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Tried to do things on my own
Guess it was not easy
So within a day or two
I suppose
Love will see us through
How are we to know
What God has in store for us?

It is obvious
Our token
Our values
to Oblivion
Which turns into Obsidian

Spoken Truth in tongues
and tonage of Urantia
So even though I fall through to Gehenna
I know
I believe
that You will always be there
Because Returning to God is to Live


How do you  Charge your Soul
Some say 'Stay grounded,"
I say, "Soar Aloft!"

Who cares if it is with wings of Angel's or Vultures
Differentiation and separation weigh down.
Fly like You must!
Dedicated to my family, whom my Soul misses.
We may live on another land
We may live in another country
But know this
I will always Return
to the Land of the Livong!

Live Long and Prosper guys,
raw with love May 2014
I know how to say
"I love you" in
English and French,
and Spanish and Italian,
and Russian and Bulgarian,
and Arabic and Dothraki
and High Valyrian,
and Klingon,
and in any other language
you ask,
I know how to
write "I love you"
in Gallifreyan and
I know how to make up
a billion different poems
about my love for you.

But still, it won't make you
love me back. I somehow
was never enough for you.
You keep me awake every night
wondering why you left
and I think it's high time
I started looking up
how to say "I don't hate you",
"I've moved on", "I don't miss you"
and "I am okay" in all these
languages in which
"I love you" didn't matter.

— The End —