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Stop your regrets
sadness, worry, your presets.
Look up. Reform your mind.
Today is a new time
full of possibility
a festival of fertility
plug in to grace
quicken your pace
to the next frontier
put it in high gear
leave the desert of despair
breathe in the brisk fresh air
arise, emerge and begin
to believe again.

The present storms have gotten me down, my friends. I needed some fresh advice. And got it. Thanks for reading. I love you.
We all have to Believe,
During, our life this time,
Everyone, makes different choices,
We often change, in our mind.

What to Believe,
From what we see, or hear,
Always sorting ideas,
Some seem so far, others touch us near.

Somethings, are hard to Believe,
Hearing them often, in many way’s,
If actions, don’t follow the words,
Change directions, for better day’s.

In your future, always Believe,
Not for tomorrow, after this life’s stay,
Be prepared, you can’t wait A minute,
The call could come, anytime, on any day.
                                            Tom Maxwell ©
TG Jan 2021
I´m glad i´ve experienced heartbreak
because it made me realize,
I´d rather stay alone for years,
Then staying, begging and praying
for the wrong person.
Leaving a scar on me,
every time,
and every time the scar gets bigger,
because I always kept on going.
But now I´ll keep on going alone
until that person is going to stay with me
I think I found the faith to let go. It´s extremely hard living when you are a sensitive person and an overthinker. But after trial and error, I realized everything is not worth my energy. I stopped having scars and I stopped letting those triggers ruin myself.  Please believe in yourself and stop lowering yourself because your so attached. You are worth everything and your big heart does not deserve to be crushed everytime<3 Keep all the love to yourself.
Max Neumann Nov 2020
"Should any harm befall me on my journey, you may open this letter."

my crutch
what i want to say 
i build on you 
i believe in you
i need you like nothing else in this world  
when i'm lonesome, freezing and scared 
when my soil is occupied by demons 
when i fall and being plagued by evil

you give me strength and shelter 
how often did you save me 
you winged and carried me 
what i want to say  

i build on you 
i believe in you 
i need you like nothing else in this world  
what i want  to say 

i believe in you 
i trust in you 
i build on you 
lord, you are the rock 

my heart is happy and i want to thank you with my song 
for all mercy and all peace and the luck that you have been revealing to me 
for the castle that you are and the shelter that only you can give me 

for the love, the prospect, the insight, freedom, hope and strength 
all i want to say is i build on you 
i believe in you and i need you like nothing else in this world

i believe in you 
i trust in you 
i build on you 

lord, you are the rock
Max Neumann Nov 2020
"Should any harm befall me on my journey, you may open this letter."

when darkness is befalling me
when it won't stop raining
i'm skidding, stumbling, and
be spiraling downwards

then, you're my balustrades and my light
on all my ways
my stilt, my rod and my staff
my soil
Max Neumann Nov 2020
desire is something we can't grasp
we feel it, we experience it, and we cry
we smile, we laugh, and we hope
when you sang for me, i froze the moment

now i'm carrying your voice with me, in the
valleys of my heart, dem heavens of my soul
i'm crawling through the palms of god's hands
while it's raining easy money and faith

the gentleness of your pitch is one of a kind
i want to know more about you and i'm dreaming:
embracing you, holding you, the most precious
what does it depend on? an airline ticket?

heaven yeah! let's go for it and let's unite
it's just a matter of time, a matter of life...

much love, faithfully yours:
max a.k.a. mikey
For you, my girl.
Balaguer Jul 2020
The energy in the air has found wind,
it took off
Looking back was only
The whole time, it was only
Now the days off,
look like every other
The sun wasn't lying,
The moon kept it secret
all this time,
a lie.
Feelings of butterflies,
with vivid ideas
the lamentation

Things are never as they seem to be
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