Jay Lewis Feb 12
He looks at me,
Like you use to do.
But he'll never love me,
not like I want him to.

He laughs with me,
But it's not the same.
I hear you sometimes,
When he calls my name.

I was never enough.
No, not for you.
Why would anyone love
this broken doll that you threw?

I was never enough.
No not for you.
You had your fun.
Now it's just history to you.
Jay Lewis Jan 28
I looked at old photos of us today,
I wonder if you were really happy being with me.

I choked up seeing your handwriting again,
wondering if we could ever make amends.

I know we haven't spoken in such a long time,
And I can barely get you off of my mind.

I know you couldn't stand me towards the end but I miss you because you were my best friend.

I am sorry for hurting you.
And I forgive you for hurting me.
I just wanted it like before when you said you loved me.
Jay Lewis Jan 14
You won't catch me boy,
I'm gone for dust.
Learnt from the best,
To leave when the going gets rough.

I'm too tough,
I'll never break.
My minds a fortress,
Build through mistakes.

I am the girl who leaves before it's too late.
Jay Lewis Jan 11
i'm worried that soon enough i won't be able to hold my tongue.
do you even know that you are my first thought when i wake up in the morning,
to my last pray at night.

and it's an exciting feeling when i see you,
that morphs into a horrid dread.
what if it's all in my head?
what if I wake up
and never see you again?

i'm afraid to be in love with you because you might not love me back.
Jay Lewis Jan 4
one year,
two guys,
just to,
get by.

I tried,
to hide,
you from,
my mind.

But the drugs and sex yeah kept me reckless,
i tried my best yeah to forget...
you pulling the wool over my eyes,
you pulling me closer to your demise,
just enough to sink your teeth in,
I know your a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Jay Lewis Jan 2
There was a snow globe on my desk,
a picture of us,
but I looked a mess.
And you,
thought it was perfect.
Did you really think it was perfect?

We framed photographs of our love,
when we fight,
I'd pick them up,
and look at your face,
were you really happy with me anyway?

Now I see you on the street,
with your new friends,
I never got to meet,
and you just stare blankly at me.
Like I'm a ghost you never want to see.
But I know we have history.
Jay Lewis Jan 2
I am from Myths and tales.
The one that sailors,
wish to prevail.
I am the girl,
who wails.
The one that men,
can't resist.
I am the Siren,
named Bliss.

With just one kiss,
I'll drain you up,
and you'll think,
it's true love.

I'll take you all,
I'll drag you down.
I'll drown you in perfection,
until the next guy comes around.

I would happily drag you down.
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