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Evry woman is the 🌙

Evry 👨 is the Sun

Who is the Eternal One

Arent 🇺🇸 All

And if We are Eternal

Why is it that we Fall

So Listen Closely
Hear Me Still

We Are One
No need to Fear
Let Us Become One

Thru the many seasons

Thru the many years

             I 💘 U
with immediate effect chinas embassy in london to be at the tranis house at hampton court. the old lodge  at hampton court where i lived in history in england needs to be tidied and checked by the police before i can go in. im pleased to see some eternity fund going where its needed around the world.
the banks are very nearly uncorrupt following hard work by bank of japan and america fall and bank of england hutchinson.
remember it against the law to raise a price in england scotland wales northern dansana and southern dansana, china or france.

house prices cannot increase more than 5percent a year unless restoration work or extentions have been completed.

it is illegal for interest rates to rise at all in china france and uk.

vat must be added as usual

if anyone( princes only please, wants to do trade please contact me here if you are a king or president or the embassy in your country.
embassys must assess if product would cause loss of jobs in home country if it is so china will not move forward. to trade with china england and france all food must be healthy.

to reiterate trade is 1percent inport 1percent export no other charge. exise must be paid in advance
the gentle hands that wrap around my throat,
the decorative jewels of bruises,
the pale flesh that inspired poetry,
kissed by the silver blade
as i kneel in the scaffold
29 octobre 2020
06:33 am
SA Szumloz Apr 2020
Sweet Anne,
Run while you can
For the moon is rising
And I hear you crying
In the near future.

Sweet Anne,
Did you bring a man?
I fear you're being stalked
By the creep who gawked
At you at the bar.

Sweet Anne,
Do you have a plan?
The creep has caught you
And there is nothing you can do
But kick and scream

Until your voice is heard.
Jonathan Moya Nov 2019
With the sound of sirens screaming outside,
ten knocks on the door, the shout of authority
flooding in from the red steel,
would Joe American give up Anne Frank
hiding in the attic among his dusty relics,
the crawl space shared with a family of rats,
living under the loose floorboards among
the stacks of hidden zombie apocalypse cash?

What if Jane American found Anna Franco
shuddering with her dos hermanos, madre, padre,
in the dark corners of her garage?

Would she give them 2 vests, 3 pair of pants,
two pair of stockings, a dress skirt,
jacket, shorts, lace up shoes,
wool cap, and scarf?

What if her daughter Sarah saw a black hijab Anah
patiently hidden in the foliage of their old oak tree?
Would she gift her her favorite blue fountain pen?

Would she embrace her, or if ordered,
break the neck of her rabbit?
kain Aug 2019
Lie awake for me
Tangle yourself in your sheets and
Think about me
You haven't seen me in three days
It's spring break
I promise you this
I won't text you back
Maybe you believe I hate you
That's okay I just
Need to know what it feels like
To have someone waiting

I hope you can fall in love
With silence because
I love silence more than anything
But not enough to stop you from breaking it
Break it
And I'll break your trust
Take me back
Don't ask me to explain
I won't
I have a warehouse worth
Of second chances

I cry because of you
I'll  let you know but
Don't think you can catch me
You know me well enough to know
I don't open up
But not well enough to know why and
I'll  play my favorite song for you
You'll never know why
It makes me smile
But you'll know
All too well
That it makes me cry
When you aren't around
I know that you think
It's all to do
With you
I'll swear it's not
It is
ghost queen May 2019
please open the door
who do i cry for
the golden door is close
do you not want the joy, the ecstasy
the rose bush is blooming, fully flowering
let me in, just unlock the door
my quiver is full, my bow taunt, where is your heart
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