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Yash Singh Sep 2019
My First Day at Hogwarts
On a Saturday morning,
I woke up in pain.
Perched on top of my head,
Was an owl shaking its mane.

As I focused my glance,
the owl got clearer.
There was something clutched in its beak;
a pale yellow letter.

When I opened it,
words started to bloom,
Mr Y. Vartak,
The inner bedroom.

‘You have a place
in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Points will be taken for wrong,
and awarded for bravery.’

I showed it to my parents,
Who were not at all surprised.
They were in fact very happy,
I am a wizard I realized!

We took a plane to London,
Visit Diagon Alley.
In a hurry to buy my first wand,
robes and stationery.

It was the first of September,
so we hurried to Kings Cross.
We got to platform nine and three quarters,
after struggling through the chaos.

I had everything in my trunk,
I had nothing more to get.
My parents surprised me,
by giving me an owl as a pet.

I got a seat in the Hogwarts Express,
and put my robes,
There was a boy opposite me,
he was juggling bewitched globes.

We got off the train,
At Hogsmeade Station.
There was an amazing castle,
that was beyond my imagination.

We rowed across the lake,
sitting on boats,
It was getting colder,
so we pulled on our coats

We entered the hall,
Full of eyes.
There was a roof above us,
that represented the vast skies.

There was a dusty hat,
in the middle of a stage,
It had a rip near the brim,
so it looked older than its age.

A professor named Minerva,
Put that hat on my head.
The rip opened like a mouth,
Interesting is what it said.

The Sorting Hat as it was called,
said that he had to think some more,
After a while it yelled:
‘He’ll go in GRYFFINDOR!’

I joined the Gryffindor,
at the Start-Of-Term Feast.
We were so involved I talking,
we cared for our sleep the least.

After the feast, we departed,
for Gryffindor Common Room,
Outside the portrait hole, there was,
a shiny black broom.

I changed from my robes to my nightdress,
lay down watching the dying ember.
My eyelids were getting heavy,
I walked into a deep slumber.

This poem is written by me,
Yash Singh.
Specially written for my favourite,
Joanne Kathleen Rowling.
I wrote this poem for JK Rowling in Grade 8.
Nova Dec 2018
If I were a Jedi
From District Two
I’d spend my schoolyears at Hogwarts
And summer breaks with Lilac LaRoux.
I’d talk books with Lady Jane Grey
And if I were an Angel-Blood
I’d fly far away.
The books/movies mentioned are:
Star Wars
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter
The Starbound Trilogy
My Lady Jane
The Unearthly Trilogy
Walking thru these lonely
corridors at night,
seeking some sense
and knowledge
to beam forth and
shine bright.

I look into your eyes
Mysticism at its best
If only we had a little longer
To rise and stand this test

This sentiment that burns deep within my bones
Leaving me voiceless
One among the drones

Tho they know,  deep down, which vices are my kin.
Please help me ,dear Lord,  to turn away from Sin.

So Dead do I turn to you amongst the flowers.
Please help me to turn and release myself from this prison.
About a vampire at Hogwarts or the catacombs.  Not sure yet.
sunshine Oct 2017
it was a dark night when they were killed
the world seemed to give up its breath
the world seemed to have emptied the evil from its soul
the death was three that night
a mother
a father
a dark lord
and admist that terror was a boy
he was loved dearly
and with that love remained alive
you see, love knows no boundaries
for it is the strongest of all magic
and that boy who lived, he can tell you truthfully
Eleanor Webster Sep 2017
I never was a Gryffindor, I said.
Not for me the bravado of the every day,
The martyrdom of intersecting a bullets path
In fact, I did disdain of that reckless abandon.
I understood the slytherins and ravenclaws outwitting the shooter Before he shot
But whoever said you'd meet a hufflepuff in heaven was wrong,
Lord knows I wouldn't jump in front of a bullet for you
But I'd pull us both out the way.

I never was a Gryffindor, I said.
Not for me the pomp and prance of the self-assured, self-entitled Gryffindor,
In fact, I felt at home in any other house.
Ravenclaws do speak the truth, possess originality,
And slytherins are more trustworthy than you'd suspect.

I never was a Gryffindor, I said.
But there's a certain bravery in dancing on your own like everyone's Watching,
Because they are,
They're all watching you, some disdainful,
Some with humour in their eyes,
Some with their cameras out:
I winked at one, and stuck my middle fingers up at the other,
Because I look happier than anyone else in the crowd
And I'm with my friends
And God I love my friends
And God knows when our song comes on I'm going to scream it at The top of my lungs.
And soon we'd collapse but I said no
Dance like the world will end if you stop
Because it will
Because the glory will fade
Because they don't understand
This isn't a dance, it's a victory march
Showing everyone here
That I have dealt with their smirks and their cameras
And I have survived.
And I am unstoppable now.
Maybe I am a little bit Gryffindor, I thought, and smiled.
This is the first poem I ever wrote, so please be gentle! Context: I was about sixteen at a summer festival and me and my friends were essentially the only people dancing, so we got some funny looks; this kinda captures the Zeitgeist of a completely content and socially at ease me. This is a poem about self-acceptance and ignoring the judgement of others. Also Hogwarts houses. #hufflepuff4lyfe
The intelligent ones
For those who may be missing a few screws
Or are like no one else you have ever met

The amicable ones
For those who aren't afraid to work hard
Or would give $100 to the homeless

The cunning ones
For those who will do anything to achieve their goals
Or are willing to do anything to protect what is theirs

The brave ones
For those who will never give up
Or laugh in the face of terror

Where shall you go?
I'm a Gryffindor. What are you?
AavelinaJaden May 2014
Rest in peace to all the brave gryffindors
The courageous ones with hearts that soar
Rest in peace to all the smart ravenclaws
You left this generation in intelligent awe
Rest in peace to all the clever slytherin
without you, many of us wouldn't grin
Rest in peace to all the kind hufflepuff
I know our journey was tough

Avada kedavra to the other sort
Crucio on voldermort
imperious on the non deluxe
Destroy all of the horcrux

Shortlived were the cohorts
That tried to defeat hogwarts

we thank you
The death of fictional characters will always outweigh reality.

— The End —