How much more broken can I get?
I've been chewed up,
broken down
and crushed into tiny little bits.
I feel a cold presence beside me
Yet I look and it's nobody
Just me and my memories.
Jay Lewis Nov 28
I walked along but I left no trace,
I am a shadow of history's faith.
Jay Lewis Nov 28
I was your poison
And you were my cure.

You were my lover
And I was your chore.

-just something for you to do,
when you were bored.
Jay Lewis Nov 20
I yearn to write endless poems about you
But there's no right words to encrypt what I feel towards you.
Jay Lewis Oct 9
I still feel numb without you
the healing process is killing me
I still feel alone without you
Yet still I breathe.
Jay Lewis Sep 27
I don't know why I still check,
To see if you've left me a text.
I picture my lipstick running down your neck,
The smell of your cologne hasn't left me yet.

I still have dreams about you,
in my bed,
But when I wake,
it's an empty space,
yet again.

How could I let you get into my head?
I guess I was naive,

when                    we                    met.
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