The recesses of my Soul
Three words I have
To utter
In these bones of misery
Do all things
pass away?
Just know
Within my core
A fire burns brightly
For you

Though I know not
The spaces between
Your lips
That drip
myrhh and honeysuckle
These rationalities of my dreams
This day, will soon discover
The smooth outline of your body
On this sheet of paper.

Lo, and behold
I write for you
These resins
Cause heartache
Because you are not here with me

My Queen, My Life, My Love
Together, as One, Forever
dedicated to my BC friend.
With love,
Gently, she goes
as soft as a fawn
opens the window
and waits for the dawn
fireflies glow
wind caresses her face
as she sheds all the shadows
not leaving a trace
She dons velvet darkness
wrapped in its cloak
releases all poisons,
             in smoke
She is preparing for battle
in her own, quiet way
She only wants wholeness
as she breaks through the gray
For soon she will weave
prismatic wonders of spells
her own inner aurora
lighting heaven from hell
For suffered she has
and it's time to forgive
unlock self-made prisons
and let herself live
and now as sunrise approaches
stars still in sight
she turns the skeleton key
and glides



  ­   It yawns

      and swallows

                  the words ...

© Pagan Paul (20/06/18)
I prefer to call it Poets Pause as it implies a
period of reflection rather than a period of
complete inactivity. A bit more positive than
writers block.
I'm not suffering it right now though,
its just a poem about it :)
Uplifting shift
     caressing the sky,
taking pleasure
from freedom
          on the wing,
lost in blue
facing the sun,
a safety
over azure waters
     in flux,
a birds eye view
          marking horizons,
viewing a serene world,
at a hundred miles an hour,
faster on thermals of air,
warmth pervading a span
and more,
               soaring with the care
of nothing.

© Pagan Paul (26/06/18)
  Jul 13 Annmarie Eichhorn
The long distance beast
is loves touch unrequited
due to the absence of proximity

in the midst of immense tenderness
and edges dark voluptuous
there stands a gorilla in the room
and its name is emptiness
long distance love and loneliness
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