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Jan 2021 · 137
Untitled #28
Jan 2021 · 157
The Mushroom, Clyde
Josephine Wilea Jan 2021
There once was an brave mushroom
Who happened to be named Clyde.

Clyde had a quaint little log
Inside which he did reside.

He had strong opinions on politics
Which created a bit of a divide.

Clyde never let this get to him
And to the haters, he exposed his backside.

It was for this outrageous action
That he became known worldwide.

Clyde used his new popularity
To speak out against mushroom genocide.

He attracted the attention of the revered Society of Toadstools
They, just like him, were rather dissatisfied.

Clyde and the Toadstools went to the king
Who told them his hands were tied.

The queen, angered by her husband’s apathy
Exclaimed that the killings were unjustified.

Clyde and the Toadstools stared in awe
As the queen strode away from his side.

“I have a solution for this,” she announced
“We shall rid the human murderers with cyanide!”

Clyde and the Toadstools, though frightened,
Still with her plan complied.

Inside the human structures they released the gas
Finally, with glee, watched as the humans died.

Clyde and all the other fungi spent the rest of their days in peace
And tales of their bravery that live on are not one bit glorified.
Dec 2020 · 235
Josephine Wilea Dec 2020
Two years ago today
Was our one month anniversary
Your father wouldn't let me come over
He never did approve of us.

Two years ago today
I loved you too much
I liked the feeling too much
I hated life too much

Two years ago today
I was surrounded by
Six half-full bottles of

Two years ago today
I emptied those pills
Into my heart and they
Infected my soul.

Two years ago today
I had a seizure in my bed
And lost all memory
Of the week leading up to it.

Two years ago today
I was rushed to the hospital
Lay shaking in the bed
Unable to lift my head.

Two years ago today
You visited me, eyes filled with
Something I'd never seen in them:

Two years ago today
You climbed into my bed and
Held me like you thought
I would shatter.

Two years ago today
Was the very last day
I would ever have
Two years ago today I overdosed on my antidepressants. This anniversary is more difficult than the last. On that day, because of that action, I lost the love of my life, and I will never forgive myself.
Dec 2020 · 1.5k
It's Snowing.
Josephine Wilea Dec 2020
It's snowing
Snowing like it was
All those years ago

Snowing it like it was
When we stumbled outside
Giggling and shivering

Snowing like it was
When we kissed the icy flakes
Off of each other's eyelashes

Snowing like it was
When you and I
were us

It's snowing
So I should be with you
But you're with her.
Snow, winter, was always for us. It was our most romantic happy place. Right now, it's snowing like it was in my happiest memory, except she's with the other girl.
Nov 2020 · 496
but lately 0.5
Josephine Wilea Nov 2020
I go to sleep at
10 p.m
but lately it's more like
2 a.m.
because I don't want
to turn the lights off
Oct 2020 · 133
Untitled #26
Josephine Wilea Oct 2020
The hazy static of a head rush
Radiating from forehead to kneecaps

I miss us.
Oct 2020 · 239
Untitled #24
Oct 2020 · 865
Untitled #22
Josephine Wilea Oct 2020
She gives me sweet butterflies
You make my soul soar.
Sep 2020 · 756
Untitled #21
Josephine Wilea Sep 2020
but it's there
and it's there
and it's there

and I couldn't
but I won't
but I could

and I might


Sep 2020 · 226
Untitled #20
Josephine Wilea Sep 2020
one day i will finally
have the ovaries
to say all of this
but until then
maybe youll find
my hello poetry account.
A portion of a previous poem.
Sep 2020 · 125
Untitled #19
Josephine Wilea Sep 2020
Even an episode of
Grey's Anatomy
brings it all back.
Jul 2020 · 513
yeah same
Josephine Wilea Jul 2020
Do you ever just
realize your friends are fake
catch feels for your ex
let emotions drown you
give yourself a stick-and-poke
hold in tears for months
cry a tsunami
restrict food and then binge nonstop
want to be loved
need a cuddle
feel so unbearably lonely
wish someone understood?
Please tell me this made a little bit of sense.
Jul 2020 · 148
Untitled #18
Josephine Wilea Jul 2020
Don’t kid yourself
They’re only your friend when they
need a ride
have no plans
want some reassurance
are in pain.

