Luke Reed Aug 2010

Unite in your unions!
Unite in your unions!
Unite in your unions and throw yourself face first in to your work!
Don your shirt or overalls,
Overhaul your boundaries to concreted foundations,
Regardless of what nation you adhere yourself to.
Still you work yourself to the bone so your home can pull through.
Pull through what?
This so called "economic catastrophe"
Will work turn into something done for free?
Used to create social links and acquaintances to support our future selves.
Favours like cans, stacked on shelves.
Cashed in for food to much,
Blankets for warmth,
A place to rest and huddle and slump.
As positive as it seems surely that'd backfire.
Paid work becomes something where few are hired.
An explosion of willing workers in their millions,
Forcing tired feet into the smallest of doors.
Hives of men and women, children, fathers and mothers,
Striving for space while engulfed by their brothers.
Enclosed in forecourts once commercially used,
These families that hustle and bustle get bruised.
Although this exists in the present, and past,
It's a consequence of utter nonsense.
Hopefully (and I say this wholeheartedly)... Hopefully...
Our "leaders" will cut out the rotting impurities and corruption in this economy.
Allowing us to be what our full potential shows us we could be.
Like countless Sci-Fi shows on TV.
Intergalactic human beings,
Where all politics are subdued by feelings.
A plethora of nations on orbiting space stations.
So unite in your unions people of Britain,
Unite in your unions people of China,
Unite in your unions people of Russia,
Unite as a world and demolish these dangers!

Copyright Luke Reed April 2009

This was done whilst compering Huddersfield's "Word on the Street" poetry sessions. I originally asked for a word off each table and had the course of the night to form a poem. The words I was given were:
Munch, Explosion, Clinical, Space Station, Catastrophe, Consequence, Intergalactic, Dasvidaniya, Bruise, Unite and Fathers.
Thanks to everyone involved.
Luke Reed Aug 2010

These are the teaching of a peaceful warrior
Today, I saw three children burn, six buildings fall and nine families cry as twelve people died.
But fuck it!
I’m western,
It’s all cool.
I’ve got drinkable water,
I’ve got central heating ,
I’ve got a National Health Service,
And an education from a proper school…
Regardless of the fact that I arsed about and played the fool.
I’ve got a sorted life.
And the most I have to worry about is an unloved wife,
Or monotonous conversations about other people’s strife.
But maybe I’m wrong?
Maybe I’m repressing the depressing parts of my day?
Maybe I should open up to the possibility that I am after all human and that it’s a part of our humanity not to like my next-door neighbour just 'cause he smiles funny?
But I guess that’s what we do.
We stigmatise, bastardise and anyone who doesn’t match up in our eyes.
So why don’t we stop?
Why can’t we feel safe from the cops?
Why can’t we trust the government to protect our jobs?
I think I know why…
‘Cause it’s a fake system,
Built on the belief that we’re all equal.
Some more than others.
And if you’re more well off then them,
Then fuck your brothers!

So let’s start a revolution.
Let’s cut down pollution both environmentally and mentally,
Let’s free the oppressed and resolve this mess,
Let’s finally get off our chest the injustices of our generation and reform this nation based on equality, sustainability and chivalry.
Not bigotry, frivolity and humility.
And what of the military?
We make of them what you will,
But someone who volunteers to kill,
Is either messed in the head or run out of thrills.
But think of it this way,
A workforce of a hundred thousand strong,
Who may not be aware of what they’ve done,
Can transform this world both homeland and foreign.

Commit our military to sustainability.
If they want to serve their country then go build wind farms and H E Ps in plenty.
Still I know what your thinking,
None of this is realistic.
Especially now the economy’s sick.
And whomever we vote… We’re governed by pricks!
So let’s turn over this government,
Let’s have a proper – civil – war.
But instead of roundheads and sabres,
We’ll strike and protest across cities and acres.
‘Cause the rich and powerful have no sway,
When the people who generate their wealth, get in their way.

But enough of my rants… what’s your say?

Copyright Luke Reed June 2009
Luke Reed Aug 2010

I’m a verbal chameleon, feeding on and leading onto what comes next.
I’m a lexical shape-shifter, made swifter by the twitter of your vibes,
Your guise,
You guys.

My political agenda is neither right nor left behind.
I’m blind to colour but not colour blind,
I’m not pigeon holed, fully sold or moulded on someone else’s dream.
I’m simply,
From them,
From you,
From me.

When now becomes nowhere without here and now.
And “unite as one” is paraphrased as a power phrase.
Let’s unite as individuals on separate viduals to overthrow ourselves.

Don’t follow crowns, clowns or crowds.
Don’t follow punishments, covenants or Governments.
Don’t follow Religion.
Don’t follow Science.
And especially,
Don’t follow me

Because I’m a lyrical paradox, toxic and hypnotic to even my own thoughts.

Copyright Luke Reed March 2009
Luke Reed Aug 2010

Below One-Hundred Frequents,
They disturb my soul,
Rolled off,
Pushed away,
Drawn back,
With an introspective grin from ear to ear.

Penetrate thoughts with,
Waves of sub-aural patterns,
Trample them with raised rhythmic textures.
Wind down,
Breathe in,
Dark and let them permeate.

Twenty-Seven Frequents,
Stir my balance,
Nauseate the brain,
They flush the dance floor iridescence.

Nine Frequents,
To tremble the cage,
Until marrow sings.

Five cracks the walls it held,
Shatters the casing.

Two builds the pressure,
Pushes red through the glove.

And One is the,
Lub Dub,
Lub Dub,
Lub Dub.

Sound is a Lifeforce…

Copyright Luke Reed July 2010.

— The End —