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1.6k · Oct 2018
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
It's too late for the sun to save her
Her skin cracks as the cold invades
It sets in,
The unwanted guests of the night
903 · Oct 2018
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
The simplicity of my words scare me
The depth of my emotions cannot scratch the surface
A whirlwind of chosen pieces
Fog my mind
I am a slave to a game
I cannot win

How do I become better
At presenting my passions stronger?
I am weak with the thought of failure
833 · Oct 2018
A well thought out trick
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
You didn't want to know me,
You wanted to get me,
And got me you did.
825 · Nov 2018
Who do you miss
Shane Rowe Nov 2018
Do you remember me the way I do?
Of course you don't
It's interesting to see, though
You miss me,
But how?
Who was I with you?
Was I delicate and not fragile?
Was I missing pieces and not broken?
Your perspective of me is clouded by rose colored clouds
Am I a one way ticket to what you thought we were?
Sugar coated sweet nothings
Stained my lips in the past
I was consumed with doubts
That you fed not tamed
We covered each others bruises with flowers,
Hoping it will make them beautiful
But flowers are not forever
And so I saw them wither
I don't know who you miss,
But I do not think it is me
She told me she missed me tonight. I don't know who she was talking about. She remembers a different me.
821 · Nov 2018
Shane Rowe Nov 2018
Break your own bones to look the part
Your words are poison to your own soul
Lies are tied loose at the end
So you can untangle them all over again

Manipulate those with strings
Put ones on those who disobey the queen
A sly little devil sat with a crown
A makeshift castle made with a frown

Throne made of eggshells painted in gold
The stench of her pride plague the halls
Oh how daring you are, a threat with no promise
Your sword and men may break on a moments notice

Deny you may of the weight of your weakness
We see the cracks, the glass breaking beneath it
So, for now, I bow to the ruler of all
Who'll fall on her own sword with no one to call
My anger wrote these words.
608 · Oct 2018
I cannot hold it
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
Do not
I am full of it
Sick of it
My brain weary
A fear stills me
For tomorrow
Might not come for me

I am nothing
I feel it feeding
Off of the silence surrounding me
I tell myself over and over and over-

It deafens me,
Ringing constantly
It is always within
An incredible sense of
I dread that it will never leave
A friend that I will never meet
To ask if it can ever be
More than just
My anxiety is here tonight.
545 · Feb 2019
The war persists
Shane Rowe Feb 2019
I am just so sad
So so sad
It feels so heavy inside my chest
It feels like a fight I cannot win
Over and over again

It just wont let me go
When will it let me go
Give me a break
Let me breathe

I am too tired to tell it to stop
Stop whispering in my ear
Stop telling me what I did wrong
What I'm going to do wrong

It is drowning out everything that is good
It is telling me to be selfish
To leave
I wont
But I get tired of fighting at times
And tonight, I cannot put my shield up
I am too sad
I don't know what else to tell you. It does not rhyme and there is no flow. It is only my raw thoughts. I am too tired to organize them, to make them sound beautifully tragic. Tonight they are just, tragic.
524 · Oct 2018
the tides were too strong
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
you haven’t been sleeping enough,
I see your eyes flickering in the dark
the bed has been nothing but rough
the visions of her won't stop

the stars have dimmed you say,
replaced with a deafening gray
a sorrowful sight it was

wishful that the ocean will calm for you,
but the storm is pushing through,
it’s deep and there’s nowhere to go,
an armada of emotions sinking painfully slow

no one to turn to
her words cloud the sea
never again become blue
how will you flee?

the waves does not allow you to sail through
no lull in the night
a squall behind you
a searing pain
493 · Oct 2018
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
How to decode
My own intricate being
While I'm stuck in a nonsensical cycle?

I feel my mundanity
Getting the best of me
Convicing me
That my words do not sound
As good as it is, in my head

