If I caught your gaze tomorrow,
Would you return the love that you borrowed?
If you saw me the next day,
Would you kiss me the same way?
If we could chance time's hands would you still be my man?

I'm sorry it's confusing this way of love that I am choosing.
This privacy of poetry,
Hidden messages between you and me.
I wish you'd write me back,
I wish I knew that- this was crazy.
But so what if I'm crazy?
They all said I was crazy.

But no amount of hot Lemonade,
could ever cure this pain.
No gargling with salt,
could change this love assault.
No hot water bottles today,
Could fix this embedded strain.
I wish that you knew,
when you broke my heart,
you stole my soul too.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Money in the pocket of the biggest shareholder

Day by day, we grow older
Love is lost, hearts grow colder

So while you still can, you should hold her
Say what you feel, before you wish you'd told her

Don't stash your dreams away, in that folder
As you care less what they think, you'll get bolder

Listen to those, who need a shoulder
Let her live, don't try to mold her

Don't sell your soul, for something golder

Jay Lewis Nov 16

I want a love where our eyes meet across the room,
And I can hear your thoughts whisper in my ear,
Don't you dare move.

I want a love that doesn't look away when I tell him to,
Unapologetically starring,
Like the devil smirking,
He tempts my mind too soon.

I want a love where our hands linger
And are startled when we're pulled apart.
Like the moon controls the oceans,
I'm powerless when your in my path.
Our love is fragmented,
But the stars are too.
I want the rush,
The pleasure,
The pain.
It's worth it's weight in gold
For that kiss in the rain.
Would it ever be the same?
I had my Mr. Darcy once,
But then he changed.

Jay Lewis Nov 13

Take me back to that night,
where the lamppost was the only light in the sky.
Where you turned around and looked into my eyes, I held my breath and your lips met mine.

I felt you die in my arms that morning,
You left without any warning.
You left without a word,
You broke my wings so it would take me longer to walk away from the hurt.

It was your last chance.
And you left,
Without any regret.
I wish you held on,
I can never move on,
this for you is my swan song.

I'm Mourning you every day.
No one compares,
you were the one for me.
But I wasn't enough,
I've tried to become tough.
But his love wasn't strong enough to stay.
I wish you could see my pain.
I'm mourning you until my dying day.

Jay Lewis Nov 12

I see your chest,
Rise and fall,
I kiss your neck,
Boy, You've really got it all.

You whisper in my ear,
But what you said it wasn't clear.
All I know is,
I could spend the rest of my years... here.
And you know,
I'd do anything for you, my dear.

You smile at me and say,
"Will the make me the luckiest man Today?
And I will Spend my lifetime trying to make you feel the same,
because you're so perfect
You don't need to change.
I will Love you.
Forever and always."

Jay Lewis Nov 12

I forget, Sometimes.
I tear up when your in my mind.
But you see, You were right.
To leave.

You saved me,
And you gave my life back.
You showed me, No one owns me,
No one knows me like that.
You gave me the best gift when you left.
It was a curse but now it's been lifted.

I can finally breathe,
And focus on me.
Before I couldn't see,
my anger was clouding me.
I'm sorry I was reckless,
It was the only way to get through this.

I miss your touch,
but your dangerous.
I love your mind,
but you can never be mine.
I miss our time,
but I've been through enough.
The best gift you gave me was ending us.

Jay Lewis Oct 5

Under the ice,
there lies a girl.
She's frozen in time,
Her eyes of pearl.

She lays asleep,
But her eyes awake,
A taunted image,
that you can't replace.

"You did this,
You did this to her."
The voices inside your head,
only think of her.

The memories are precious,
but you burnt them for warmth.
You were my everything,
You were my ....

I'm frozen.
I cannot speak.
I became such things,
you'd only dream I'd be.

I am the Ice Queen.
I am she.
I am the girl who died
And the one who saved me.

I am what you reflect,
Don't you just love the the taste of regret.?
The cold-icy-chill in the air?  
I am the one that you'll always see there.
I am an enigma,
Of your mind.
Good luck trying to break the ice this time.

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