Wake up and smell the coffee,
You're shaking you head.
Wake up and smell the roses,
Soon enough they'll be dead.

All this time,
I was falling,
for your punch lines.
Your bad behaviour,
I needed a saviour.

I was crucified,
with those knives,
You locked me up,
kissed me goodnight.

You kept boulders,
on my shoulders,
Called me darling,
Left me starving.

You bought me a
A ball and chain
Wrapped it around
my pretty veins.

A poison dart,
to my heart,
I must been going insane.
To play your wicked games.
Jay Lewis Jun 14
I have spiders crawling up and down my spine,
I'm so nervous,
so I'll bide my time
I'm hanging on the line
Just waiting for you to drop by.
Jay Lewis Jun 14
My words begin to stutter,
I'm all in a flutter,
Because these butterflies inside me,
They just want to be set free.
Jay Lewis Jun 1
Does anyone else feel like me?
Looking for a candle lite soul,
On a Tsunami
death killing sea.  

Does anyone else truely know me?
A dictionary mind,
that's kept under lock and key.
A mouth that earns to speak.

Does anyone see what I see?
Potential to be someone,
yet the one holding me back
is me...

Will he ever make me happy?
That's for time to decide
and whether my mind
can stop picturing you in his place
but all I remember is your face and
your gorgeous disgrace.

I doubt he'd ever understand me like you use to.
I doubt I'll ever be myself again without you.
Jay Lewis May 31
I'm use to people giving up on me.
So use to it,
That I finally gave up on myself.
Jay Lewis May 28
Let me take this moment
Make it last forever
Hold my hand
We'll get through this together.
Jay Lewis May 28
I look into the mirror
and see every flaw
You bypassed,
But all romantic gestures
lay dead,
in the past.
We Created a future
that didn't stand a chance.
We Left a trail of bread crumbs,
But we just couldn't find our way back...

Got lost in wonderland,
but ended up in Neverland
Where was our happy ending?
maybe you were just pretending...
we're on the boulevard of Broken dreams,
Nothing is ever as it seems.
I'm your new Evil Queen,
And your just a boy
who tried to break me.
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