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Amanda Jun 7
You must love me because nothing else makes sense
Kind words you say rarely sneak past my defense
Yet you patiently compliment me daily
Even on days I am ungrateful or crazy
Sometimes feel like I treat you unfair
Or think I would prefer not having you there
I wish I didn't care about you so much
Reacting angrily when you revoke your touch
You reflect the same doting affection
Your pupils are reluctant to gaze my direction
So do not pretend that after all these years you still feel the same
Don't know when or how or what exactly-but something's changed
Because it's obvious you love me by the way you tell me and how you act
No one else would have stayed this long and that's a fact
And it brings so much shame to watch your sad face stick around
Hold on out of concern for the love to which it's bound
But when begged to do what's right for you and go far away
You never fail to find an even better reason to stay
I push you away from me in fear one of us will get hurt
Scared getting close is pointless cause we'll never work
And right when I'm about to pass the point where it's too late
I turn around realizing I'm making a mistake
Again and again the cycle repeats
You never surrender or admit defeat
I need to accept your love isn't fading
No matter how much I deserve degrading
Not one single thing I've done to prove he depths of my attraction
You are alright giving me your whole focus when you only get a fraction
Why can't I provide the security you need?
Used to be able to do anything for you to succeed
Now I have lost all motivation and hope
Remembering how I once was able to control stifled rage and cope
I can be cold and often don't play fair
More than anything I am grateful to have you there
Sometimes get mad at you when it's not your fault
Assumptions spark a critical verbal assault
When angry "I love you" is so hard to say
We are best friends but it doesn't always feel that way
Lately feel excluded from your present life
Can't wait to be free of your soon-to-be-ex-wife
To wake from the nightmare I accidentally created
Eyes opening to a day where I am just someone you dated
A morning where love hasn't got you wrapped in chains
Not obligated to handle my pains
Maybe that Dawn will arrive; hopefully not
I will do my best and our happy ending I will plot
I'll make you proud, we will finally be
The happy family so unfamiliar to me
Please be patient my love, soon we will laugh and smile
Life is so ****** up right now, you make it more worthwhile
Believing your words though difficult to hear
Because if you didn't love me you wouldn't be here
Sorry for the length I should have put a warning
DAF Mar 27
teeter totter at an altitude
not safe to take a spill
sometimes though i imagine falling off
to see if it is real
Dark Jewel Feb 22
Has it's troubles...
It's challenges.

It's testing,
To see who is worthy.
To see who is strong...

To bring them forth,
Into the light.
To make them believe.

Is what we hunger for...
Is what we want...

We want to believe in ourselves.
As one being...

Under the watchful sky,
We stride forth..
One foot after the other.

To start our journey to greatness....
xxxxxx-x Feb 10
There was something about the beach that made her wonder,
The sound of the waves promised it is a safe place,
The company she had said
"believe in yourself",
For the sun has risen up,
It is a new day, another chance to start.
Jaylin Hoku Nov 2018
I forgot love is a verb;
Prove your words with the weight of your hands
I know from experience how heavy letters can line up to be
Now show me how love acts while it is silent
How resilient it can be when no one is listening
Trust me I will hear the sound of your trials and errors
The gavel will strike
shaking my heart
Forget butterflies
Seeing is believing
Says the visually impaired young lady of a poet
But if you allow my hands to trace your body of Braille
Maybe I will see the weight of your words
And feel your love becoming
Eugene Nov 2018
I never thought that I could live this long.
I never would have thought that I could stay alive.
From the brinks of death, I never would have thought of living a broken life,
And stand up to this day in my family world's full of lies.

How long has it been since I was cured?
How long has it been since they damaged my heart?
How long has it been since I continued living this kind of life?
Or how long has it been since the scars continue growing inside my heart?

If I am going to take a chance of stepping, will it be okay If I do that?
If I am going to risk the chance of moving on, will it healed my heart?
If I am going to turn a blind eye of what's happening into my life, will it be enough to erase the scars?
If I am going to take a chance of believing, will I be able find happiness of following what my heart desires?

I never would have thought of this growing up;
Of living with your stepmother, stepbrothers, and your own biological father.
I never would have thought of sticking to them for too long!
If I have all the means to live alone, it will only caused them to be puzzled with my existence.

Chances are there for my life to go on living.
Chances are there for me to have faith and go on believing.
Chances are there for me to find the happiness that my heart keeps on seeking.
But, I don't have the chance to wipe out all the scars inside my heart including painful memories even if I forgive everything.
A Nov 2018
"Do you believe in dreams?
In love and hope and happily ever afters?"
His eyes are intense.
"Do you believe in change?"
I shake my head for no.
He laughs.
"Me neither."
Part Two.
Shane Rowe Oct 2018
You didn't want to know me,
You wanted to get me,
And got me you did.
Oskar Erikson Sep 2018
we were watching the river drag away cigarette ash
the smoke rising into visions.
divining meaning was always hard
when eyes are blurry and clouded.
  "once there was a prince who fell in love with the sky.
  he never grew
  tired of his blue, grey, black, orange, ever-changing lover. till one
  day, he awoke but couldn't see, his eyes were clouded so he cried.
  he cried and cried and cried. the sky began to cry too.
  they washed out all the colours until the prince swore never
  to love again."
 the smoke clears and your face appears, teary-eyed with
 heartbreak written so sharp and jagged on your lips.
  "i'm tired of loving someone that won't love me back."
 i would have kissed you in all of your shattered pieces.
 but i didn't.
she spoke
but nobody believed her
nobody will believe her
so she doesn't speak
do they believe you when you speak?
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