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Autumn rises from the ashes of Summer
Trees grow barren, flowers die away
As the chill grabs the guiltiest sinner
She awakens without delay.

She is adorned in Autumn leaves
Her wings are dusted with gold
She lives in the hollows of trees
As what I've been told.

If you listen closely, little one
You can hear her cheery laughter
Filling the hearts of the young
As la Luna grows fatter.

Close you eyes and dream
Believe, believe, believe.

Fall is just around the corner. That means more writing material! I get more inspiration from the cold than from the warmth. Is that just me?
Balaguer Jul 9
The energy in the air has found wind,
it took off
Looking back was only
The whole time, it was only
Now the days off,
look like every other
The sun wasn't lying,
The moon kept it secret
all this time,
a lie.
Feelings of butterflies,
with vivid ideas
the lamentation

Things are never as they seem to be
God is a dog with no teeth
An absurdity of which I have yet to come across
A rose grown on winter.
A dame with excellent touch.
Mahwish Z Jun 19
This rain makes my heart ponder
I, once again, fall in love
with rain--as it drops
and the sounds of her whispers
splashing everywhere
it makes me less alone
falling apart
pouring all over my skin.
yet warm in its all sheer presence
Rain--recognise my presence, after all!

What a joy, this--nature find me
in a mid of June
While nights are long and drunk
without a shadow
of any existence..

I, once again, fall in love
with nature--it's absolute completeness
it makes me feel i am not alone
not the only one shattered
scattered everywhere
with all its shattered pieces
of pride and hope.
Rain makes me feel good

holding my hands
my weight
whispering softly
like a mystery
to never stop believing.
Do you know how it feels?

What it feels like to be more than 6 feet under?

Being so far under, you would think that thunder would never occur.

A feeling so bad, that it suffocates you.

Shocks you, completely liberates you.

Your screams never fill the air, only your mind to keep you occupied.

People think you're to quiet, when really everything irritates you.

Everything becomes heightened for someone so far down.

The voices you hear, the random smells, people walking and you think they have their eyes upon you.

But they don't...

Remember; you're more than 6 feet under?

Believing the dirt surrounding you is the only friend you have.

It keeps you warm and absorbs your tears.

It has been keeping you alive...

You can't see it, except for others.

There are flowers sitting right on top of your grave.

No one put them there, except for you.

Because the ground absorbed you and your tears.

This is its way of showing gratitude.

No one can pick them up, except for you.
At the end of the day, you are the only person who can make yourself change and build yourself back up.
Tizzop Jan 31
...get between me and god.

Today is a good day.

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