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Umi Jan 2018
Umi : Is hating everybody really so good ?
I don't understand you, well I don't want to.
But after all, you are still a part of me
Is that not right, my dear Yami ?
You are made of so much hate and spite,
I am sure you already have lost the knowledge of what's right

Yami:  I will make ya regret playing with me
Are you too blinded by your dear kindness to see ?
The fear they have, it makes my body burn up, feel priceless
There is no one to get in my way, you can try all day though...
In the end it is me who protects you from any woe

Umi:  For every kind there is one kindness, one light
It makes no sense to win respect with mere fright
It would be so much better to make them smile
To guide them and make their day worthwhile
After all, we are but only human, bound to nature
And everyone deserves a chance, if not more
To rise up to their righteousness..and soar..

Yami:  Through the darkest of days I have been by your side
No matter how bad it has gotten I was one who was to abide
So who would you like to get rid of ? Yourself? Don't be dull
I am like the wings for your Seagull
You cannot deny that you need me

Umi:  I don't need you at all, you are the reason for my fall
I strive for happiness, so why won't you vanish ?
Being cold and distant is not suiting me, it is not Umi
It is true, we two come in a shade of black and white,
But in the end I believe, the successful one will be light

Yami: If you were simply to get rid of the love in your chest
If you knew what would be the very best
You could finally awaken as me again, tear them apart
I know it is tempting, judging by your broken heart
There is nobody and nothing, sympathize with anger

Umi: I would rather hurt myself till my body is decorated by scars
Than letting you get on top again, turning my dear stars
Into blackholes which only **** everything into a void
This is a fate which I will fight and shall avoid, no matter the cost
Even if it's my own body which is due to this lost

Yami: You would rather commit suicide than causing pathetic creatures grief ?
You are either an proud idiot or just brave
Though you shall know, if you continue this will end in your grave
Would you think it is worth it, to eat up all that pain and release it on yourself ?

Umi: Well, it is fine to cry, it is fine to die
We are all the same, bound to change, noone can be perfect here
Some make it look as such but they too hide their fear,
The tears I shed, the blood I have bled, lead me to this path
With all which I might have left, which is not much I give it to them
To those who need a motherly embrace, warmth and kindness...
Seeing them happy fills my heart with glee
This is why I cannot let you be free

In memoriyam

~ Umi
This is something like a short play, imagine talking to your darker self for example. I thought this would end up pretty interesting

The title comes from the meaning of Umi itself which means sea, the sea is bright on the surface but becomes dark on the very inside
Gemma Jul 2018
Cry. I spend so much valuable time repressing pain that at any opportunity I can , when doors are locked and blinds are drawn, i won't be ashamed to bathe in battered memories attempting to break me too.
Laugh. I'm gonna wheeze, and scream , and squeeze my friends arm in pure entertainment . I don't  like the sound of my laugh but it proofs that i haven't been fully consumed by myself yet, it proofs that I still have a laugh left in me.
Dream. Because they usually involve a forgotten face . They're usually my happy little breaks from reality. I usually wish I could loop my dreams forever.
----------------------------------------------------My suicidal thoughts will **** me before I **** myself.
Jay Lewis Jan 24
Repressing your feelings,

   Like I'm repressing mine.
      Pretending we're just friends,

         We dare not risk nor cross that line.
Umi Apr 2018
A crimson day unfolds with sunshine,
Horrid, the creature of hatred creeps around and blocks the sun off gruesome dark rainclouds summon up from the east, counciling,
The mother of purity, caught in endless fury as her child was taken from her, before her very eyes, an eternal spring dream, shatters now,
By her own mistake, she invited prohibited emotions for this creature, The angel of hers she wanted to take under her wing and raise, was now gone, as if it was all an illusion which is lost due time, due evil,
A sea of flowers is blooming, a warmer season has arrived finally, but for her misfortune, her inside remains cold and distant to her grief,
Raging storms within her clouded her mind, she can't even think straigh but to believe, of what a bad mother she must have been to let this happen to her most precious treasure, ah demons of ones past,
Repressing her true feelings gave her headaches, but it was alright because the pain would surely fade, then she could be pure again,
But deep inside she knew that for this child she had given up a part of herself, so maybe things would be different, even if everything returns to its old shape, or rather if everything appeared that way,
Mother Purity would never be the same again, as her daughter faded,
After all, even she is only human.