'It is worthless' they said.
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
Where is the beauty in death?
I ask,
A figure of light answers
"I have never looked beautiful in your mind,"
"When a cloud of darkness consumes you, you see me as a gruesome way out."
I have never imagined you as something graceful, I answer
"I have only been ugly because you want me too quickly."
I shiver at my truth,
It echoes in the depths of my soul,
I did not reply
"I am complicated and painful, but never when one is ready. Never when their clock has stopped ticking on its own."
Why has mine continued,
Why has it felt as if the world cursed me with time?
"I am afraid you'd have to ask life that, you have not given him a lot of attention lately."
I am in between,
I feel stuck,
When will you come for me?
"I will hold you gently when the time comes, I promise you it is not today nor tomorrow."
What if I invite you graciously?
"Do not wish for me, I am not a wonderful savior."
But what do I do with this agony? The agony of living?
"You continue on like the rest, you will be able to, I have seen your clock, it is a strong and lasting one."
Being hopeless is annoying. So here we are. If you are reading this, hold on. I hear it is worth it.
445 · Nov 2018
To whom it may concern
Shane Rowe Nov 2018
She confuses me a lot
She is different now
A winding unstoppable force
And I hate it
I am unable to hold her
To understand what she has become
She is so far away from me
Stepped miles towards somewhere I cannot follow
I do not know her anymore
Who is she to me?
What do I owe her?
She has lost the right to call me anything
She acts as an acquaintance
I just want her back
The way I remember her
When she used to care
To inspire
To be there
When she was still known by my soul
I am deeply torn by her
And she doesn't even know
Idk. My thoughts are ******* me off.
402 · Feb 2019
Shane Rowe Feb 2019
I thought it was you
When my phone buzzed
And the notification popped up
I thought it would be you

I always think it's you
I always hope
But it never is

And I'm left here to wonder
Why I wait for it anyway
When I know it will never be you
I still hope though
Shane Rowe Nov 2018
I just want to cry
I can't seem to do that lately
My mess is all bottled up inside
But the cork is ******* on tightly
Tears don't come as fast it should
What an unnerving feeling
My emotions has betrayed me
Has drained me
I am feeling nothing and everything at once
It makes the room spin slightly
A hole where the loudness started
Has grown bigger each day
Sneaking its way into my dreams
To torment me awake
I lay in silence til dawn breaks
I do not feel safe
Sleep, old friend
Come as soon as you can
It's 3 am.
359 · Oct 2018
Some sort of melody
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
I always miss her when she's gone
I try to tell her when she's near
She thinks she's getting in the way
Of getting rid of all my fears
She doesn't know she keeps me sane
When the rain is pouring out
The sound of banging in my chest
Means she's drowning out the sound

I even miss her when she's here
Under the covers with our hands
Clasped together like we're lost
And we're afraid to let it end

I always miss her cos I'm tired
Of feeling too much again
But feeling nothing causes rips
In my heart that has been worn
So I'll miss her less and less
And maybe then I'll get to be
Strong enough to see,
That she also misses me
348 · Oct 2018
The mirror talks back
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
Are you against me?
Answers are not always what is heard
I see
You are a mess of words,
Do you hear me?
Tied together with a longing
Strong enough to bend steel
Holding onto a belief that
Someday might not be as dark as today
Hold on, my dear
Even if the whispers are getting louder
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
apparently only two
a stronger soul would say it's few
a weak one like me, will start to see
all the things I've come to be
every sip becomes quicker
every gulp getting a little bit bigger
a smile forming in my face
happiness is absent, though a giggle escapes
a distraction to say the least
a sudden darkness starts to creep
what I thought was a solution
starts to invade
stream of memories
unprovikingly plays
I start to numb
my heart beat drums
as I take one glass more
to keep them at bay
314 · Feb 2019
You're just scared
Shane Rowe Feb 2019
You drop phone calls first
Because you're too used to being on the other side of it
Hearing the line die
Without knowing if your phone will ring again

You leave people on read
Because if you continue talking to them
You might start liking them
And that's halfway to getting your heart broken again

You lash out
So you don't have to tell them why you're so sad all the time
You tell yourself, "they won't remember anyway"
But they do, you just can't handle someone caring for you
Because you might start caring too

You don't go on dates
Because if you get to know them
They'll get to know you
And knowing you is hard when you don't even know yourself
Call out post for me.
283 · Oct 2018
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
My thoughts are holding me hostage
Stuck in a place I built
With the cards I dealt
For my soul's sanctuary

Was it worth the crack of bones
From old brick lies
Hanging round my neck?
233 · Aug 2019
Not a poet
Shane Rowe Aug 2019
I can never be a great writer
Not to everyone
But to me
I am good enough

They are my words
My thoughts
They can never be anyone else's

My poems are mine to consume
And if I share them with the world
The consequence is that they may not be loved
And that's okay

Because they are not meant for the world
They are meant for me
To assemble my buzzing mind
I have been writing a lot. But only for me. I have to convince myself that my words matter too. Maybe not to you, but to me. I hope someday it matters to me.
225 · Oct 2018
The universe knows better
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
Take me away
From all the broken promises
And shattered walls.
Take me back to when the world
Was still bearable.

Turn back the time to when I fell in love with you,
And I was happy about it.
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
Tell her all the beautiful things you told me.
But please, mean it this time.
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
If I forget,
Would it be easier?
Or will my heart start
Longing for something it does not remember?
Something that created a disaster
Based on the scars you left

— The End —