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leeaaun Jan 2023
i came back to see
the notifications
but you left a message
which made my day
small gestures could mean a lot.
Luna Maria Feb 2021
every time my phone lights up
I hope the notification says your name.
you make me smile more than I would like to admit
my frantic anxiety used to wait for you,
now it just waits for a notification.
****, these notifications can **** you, in many ways.
Alphia Dec 2020
Everytime you see my name light up on your
phone what do you say?

Like what the H she won't !

Or do you say it's her again?

Or do you be like leave me the f alone

Well let me tell you what I think when you see me and I get no reply:

I feel like I'm bothering you and I'm trying to hard to hear from you because I can't stop my mind from racing....

I miss you and all I want is you to tell me you miss me and you want me around I know your dealing without but do you know I can't stop thinking of you I try to move I am texting someone but I only want you

I try to ease my pain because I don't know if you will ever come back and I miss you I know upset  it's my fault.

You probably laugh and talk about me to your friends I don't know what you do I just want stop the little people in my head to stop talking to me saying negative things about you.

Or are they true about what they are saying in my head ?

Help me say something
Marisela Veludo Dec 2020
A constant stare, while its on the table
Not a blink from me, I feel unstable
I hear nothing, no sudden vibration
No flickering, no notification

On the palm of my hand
A sense of you getting closer
My words were not planned
I'm sorry, please say its not over

Feeling numb
Exhausted and stupid
A destroyer of good
A demolisher of cupid

Thought of loosing you is crippling
Can't bear my thoughts, its sickening
End my agony, let me explain
I need to feel you, or will go insane.
Saudia R Oct 2019
You've got mail

Is it weird that I want to hear that again

you have a notification

but mail

Waking up and running to the mailbox
heart pounding with excitement and fear

is your letter here yet

That one thought
carrying my little legs
in the hopes that I would see your handwriting

and when that letter finally came

like a squirrel with a prized nut
I race away to the safety of my bed with
a flashlight
some poptarts

and pages of your letter

So happy

that I have a friend like you.
Communication is so important in our lives, and I feel like because we have the wonders of tech (not bad) we have lost some of the magic of words. The anticipation of reading someones thoughts, hopes, dreams, failures etc, with flecks of their character peppered in their letter. From their style of writing, their favourite ink, paper that they love and stamps and seals that add that last piece of love. We should bring back the beauty of writing. We have so many alternatives to write on, hemp is on the up and up. We will be able to respect the environment and bring back the magic of written language.
Nina May 2019
every time my phone rings
every time it vibrates
every time there is a notifcation
i always hope its from you
Shane Rowe Feb 2019
I thought it was you
When my phone buzzed
And the notification popped up
I thought it would be you

I always think it's you
I always hope
But it never is

And I'm left here to wonder
Why I wait for it anyway
When I know it will never be you
I still hope though
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
Here I go again;
putting you to the forefront of my mind.
pushing these words back and back, endlessly
...simply because you opened your eyes.
is beauty more important than art?
I had a whole *** poem, and lost it because my boyfriend woke up. Typical, scatterbrained me.
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