~ Umi
Lavina Akari May 2017
i can only find the open palms of my demons in that red mist, the ones that once held my face in a much harsher way than you do now. your calloused hands feel like heaven instead of the hell that slept in the creases of their fingerprints. sometimes i fall too close and i see their blackened eyes that replay childhood traumas that i have spent years repressing with self-destructive behaviours and alcohol. your own remind me of the rivers i could drown myself in but i must remind myself that diving in will only give me peace, not death, though it feels like death whenever they're not in my sight. sometimes i think about hurting myself again but then i remember the claws of those monsters and how they can't compare to your nails tickling at my back in the late of the night where theirs would be cutting me open. i don't ever want to be in their grip again. never again. never.
Meredith Ann Jan 23
I'm well acquainted with the danger of repressing feelings,
So I've learned how to process by spilling my colors onto a page.

However I am desperate to just move on,
and last time I wrote like this everything came to fruition.

Yet my fingers are itching and I can't kick whispers out of my head.
Corey Jul 2018
I stretched myself thin so that I could be with you every day. It was thrilling to spend so much time with you, to lie about it, and to go nowhere with you. We could hike hours up mountains, on trails, to cliffs, and stumble over roots in the ground until we could finally see the view.

For a while I thought of repressing this because I knew the pain would be great. But the closer we got the more I struggled to keep both myself and you from stumbling. It didn’t matter what we said or did, it all felt different. We could drive hours, to the ends of roads without saying a word, and still, it was magical.

It was truly terrifying to allow such a fast growth. After all I’d been through, telling myself not to let that happen, you came in and tore down walls. We could go to the ends of the earth, where the road stops on a cliff, and still we would dance on the edge.
Carter Ginter Dec 2018
Dear Sam,

Your ex
Who happens to be my best friend
Opened up to me the other day
About how they used to resent me
Because of the way you treated them
When I entered into poly with you
Which is entirely understandable
Especially considering that you
Decided to tell them something big
While you guys were out with friends
You just couldn't wait to tell them
That you didn't think that you were poly
Because you thought you only loved me
Yet I never heard this from you
****, I never even saw it much
Whenever you complimented me
You balanced it with one about them
Which I thought was fine
Because they're a really good person
Little did I know that you were
Being so abusive to them all the time
While telling me how much you love them

I think what ****** me off the most
About all of this ****
Is that I felt that I was done with you
I stopped thinking about it all
Either I'd processed all I needed to
Or I was repressing all the damage
Because you caused a **** ton
But finding this out?
It makes me so ******* angry
Because you had them believing
That things were great between us
And made me believe the same about you two
While you emotionally abused and
Deeply manipulated both of us
On such a level that
Certain songs give me anxiety
And I get flashbacks of you
Of us
Sitting in your house in the dark
The only light coming from candles
Music playing over the speakers
An ambient setting that
Holds so much pain
From both positive and negative experiences

Yet those don't even feel like memories
They feel like something I saw in a movie
Because by the end of those long 6 months
You brought me so close to the ground
That I still taste dirt when I breathe

I hate that you're in my head again
Because I was fine before this
Before hearing even more
Or the torture you put them through
And how the pain you inflicted on me
The pain that causes dark anxiety
Upon seeing any Jeep vehicle
Paled in comparison
To the ways you abused and hurt them
How ******* dare you
They were nothing but loving and caring to you
I could've screamed with joy when they left you.

I hope it burns.
I hope you know you're abusive.
I hope you think of us often.
And I hope you get help
And never do this ever again.

— The End —