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Josephine Wilea Nov 2020
I go to sleep at
10 p.m
but lately it's more like
2 a.m.
because I don't want
to turn the lights off
Josephine Wilea Dec 2019
I go to sleep at
10 p.m
but lately it's more like
2 a.m.
because I don't want
to turn the lights off

I brush my teeth
every morning and night
but lately it doesn't matter
enough to me
because my breath will only again be soured
by bitter truths in the morning

I don't read or watch t.v.
before going to bed
but lately I've been
listening to children's stories
because they imitate the innocence
that was long ago stolen from me
Poetoftheway Jul 2020
someday it will be willed (have I told you lately that I love you?)

that the poetry ceases,
no more birthdays notated
calendar closed, the ***’s axed,
kitchen junk drawer, a consignment store,
no longer needed, the futility of saving
knickknacks, maximized, the no lasting
value proposition, realized, eulogized.

pictures of beautiful automobiles,
decorated with beautiful women,
will forever be last year’s models,
one calendar too far, not long enough

no more of

have I told you lately that I love you?

wrote you plenty love poems so, hereafter,
you won’t be bereft, left farklempt,
arranged one-a-day, on a timed delay,
so many more that will appear in your
inbox until you too, no longer choose open it.

no more “sirprising” I love you statements,
taped to the milk carton, it was so willed,
the daily counting, record keeping, who first,
how many, secretly added to a grocery list,
in stuff that was so beloved, exasperating,
making you just right amount of crazy, smiling....
someday it will be willed, so,

here’s the first of many more....
دema flutter Feb 2019
I've been dreaming a lot lately,
I've been getting enough sleep and more,
I've been writing things that rhyme,
I've been cutting off toxic people,
I've been breathing fresh air
and oh my god it feels so
good to be so empty.
LJ May 2016
Lately the wind sweeps and I hear your name
Our anthems shouting from their core
Lately the rain drops and I feel your footsteps
On our bed that we shared and cuddled
Lately the sun rays illuminate and I see your love
On my heart the rhythmic trumpets of our future
Lately my love I am so crazy to hold you
On my body, soul and mind to claim us on... On and on
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