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  Apr 9 Shane Rowe
my greatest fear

reveals itself to be

something happening

and you never missing me
Shane Rowe Mar 30
Sometimes it's hard
To look in the mirror and like what you see
Standing in front
But the mind starts to flee
Logic goes out
The window wide open
Why hasn't anyone
Told me how fat I've gotten?
I don't like my eyes
I think they're broken
Nothing fancy. I just feel fat lately
I hope you fall in love with being alive
That you feel it coarsing through your veins
Pumping in your heart
A light feeling in your chest
And all you want to do is scream for joy
  Mar 30 Shane Rowe
I wish I'd never wasted poems on you.
you don't deserve it
  Mar 29 Shane Rowe
i find that i write the best
just after a fight
just after i've cried
just after the tears have fallen

doesn't matter what story it is
happy, sad, mysterious
funny, tragic, ridiculous
i will always write it well

because any story i write
after a fight, after i've cried
is a story that gives me the most comfort
because any fiction

is better than this.
  Mar 19 Shane Rowe
we do not write poetry
we write mirrors
which are held up
to curious faces
who read
looking for their
own reflections
  Mar 12 Shane Rowe
Stained Glass
One morning

I didn't wake up

And all of a sudden

The world fell in love with me
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