Josh 3d

I often stare off, into space
Like I'm thinking, intensely
But I'm just musing
On the concept
Of, me
The genetic flaws
That make my body
My home
This vessel
To contain, my essence
The childhood impressions
That shaped
And changed, my essence
Into what, it is today
And I think
Of containment
I am an essence
Thus contained
Inside this body of mine
And this body, is contained
In these four walls
Most of all, I am
Contained, held, constrained
By my lack of belief
In my own infinity

Josh 3d

I am lost, in reverie
Staring out, at an
Empty town square
Thinking, of the sea
The crashing waves
They could fall here
And wash, little, away
There is little, to be missed
Little, to bar the way

Anon Jul 15

Cut and go
stop the flow
plant the seed
done the deed
unfeeling bastardry
my butchery
homegrown nihilism
living in the prism
fallacy in circles
hear the vultures
is there a He She
emptiness--let me be
finding belief
leaking like a sieve
carrying my fire
or standing on my pyre
is my obsession real
maybe a silent funeral
can you feel the burn
teardrops at every turn
feel the earth crumble
into every crack a crimson trickle
hear my story?
haunting wails I bury
I've become a ghost
when hope needed it utmost
no, I cannot deny
or simplify
what is Godsend?
Lucifer on a mind-bend
a soul marred
never hide what is scarred
the memories I am
I am what I am
forever be what I am.

© Anon

Alex Jul 7

"Go away," I said
Daring to hope that for once the
Overconfident asshole would listen
To what I said.
I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
I had no idea about the upcoming days
Of pain.

"Pretty pretty girl," he said
As I looked up into his evil eyes
With their horrifying red rims.
I scream again.
He curses, hits me.
I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
I change tactics.
My baby needs me, please let me go.

Even after he left, I laid still.
He left me seeking vengeance.
I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
Every tear had been released.
Inviting anger, I swear to myself
That if he ever comes close to me,
He must die.

He approaches.
Unleashing my anger upon him
I never thought that I could hurt someone
I cared so much about
As I did to him that day.
No. Fuck him.
I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
Groaning, he pleaded for my help.
Everyday I regret what I caused.

*trigger warning*

Sorry this one is so sucky.
Alex Jul 6

I just want to let it all go. I'm done playing it safe. Free falling sounds like my next move. Cutting, vomiting, suicide. It's all becoming one, no boundaries from one to the next.
I hear others laughing and only cringe. Jealousy overtakes me. I can't remember what truly laughing feels like, what a real smile on my lips tastes like. What is happiness? Even just being okay sounds good at this point. Jealousy shoots through my veins as I think about the girls who don't take the blade to their skin, the girls who don't feel the need to starve themselves or vomit after eating, the girls who don't feel that death is their only option.
Being to this point where I don't care anymore is kind of nice, though. No more tears, no more emotions. Just the cold blade against my exposed skin.
People say I am getting out of hand. That's not true. It's just I don't care anymore. This world and the things inside of it mean nothing to me. By summer, I will be skinny. But keeping my grades up gets harder each week. I don't know how much longer I can hold up, staying in this world. The pain is so great.
But I keep forgetting that I don't care. I'm done here. Who needs life anyway? Who needs me? Death is the final option. My final option.

*trigger warning*
Anon Jun 19

Moonlight slivers
alter ego silhouette
rampant soliloquy
logic's chastening
deranged overtures
rationale drowning

cigarette smoke
twirling ghoul-forms
yesterday's sins
tomorrow's kismet
golden burn
whiskey's slithering
mind's drought
numbing delayed
imprisoned vexation

happiness forever razed
ruins scattered
one memory ago
my star
a black hole
cannibalistic curse

today's dawn
dripping regret
love's voice--
"You are broken"
black ink
in fate's book?
golden burn
once more.


I always wondered about storms
if walking through the mud ever did anything besides dirty up my shoes
and make me think of what it's like to breathe without fear of being left behind
my dad always swore he loved me but I only remember him by bar stools and beer bottles
the sound of rain against windshields on the way to his house
was it my fault I've never seen him on my birthday?
the thing about storms is they never have mercy
they don't care about the one that swallowed you yesterday
and it rained for twenty days straight but I still wasn't clean

Words come to me,
Only when I move at pace,
Be it walking, driving, running or flying,
They only stay, when I race.

The moment I stop or pause,
Or Sit down to write what I just felt,
They fade away into oblivion..
The fragrance lingers, alas no words

Everything we intend to etch,
Is just beyond our reach..
Pardon the gap, said the Lord,
When his finger tip didn't touch ours

Its time to move again, prance and pace,
In an effort to stir up them words,
Cook them as a concoction or a poetic phrase,
Words, in ye, I seek solace

Freestyle Rambling

They tell you that when you know, you know.
I don't know how I know when I know.
I still don't know.

Spencer Mar 31

oh what a shame
oh what a scandal
how dare he drop you
like a steaming hot piece of iron
shrapnel piercing through your veins
gasoline, fierce and raw
coursing through your arteries
this is the result of your consummation
an erotic breath of recklessness
rewarded only by scraped knees
and the fleeting sensation
of other boys on your lips

why am I writing this I've literally never been in a relationship
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