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دema Feb 2019
I've been dreaming a lot lately,
I've been getting enough sleep and more,
I've been writing things that rhyme,
I've been cutting off toxic people,
I've been breathing fresh air
and oh my god it feels so
good to be so empty.
LJ May 2016
Lately the wind sweeps and I hear your name
Our anthems shouting from their core
Lately the rain drops and I feel your footsteps
On our bed that we shared and cuddled
Lately the sun rays illuminate and I see your love
On my heart the rhythmic trumpets of our future
Lately my love I am so crazy to hold you
On my body, soul and mind to claim us on... On and on
toots Mar 2016
I can't help myself -

I am sickened by the thoughts of you.
I don't even know. period.
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2016
Lately faces have been hard
To tell apart.

-- Eleanor
Jo Baez Jan 2016
Lately I've felt like
I been swimming in the sky
Confused & emotionless
While the ocean cries upwards in my direction
Yet for some odd reason
every tiny water drop has been avoiding me
& I'm completely soaked in some sort of complex melancholy
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