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ju Oct 18
We bathed on the carpet’s edge, in October light
made warm again by pimple-glass and wishful thinking.
We played games and we whispered- as if quiet
could conjure Safe from thin air, and noise conjure Evil.
We occupied the in-betweens; the hall, the stairs, the path.
Drew and drew and drew, with red-brick and chalk and dust.
We chewed the skin around our nails, until our fingers cried-
And when Dark came early, he found us fighting Monsters
in the Artex with our jagged little minds.
Did you ever think we could've been twins? Not like born together. Not fused like the two sides of an oyster encapsulating a precious pearl. No, I mean like the two sides of a mirror. Perfect opposites. Equally opposite damaged from long days of staring and hoping, and laughing and crying. Begging for things to maybe resolve, maybe become clearer. Maybe disappear with the steam of the 2.AM shower in the pitch dark. Hiding imperfections so that maybe they won't exist. I want to look at us both without fear of what I might see.
I want to see the correct way of viewing things and not the enhanced wrongness of a backward reflection. If we are the same then tell me that from your side we are better. That from your side we are stronger. That....just maybe...from your side, I am right for once.
Safana Jul 31
It's beautiful,
Your days are beautiful,
Beautiful as you are!
Beautiful than a Juliet rose 🌹,
A rose flower of love,
Your beauties are like
Abba and Meemi.
Your ages, are 1 + 1

Twice in halves
Twins, are twice
I wish you
fluky birthday, and
to pass your obstacles
with flying colors.

May your breath
blow the candle

The royal twins

Happy Birthday
Maimunat and Hajarat
Twins daughters of
Mr. and Mrs.
Umar Faroukh Abdullahi
My sisters' twins Daughters,
Happy Birthday
Known to each other ..
And seen each other..
Before the world had seen them
And even their originators had seen to know them... !!

Such is their bonding...
For promised they have to each other
While sharing the space of their mother's womb together ..
To stand as strength  and support
Firm as pillar to one another
Not just in time of need
But ...always and ever...!!

No words require to be uttered
For each to know other's mind
A look into eyes and expression  on face
Will do the the best !!

For they are  twins...
Bound with fondness for each other
Walking hand on shoulders carefully
In every step towards a future seen so infinitely bright .. ...!!
Long live the brother sister duo
With all the blessings of THE ALMIGHTY!!
Inspiration to write are jhanvi and prahlad  ,the twins of my friend harini ..the bond they share is amazing !!
Fallen ROSE May 3
I miss you.
Although I lost you before I met you
I miss you
So much that I lay awake at night wishing you could hold me tight
I miss you
So much that I cry and don't even know why
I miss you
Sometimes hating the fact that God took you away without us having a chance to play

 I miss you
Although I have never met you
I just miss you and I don't know why.
Identical usually feel as if something is missing without the other.
Lorena Mar 29
(As if sitting in a wooden box)

I confess.
I confess to feeling the pain of needs unmet and overlooking it,
to hearing the opening of things, the closing of them too
the confidence of a heart unbroken say "I'd like to try!"
and a cold bitter laugh in a triumph of parsimony.
I confess to doing less and allowing it in my own vulnerability.

(As if tearing a casing spun of silk)

I am a catalogist, rebuilding a place
In my defence I have known you less, but even now -
there are no reference books to your emotions or reactions
no rule of thumb except to ease anger, aid logic, clear runways.

(As if the knowing was as easy as the learning)

together we are four decades of stubbornness and pain and kindness
we are warmed feet on the black range cooker
we are the climbing wall at the fair
You are three dots, ellipsis, open-ended.
and i am writing bad poetry about a girl who can fly...
a birthday present
Rajinder Feb 1
We huddle together
like memories in a womb,
to be delivered as twins.
Kim Essary Dec 2019
God gives a mother the gift of a child to love and nurture all the days through
A boy or a girl but only one, yet he blessed our mother with two.
We came into this world on the very same day
Identical twins, just alike in every way.
We spent our days together in all that we would do.
My life isn’t the same here on earth without you.
I see you in my mirror and every picture that I take
I miss your smile and the funny faces we would make.
I know one day I will see you face to face again.
Happy Birthday My best friend, my sister my angel my twin.
I will see you today when I walk outside in the sun
For when I look beside me at my silhouette it reminds me there are two of us never just one.
Dedicated to Sara and Samantha love forever Kim
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