Don’t kid yourself.
They’re only your friend when
it’s convenient.
I believe this called being "used."
Jul 2020 · 387
"Best" Friends
Josephine Wilea Jul 2020
We're best friends.
Doesn't matter that
I'm a high school junior and
you're a college freshman.
Until it's time to go dorm room shopping,
and then I'll "get there someday."

We're best friends.
Doesn't matter that
I live in New York and
you live in Connecticut.
Until I can't be driven to you,
and then I'm an irritation.
Age DOES matter.
Jul 2020 · 61
Untitled #17
Josephine Wilea Jul 2020
She was there for you
When I had to be there for myself

    -  The only thing I cannot compete with.
Jun 2020 · 123
my heart
Jun 2020 · 162
A Guy Gets Too Lonely
Josephine Wilea Jun 2020
He was more permanent than other men,
A little more friendly -
And it don’t make no difference.

I ain’t wanted.
Why ain’t you wanted?
I don’t know.

You think it’s a lie.
You won’t get out.
But it ain’t no lie.

He cried.
Lost his smile.
Helplessly broken.

I seen things out here.
Alone out here at night.
I don’t know if I was asleep.

It’s just in their head.
Yeah… sometimes.
But… not always.

You’re nuts.
You’re crazy.
We are too.
Found poetry for Of Mice and Men.
Jun 2020 · 158
Running On Empty
Josephine Wilea Jun 2020
Press “brew” on your coffeemaker.
Don’t put any grounds in it, no water either.
Just let it cough and sputter.
And when it’s finished, press “brew” again.
And again.
And again.
How many times can you press that button?
How long does yours last,
running on empty like that?
My best friend, hers lasted for two whole years!
My little sister’s wasn’t far behind.
As for me, well, mine's still going strong.
May 2020 · 224
Untitled #15
Josephine Wilea May 2020
If you so strongly believe that
Humanity is better under pressure together
Then why do you keep leaving?
Wrote it on her wall in rainbow bubble letters.
May 2020 · 191
Halo Top Ice Cream
Josephine Wilea May 2020
You may seem a little more
frozen than the rest,
but all you really need is
a little more time to
warm up.
May 2020 · 127
Untitled #14
Josephine Wilea May 2020
can't speak a word
without crying
can't form a smile
without lying
i hurt.
May 2020 · 85
Josephine Wilea May 2020
Look there's the mail truck oh wait it didn't stop.
Journal! Yes, I haven't journaled in quite some time!
Hey so do you maybe wanna FT or something tonight?
Succulents need some water that aloe is lookin' a bit dry.
The calendar it's May 8th now not May 7th.
Only sent it 21 minutes ago give her time to respond.
First real cry in three months.
She's probably busy like a normal person don't be clingy.
He sent that text last week I should answer but should I?
She responded see I'm gonna have a fun time tonight.
That's alright don't worry go deal with your fam no it's fine.
But do you have just a minute no okay goodnight.
Will you just talk to me please?
I just need someone to hold me never let go.
I'm going insane with loneliness please someone just talk to me.
Apr 2020 · 181
I don't understand
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
Why he broke my light.
Why she holds my love.
Why they invade my dreams
Both day and night.
Apr 2020 · 109
Untitled #12
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
You think I can
be silenced
and I almost find
that funny.
Living at home again for 3 months, today.
Apr 2020 · 129
Untitled #11
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
Why do I not write
Poems about good feelings
Will they ever last?

If I write poems
About the good feelings then
Maybe they will last.
Apr 2020 · 89
Untitled #9
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
i wouldn't say i'm
"catching feels"
because i caught them
captured them
pounced on them
a good while ago.

