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Jay Lewis Dec 2021
I loathe the feeling of nostalgia.
And yet, you are the purest reason why I ever looked back in the first instance.
Jay Lewis Dec 2021
If you ever looked for me in the eyes of your friend, a lover or a stranger and you couldn’t find me…I wanted you to know that someone did.

All it took was a glance in the mirror.
Jay Lewis Mar 2021
They walk in and stand,
with their numbers in hand,
facing directly towards you.

The people align,
by order of time,
or how much they meant to you.

You fall against the glass
And your stuck in the past.

Each one at a time,
speaks the line
“These memories are here to haunt you”.
Jay Lewis Jan 2020
I use to want a fairytale,
where boy meets girl,
and love prevails.

But now I look upon this fable differently.
I don't want some guy, coming to rescue me.

I want a rocky start, our first fight,
burnt the dinner, partying after midnight.

I don't want clean cut,
I want cut throat,
where boy meets girl and they both laugh until they choke.
Jay Lewis Jan 2020
I've met girls who swooned over guys
"Oh my God, he gives me butterflies!"
When I wanted to be moved by stormy skies.
Jay Lewis Dec 2019
Our friendship was like a pocket full of sunshine,
Taking shots at midnight,
Dancing till we saw the sunrise.
Never thought you wanted to go,

but I guess that’s what you needed to be alone.
Jay Lewis Dec 2019
You left me barely breathing,
Underneath you.
I starred into your blue eyes,
Begging you not to.

All my stars,
why did the lights burn down?
Tears from my eyes,
made me drown him out.
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