Spencer Mar 31

oh what a shame
oh what a scandal
how dare he drop you
like a steaming hot piece of iron
shrapnel piercing through your veins
gasoline, fierce and raw
coursing through your arteries
this is the result of your consummation
an erotic breath of recklessness
rewarded only by scraped knees
and the fleeting sensation
of other boys on your lips

why am I writing this I've literally never been in a relationship

The biggest tragedy in this life is when
extraordinary things become ordinary

Not because their sparkle dulls
or because they refuse to shine

But because we have taken
their beauty for granted

It is a little death to be sure

random thoughts

do not make
simple maths

leah Jan 25

i searched for depth in the shallow end
of the pool, in a place where depth did not
exist, and yet i somehow managed to drown.

this is an excerpt from a spoken word poem i wrote a few days ago. send feedback if you'd please !
Paula Sullaj Dec 2016

When  the  internal  righteousness is a mixture of  all  outside  realities
You shift in many "devils" up to the point where "You" no longer exist
Once   in   a  while, Seeking becomes monotonously an exciting habit
But the latest iPhone and Burberry collection definitely make everything better.

"I am what I am"
Krystal Lèleck Nov 2016

You know what bothers me a bit?
Everytime I recall a memory,
Casually, in my train of thought,
It almost always ends with-
“That was a hard time in my life.”
Even in recollections full of kind
That’s almost always
The following thought in my mind.
And damned if I can find a period of time
That hasn’t been, that wasn’t.
But it doesn’t matter what was…
Or does it?
Yes… yes, it does.

Krystal Lèleck Nov 2016

Moving at such a momentum that is necessary for the mere realization makes any attempt of catching yourself futile. You’re moving too fast with entirely too much force. Your fingers scrape at hard dirt sides, the glass that sand once was cuts once again. Branches turn into hot, fiery rope in the palms of your hands.
Just fall.
Land well.
And begin to ascend….
Yet again.

Gabriella Nov 2016

i feel the electricity spark between us when we touch.
i feel the warmth of your soft and tender lips on mine.

i feel the joy your voice brings every time you speak
i feel my heart growing fonder each time you come into my sight.

i feel something new.
i feel you.
i feel love.

Gabriella Nov 2016

i knew from the moment i saw you that we would be grand.
it took you 12 years to realize this.

now we're happy.
and of course, it's only temporary.

why would the fates ever allow someone like me to be happy?
was i selfish in a past life?
am i paying for something that i don't know about?

well fates, hate me today or hate me tomorrow.
i'm going to love this man as much as i can while he's still here.
and perhaps we won't last since you're pulling him away.

but i can live happily knowing i experienced something so beautiful.
the wait was worth it.
you won't bring me down.


We said goodnight
Only an hour ago
My heart feels tight,
Where does the time go?

It'll only be a while longer
Before we'll be together
I know there's bruises
And scars on us too...

But I know we'll make it through.

You make my heart melt
Just by laughing with me
I can only imagine how I'll feel
While you're hugging me.

I want to hold your hand.

Goodnight husband
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