i wouldn't say i'm
because i have been
for a good while.
Apr 2020 · 212
Smile back
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
I have figured out
that all I have to do
is put on my most
for you to notice me.
So I will rip apart
every single muscle
in my face
for you to
smile back.
Apr 2020 · 117
Untitled #8
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
That’s not the point, though.
I might be too good for her.
I might deserve better.
I might finally get closure.
But you don’t understand.
I don’t care.
I don’t care.
I don’t care.
There is just so much hurt.
Apr 2020 · 84
Untitled #7
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
I can’t decide if
knowing the truth hurts more
than staying in the dark
because not knowing means
I will always
hope too much
and knowing means
I will never
hope again.
Apr 2020 · 693
Another Quarantine Birthday
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
Who knew
a little social-distancing hangout
low-battery-mode FaceTiming
Snickers on a fishing rod
purple-like-my-hair haiku
and some birthday s'mores
could make me feel
so loved?
16 on the 16th.
Apr 2020 · 46
Untitled #6
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
and suddenly sobs
held my body
rocked me back and forth
in the way
you never will
Apr 2020 · 191
Loyalty Program
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
and when you say my name
you'd think I had
one million Delta miles
from the trips my heart goes on
- except it doesn’t
my flight was cancelled
I’ve had this ticket for
nine months and twenty-three days
it was non-refundable
but I'm already on the plane
Dunkin’ coffee cup
perched precariously on the armrest
they almost spelled my name right
my phone only has 11%
I knew it could charge
right when we boarded
I thought you were waiting for me
you made paper “welcome” signs
and set up the pullout couch
I’ve been waiting
two hundred and ninety-eight days
and now you're telling me
this plane isn’t going anywhere.
my hopes for us have jammed the engines.
Might submit this to my school's magazine to be published, so feedback would be greatly appreciate (please!). I'm not quite sure if the title suits the poem.
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
no one is me
do you miss me
maybe you miss me
i hope you miss me so much
that is feels like your
esophagus is ripped out
when i say your name *
dont worry i wont say your name
i say it enough in my head
i hear it enough from my friends
but dont worry im not tired of it
one day i will finally
have the ovaries
to say all of this
but until then
maybe youll find
my hello poetry account.
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
its getting kind of sad
cuddling with Eloise
the stuffed elephant you gave me
for my 15th birthday
i mean i love her a lot
but shes not you
no one is you
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
i love you so much
just as a friend too as a person
you used to love me so much
how could you have possibly
just turned it off
will you please tell me how
i havent been able to
and im tired of loving you
and not being loved back
dont you understand
thats all ive ever wanted
thats all i want
just please love me back
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
and you take pleasure it seems
in ripping my esophagus out
because some nights
you act like were best friends again
and some nights
you wont even answer me
and it hurts so much
ive been trying not to cry anymore
but it hurts so much
and im so confused
just be honest with me
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
your ex girlfriend is actually lovely
and i should have been
angry at you not her
im not angry at her at all
do you know what she did
she texted me one thursday night
do you know what she said
she said sorry
she said this is so long overdue
she said i really really hope
we can be friends
do you know what i did
i let go that thursday night
do you know what i said
i said im sorry too
i said its okay
i said i would really really love
to be friends
do you know what you never did
you never spoke to me first
do you know what you never said
you never said i know i hurt you but you hurt me too
you never said can we talk about it
you never said i really really think
we can be friends
so i dont even know if we are
or if ive suddenly become
an optimist
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
sure you said sorry
i even think you meant it
i know you meant it
but you dont act sorry
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
and this so long overdue
but im making up for it now
oh im making up for it
and you be ready do you know why
you be ready because
im not doing it anymore
im not being polite
im not giving you the benefit of the doubt
without telling me the real reason
why you lied
why you ignored me
why you messed with me
why you are
still doing it
Josephine Wilea Apr 2020
and let me tell you
let me tell you something
im so ******* tired of my *******
im tired of my *******
allowing your *******
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
and i let you
i let you because
do you want to know
do you want to ******* know
well you never asked
well ill tell you anyway
i let you because
i needed you i needed you so much
and you knew that thats why you did it
not because you couldnt talk to me
because you could talk to me
you just didnt answer my **** calls
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
how could i have not known for so long
how could you not have told me
and lets be ******* honest for once
we both knew that i knew
ive been lying to myself
because i knew all along
i knew you were capable of
i knew you maybe already had
i knew you still were
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
and now
all i can write
i can't even write
waves of
c h a o t i c p o e t r y
Mar 2020 · 330
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
hold onto your
because youre in for
a tsunami of
love poems.
Get ready, folks.
Mar 2020 · 169
Untitled #4
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
soul tearing
mind bleeding
heart soaring
Mar 2020 · 53
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
i made her smile
that's all.
Mar 2020 · 128
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
and it's so fragile
so let's start with
two-thirds of
our faces
every few hours
Mar 2020 · 77
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
i see that you have
now graduated from a
two-hour response time
to leaving me on opened.
Mar 2020 · 761
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
keep her waiting
she keeps me waiting

i'll keep her waiting

fifty seconds
twenty minutes
one hour

she'll keep me waiting

fifty hours
twenty days
one year
Mar 2020 · 75
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
and i know
that to you
it's just a game

but you know
exactly how to
make my heart ache
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