice and repeat
May the God and Goddess be Merrily Blessed
Are you pleased with me

The God says:
Not yet
And yet shall I be
Look at my Wife
Treat her Tenderly

Or can you says the Goddess

See dear one the God is always faithful steady and true
And even tho the Goddess bleeds for all humanity
She'll bleed for you too
Love triangle issues babe.
Isabelle Emily Oct 2019
I don't wanna be your girl no more.

I can see why he might’ve thought that was about him.

Two hands longing for eachothers warmth.

Dude ***, you still try to tell me y’all didn’t have a thing.

I’m scared that no one loves me, loves me, really loves me.

Aw he loves you, let him love you

And all I ask of you, is baby please don’t leave me, you are all I ever need.

I thought that you guys were like best friends or something.

I can finally see you’re as ****** up as me.

Your  ‘not’ relationship ******* me up more than real relationships.

We will grow old as friends.

I need new friends.

Lost cities, what a pity, no one knows when it’s time to accept a lost love and say goodbye.
6 6 17
LiviKawa Sep 2015
you think this doesnt hurt me
but there is chaos in my lungs
everytime i am near you
LiviKawa Jun 2014
My skin is stained
With the guilt of time
So fill my notebooks
With  blood-red tears
That fall from your eyes
Maybe this will be
The perfect distraction
LiviKawa Jan 2015
Your words tease me
And they play fantasies in my head
It's 11 o'clock and I should be asleep
But instead I'm laying here
Thinking of your passion
And the intensity of what you want me to do
Things only for me to hear
Take control baby
I'm all yours
Emmy Anne Mar 2015
Galaxies pause when you walk on the spot light lit stage. Your shining smile brighter than the stars, no wonder all they could do was stare. Frozen in time, the journey you take them on with just the simplicity of your majestic voice lullabies them to a peaceful place where your arms is where they sleep.
Charlie Mar 2015
Laugh hard, my love.
Smoke menthol and smile.
Be strong.
Don't let these vices consume you.

— The End —