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Robin Lemmen Jan 15
Happy New Year. I thought of you as the clock struck twelve. I looked back once more, at the year we shared. I stood with my phone in hand. Should I acknowledge the past that we shared?  Now mere familiar strangers. Happy New Year. Perhaps this time I will feel a little less broken. Happy New Year. Did my name run through your mind as you composed a list of whom to write? Happy New Year. I hope a new year means a new chance to forget. I think we both deserve. Happy New Year. I wanted to write. But I lost your number in the fire I set to myself a while back. Happy New Year. I did think it. I hope you are alright. Happy New Year. My love, still ever glowing embers. Happy New Year.
Robin Lemmen Jan 8
You loved me so wrong it felt right. When you didn't say goodbye and ran off to catch the last bus because I am nothing if not wasted time. When you kissed your sister on the cheek but wouldn't let me kiss you on the lips, what was that about?

I hope I am a nice memory because you're not really one in mine. Sure we had good times, way back when we danced through the kitchen and you pulled me into your lap. When you held my hands and crawled over the table to kiss my forehead. But did you know that every time you stayed silent, the depths within me grew exponentially? So I grew big and hollow with millions of loving words written in diaries and poems. Left for dead and uninvited to your bed. Let's talk about that. When you heard me cry, felt my body shake from trying not to break, I know you registered that, I know you wanted to be anywhere but there. Why didn't you just say so? I wasn't strong enough to. I let you sleep through my nightmares and even made you breakfast. I should have left you, back in 2017. But I was hopeful and naive. Guess my friends were right. You did teach me everything I never want again so thank you for that. I sound bitter and full of resentment. It's mostly towards myself, why the **** did I stay? I deserve someone who's arms are the safest place on earth not the spitting image of pain.
Robin Lemmen Dec 2019
Don't forget the scratches that healed into nothing
He might not have scarred but he certainly clawed
Aimlessly and wild
At your heart
His intent set on never loving you right
That counts for something
So don't let him back in when he lies crying at your feet
Begging to be understood and pleading sorrow he doesn't feel
Bruises may lose color but never their ghost
So remember that because each hit after
Will hurt a tiny bit more than the one before
C F Oct 2019
Dear God. Woman.
Just go away.

We're happy.
Sort of.

We love each other.
I promise.

We're struggling, I know.
But, not in the way you think.

Let me assure you,
You're his past.
There is no room for you.

We have suffered loss,
But we can heal each other,
Without you.

I'm sure you're hurting.
I've been there.
I know each touch burns,
And every kiss scars.

But, Please.

I beg you.
Just go the **** away.

All you're doing is hurting
Two broken people.
We could have been three.

Please. Please. Please.
Just leave us,
Just the two of us.
Leave us the **** alone.
CR Franklin Aug 2019
Part of me wants to reach out
And invite you back in
Part of me wants you to put out
Just to remember you from within
Part of me wants you to knock on my door
Just to keep it unanswered
Part of me wants to win you back
Just to rid you from my mind's front

Part of me wants to say I miss you
Just to hear you say the same
Part of me wants to see you
Just to see your pain
Part of me still loves you
Even though I never felt so alone
Part of me still hates you
For making me feel so alone

Although some of me still wants you
Most of me already knows
That the part of me that loved you
Has packed my ****; ready to go
But there's still that part of me
That wants to send you this poem
To tell you that part of me
Still misses my Jasmin
So instead of texting my ex and continuing our on and off streak, I decided to share my thoughts with a bunch of strangers. Enjoy strangers!
Ayesha Jimenez Mar 2019
In this rickety bus,
smelling of burning tires and
sweat and rust,
I contemplate on the types of men
that have touched the skin I've worn
since I've fallen in love.
I think of them often,
The skater, the musician, the emo,
The writer and the *******
And my recent, the one who is in law school.
I remember how their lips grazed mine,
the way our tongues
danced with the fire, cherries and gasoline
that our hearts sung about.
The lights turn from red to green
Stop, go, get ready and do it all again.
My heart is heavy and tired
I won't love again
not yet anyway.

I'm stuck in traffic, and they're in my mind.
I wonder if
I ever crossed theirs.
Patrick. Ezria. Ryan Jay. Carlo. Andrew.

And Daniel.
Rafael Melendez Feb 2019
I don't know how I feel towards you anymore. I almost feel like I can hate you like you hate me, but something scratches at me, a million people tearing at my insides.
The naive highschooler, the little "man", the lustful *******, the vengeful ******* in me now, and the one that wishes you could just be okay.

I can't ******* figure out which one is me, was me. What I want for you, from you, or why it even matters..

I want to be sorry, I am sorry, but the vengeful ******* still screams ****** ****** in my head.
"It was all *******, she wants to believe she's any better when she used you. She wants to judge and not be judged. Blame you for everything she hates in herself."

I try to drown him out with noise, music, love.
But I can't stop the nagging that you were selfish, and even more so, you were entitled.
You've always been everything you hate in me, and now more.
A victim that always denies herself love.
I still wish you the best. And I still believe I made mistakes, and used you. But can't you admit that you used me too?

**** unfinished business keeps on.

Excuse that this may just be a vent.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
What the hell is you ******* problem?!! I know you have a ******* job and need to eat. But make it an obsession??

What the hell is your ******* problem??! Sweet nothings and empty promises??!! I am not a **** psychiatrist so you better ****** off.  

What the hell is your ******* problem??!! (To the Tibetan guys) you have bad taste in women’s ethnicity. Have we traveled to the cononial USA where it’s wrong to be ethnic.  

Up yours.
K F Feb 2019
Dear previous flame,

For whatever you may feel, know we are mirrors.
For whatever insecurity you may look to cure, through searching hard and unsubtle in the profile I choose to share,
Know that I’m a shadow, searching hard through a shared room that was yours before it was mine—
Looking for any sign of superiority, a crack in the impenetrable armor I built for you.
I know you’re my reflection on the outside looking in.
You’re his past but my potential future and the empathy I feel runs deeper than the credit you’d dare give me.
The truth is I see you in every girl who could remotely fit your description, despite knowing your exact image.
You are not a threat, but a curiosity nonetheless.
Because after all, any record broken is only as good as above second place.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
Men trigger
And borderline personality disorder
I need a pair of Baoding *****

Men are perverts
And pedophiles
They look at someone
With two X chromosomes
And they think with their .....
Not mainful of age

Men are disloyal
Having a pet is
A more honest relations
Men are biohazardous.
Like Ebola.  

This is why I like
And trans women.
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