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 Jan 2021 AnnMarie Eichhorn
Love Is A Beautiful Thing You See,
But It Contains so Much Pain When It's Done
 Apr 2020 AnnMarie Eichhorn
Order is shaking
fast changing

no one knows
where it will level out.

But one things for sure
the natural order

in this shutdown of Humanity
can finally breathe.
Don’t just live in the moment but live for the moments that have yet to come
 Dec 2019 AnnMarie Eichhorn
Blessings and curses
fine lines in-between.

A blink of the eye
old and dying.

Some light-heartedness
a few deep thoughts.

We meet and part
to meet again.

A blessing
and a curse.
 Dec 2019 AnnMarie Eichhorn
voices for singing

verbal traditions
banging the drum.

shouts and screams
the low hum

tribal woman and tribal man
the synchronised dance.
 Dec 2019 AnnMarie Eichhorn
you wanted to do the right thing
and in the doing
you became a welcome stranger to some
and a figure of contradiction to others.
If only, if only I could think of one line.
I would write anything. Carroll-ing,
in Wonderland, ring, bing, ting, ting,
but in actuality, that is the sands of time
“Passing Me By” – like the Pharcyde, far side.

Anything, I would write. Insects, parasites,
diseases. God forbid if I wrote about Jesus.
I need something to quill that I cannot resist,
I will, believe this. I take the keyboard swiftly...
but the key is, I’m bored; mind keeps shifting.

Write anything – I would. True Yoda –isms,
Star wars, chores, ignorance galore; I’m bored
Of uncovering the ills of NSA’s PRISM.
******, I want to travel! A world to explore
And unravel; out there are words to score.

Would I Write Anything? I’ll just sit here
Like the man on the marble slab. Blank screens,
White walls, smoke green and sip all the beer.
It’s weird, I’ll sit here and it hits me sometime.
If only, if only I could think of one line.
read pt 1 first, don't cheat.
One true solution, Write about you're writer's block
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