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Jay Lewis Mar 30
The sun beams dry up my teary face,
I'm worn out trying to seem ok.

and It's ok,
that I'm not ok.
Jay Lewis Mar 10
When he kissed me
I felt electricity.
I felt the chemistry.
I felt shooting stars
and dance
across galaxies.
The way he touched me,
I can't explain
the way he's made me go insane.
He made me want to call his name.
Jay Lewis Mar 8
Spend a little longer
with me darling,
I'm missing your touch
your so charming.

Why does it have to be this way?
Why can't you just stay?
Jay Lewis Feb 9
One man's "I don't like you."
Is another man's "it was love at first sight."
Jay Lewis Jan 24
Repressing your feelings,

   Like I'm repressing mine.
      Pretending we're just friends,

         We dare not risk nor cross that line.
Jay Lewis Jan 23
I can't help this feeling
All I want is an evening.
If you just made the first move.
I just want to be with you.
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