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poem cancelled
i was wrong
the emptiness is back
Jamie May 2016
I have no right to feel like this,
But how dare you cancel on me again,
I know we aren't together,
But it hurts when you do.
Jamie Sep 2015
I spent all week waiting
Like a child at Xmas,
I didn't text much
Because I wanted to save it all,
For the moment we met again.

A million questions were ready
Because I want to know you,
There is more than just the looks behind
The way we looked at each other that day,
A glimmer of a future together perhaps?
No one listens
Friends seldom seen
'I'm all right'
Cancelled conversations
Happiness on demand
Courses in tautology
Reverent respectability
Chimes lost to time
Disconsolate coverlets
Scenes from lonely places
Litter on the streets
You're on your own.

— The End —