An ugly beautiful relationship,
A beautifully ugly relationship.

A faithfully faithless lover,
A faithlessly faithful lover.

My HP Poem #1639
©Atul Kaushal
Joshua Hobbs Sep 2016

Can you remember the first time you had ice cream?
As a young child, you were so excited.
Your cute face lit up and your little lungs wanted to scream.

Or when your Father held you high in the skies?
Turned you into a plane.
Not a care in the world to be found in those adorable eyes.

Those times where you held your puppy when you cried.
The first time you were wronged...
How it broke your little heart deep down inside.

Every time I look into those beautiful eyes, that's what I see,
All the pain is silenced,
and I see what life could truly be.

I know I've hurt you before when the thoughts would begin...
But without you, I am truly broken...
For I am nothing more than a Man filled with Sin.

But I did not cast the first stone,
All this time without you,
I've been searching for a way to atone.

I miss you, I'm just a lost boy...
Misguided and hated,
tossed aside by many like an unwanted toy.

And I don't want to lose you,
what else could I live for?
People we care for come in so few...

So here I kneel, down on one knee,
Faithfully yours now and forever,
I'm just a Pawn... Whose fallen for the Queen.

I love you, Rachel. I really do... Not a moment goes by that I don't try and come up with the words that might just bring a smile to your day.

— The End —