Hadiy Syakir Jan 8

There are so many things
that you can judge upon;

all I ask from you is to act as
if my soul has long since gone.

Dr YumnaKay Jan 3

When frustration runs wild and life appears meaningless, these are the times I look desperately around for freedom, to breathe freely, smell the air, experience myself and most of all - the want to be not bound ~ to life.

I look over the vast horizon, the moon, with all its beauty seems to mock me, as I have, up til now, mocked life... the shining orb hanging up in the sky whose beauty I had always admired; the only friend in my restless nights - turned its back...

as if something sparked, I realized: this is what happens when you lose the light of your sun.

It wasn't the moon all along, some time, some where, I lost sight of my sun ~ you.

Ramblings of an exhausted mind. Repost. Edited.
Jessica Adams Dec 2017

I am me
But who, am I?
They say we're all different
But how so?
None of us are really us
But we're all you
And you are all me
A brain
Hidden behind eyes
That see everything
And nothing
Hard wired
By ourselves
To be ourselves
I am made to think I am me
But so are you
And everyone else
We are we
You love her
Because she is she
But she is me
And she is he
Who loves her
You chose your clothes every morning
To represent you
But I think I do too
And all around the world
We share that same exact view
I am unique
And you are unique
We all are unique
So we aren't
You like chocolate
I like vanilla
Because it tastes good to me
And it tastes good to you
It just does

Individuality is not reality

luis Dec 2017


I feel a fever coming on
Intense heat from my forehead
I'm sweating even though
it's 20 degrees outside
My hands are clammy
My skin is pricked
by a million needles
I want to throw up
I can barely stand
My stomach hurts,
and I feel cold and hot
I'm shaking, trembling
all over.
I can barely move
my lips to speak.
I'm dizzy.
Every bone in my body
aches with the pain
of a million paper cuts.
My heart beats irregularly
slow, fast, slow, fast
I think I might faint.

I went to the doctor.

Turns out,
there's no medicine
for lovesickness.

peace to all of you who go through the fire and the flames and still carry on (if you got that reference you deserve a high five)
Em MacKenzie Dec 2017

My love is more pure than a diamond,
even with a heart of dark, black coal.
Lately I've been expanding my mind and,
getting high on draining my soul.
I skip notes like a broken record,
and thus conversation is never relayed.
I make choices with how it will affect her,
we both know that's how the game is played.

But I know that I have the potential to destroy a life,
and that's why I decorate in caution tape.
Yes I know it reflects shining misery and strife,
but I've been strapped in so long; I can't escape.

I've got high hopes and low odds,
hearing only demons who act as gods.
I've got low morale but skin of steel,
even when I watch it bleed and peel.

My love is more pure than the deepest of seas,
even with affection that's coarse like sand.
Lately I've been biting and silencing my pleas,
and digging my nails straight into my hand.
I sink ships like a waiting ice field,
stopping it dead right in it's path,
and not even the greatest mirror shield,
could ever withstand my full wrath.

'Cause I know that I have the ability to stick around,
so I try to make sure that I am never really there.
My soul fears the day when it is chained and bound,
but the opportunities seem so very rare.

I've got high hopes and low odds,
rambling this nonsense with the nods.
I've got low morale but skin of steel,
it deflects the good and bad that I should feel.

Andrew Durst Nov 2017

I wanted
that wouldn't
be afraid

of me.

I spent
that person
could ever

For humans
are far too shallow
and our

way too deep

but I honestly believe
we should not have to
be alone.

I believe in independence.
I believe in self-reliance
and I believe in self-respect.

But I also believe that
humans can connect
on a far deeper level
than just what we see.

I believe there is a time
and place
for everything
and that includes
the moments

we fall in love.

You see,
there will be days
that you fill
and lonely
but you have
to be there for yourself.

No one is going to give you
a handout
unless you show them
you are going to
make it count.

No one is going to
rely on someone
that cannot
rely on them self.

Co dependence can be
but nevertheless-
it is filled with
even more grief.

You cannot fix somebody else
when you are still
the craft
of self-love.

Allow your lows
to be reminders
that you
can lose
and smile
that you can
bounce back,

There is nothing
in struggling
but there is
in the


and believe me-
you will find a way
to live through it all.

And then
some day
is going to
the way
you refuse
to fall.

And you will wonder
how you ever
let the world
make you feel

so small.

-Andrew Durst.

Do you my friends. Do you so well that you radiate greatness. Do you so well that people can't help but smile when you are around them. Be so grateful that you inspire the people in your life to be just as grateful as well. Be a pillar of hope in the times when the world gives you a struggle. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Every day we have a choice to be better or worse than we were the day before. WHICH DECISION ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE?! Be brave my friends. Be brave(:
nav Oct 2017

Between madness and peace
You would find me
With a book and a cup of coffee
Reading people through my eyes
Taking in their vibes
Between a cloudy day and chaos
You will find me
The swaying trees
Flickering lights
Soft and gentle drizzle
And the moonlight
Between love and hate
You will find me
Between heaven and hell
You will.... A quiet girl
Fire in my eyes
Holding a cigarette
In the midst of crowds standing lonely
You will find me
You will find me

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