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Look there's the mail truck oh wait it didn't stop.
Journal! Yes, I haven't journaled in quite some time!
Hey so do you maybe wanna FT or something tonight?
Succulents need some water that aloe is lookin' a bit dry.
The calendar it's May 8th now not May 7th.
Only sent it 21 minutes ago give her time to respond.
First real cry in three months.
She's probably busy like a normal person don't be clingy.
He sent that text last week I should respond but should I?
She responded see I'm gonna have a fun time tonight.
That's alright don't worry go deal with your fam no it's fine.
But do you have just a minute no okay goodnight.
Will you just talk to me please?
I just need someone to hold me never let go.
I'm going insane with loneliness please someone just talk to me.

— The End —