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Jennifer Weiss Dec 2015
It is so very strange.
To no longer be in love with you.
At least, I think I am not...
but then again,
why does it make so melancholy
to see you with another...
WHY is it such a...******?
Why does it rob me of clever words?
I know there is fullness of life without you.
But when I think about you....
Its like the same symbolism and meaning
I find in the birds.
and it scares me...
the not knowing
The hoping.
The believing.
It starts to feel as though I am deceiving
Wishing myself into believing God gave
me a
Am I honest?
I miss you still.
I wouldn't want you
as you are.
This part is true.

I guess that solves that....
God is faithful in His promises,
just make sure they are His.

— The End —