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All I ever did was give.
All I ever did was try.

All you ever did was take.
All you ever did was cry.
I miss holding hands with you
I miss showing you my favourite songs
I miss how easy it always was to make you laugh
I miss your voice in the night while we were in bed
I miss your family even though they would make fun of me
I do not miss you.

I miss meeting new people with you
I miss your dogs and how sweet they were
I miss talking about nothing with pointless intensity
I miss watching the sky change colours as you play guitar
I miss the way you would drop everything for me if I needed it
I do not miss you.

I miss going to the movies with you
I miss talking through to daylight over the phone
I miss you caring enough to say you were worried
I miss coming to your house and climbing the stairs
I miss you telling me there were better things ahead
I do not miss you.
I will never miss you.
Sophie Hartl Dec 2020
officially it has been two years,
unofficially one.

I am happier elsewhere, and I can imagine you are too
still you remain
my inspiration for poetry,
and my thoughts.

when I see her there with you,
I am not sad,
and I am not not happy
mostly, I wonder —

do you think about me still?
do you compare her to me?
I did, I compared him with you

even though I promised to him and myself
that I wouldn’t

but the mind does what it wants

do you fight like we used to, loud and aggressive?
or does that require years of confidence built up by baby love

do you love like we used to, admittedly & comparatively selfish and shy?
or was that our teenage bodies remaining in us past our 20th

mostly I try to remember how being freshly loved by you was
so much intense frustration, in all ways,
endless giggles, but often nights with dawn sorrow.
of course, I need to remind myself that there was bad
my mind tries to only highlight the good with you

mostly I wonder how such intense fighters
could turn to such formal friends
and mostly, I am disappointed that you haven’t
told me about her yet.
an old goldie
xandra Nov 2020
you're right there,
just waiting for me
i know you are,
you put it so plainly,
and i can clearly see
you're so sweet
i'm so tempted
as i stand here screaming out your name,
i know i can't have you
why must you do this to me, torture me so?
i love you, but you don't love me back
yes, you give me more,
but not what i want,
won't you cut me some slack? is this always going to be this way?
"no, it won't, one day things will be different,"
i hope to hear you say.
pls this was from the year two thousand and whenever the fck, goodnight, but I edited the formatting so it was less **** thanks
jack cariad leon Oct 2020
we were so close
we shared parasites
and from your home
i could see city lights

and now wherever i go
when i look for a new home
i look for those lights
the lights like your lights i had liked

and i don’t even even know
where it is that you’ve gone
i’m out, i see a passing bus
that i think you might be on

but if you ever come back
like you always do in dreams
i won’t forget what we had
we can sew back the seams
the last two messages you sent
i never even read
i no longer check to see if you've messaged me
since i deleted that thread
i finally had to give up
and see that the relationshit was dead
you made up this false version of me
based off of resentment and thoughts you never said
just know that i'm sorry
i know all of this is still ******* with your head
i feel i did the right thing
i learn to go with my gut now and i've yet to be misled
some days are so easy
while others hurt deeply and i can't shake the dread
a couple times you roped me in
i guess your intentions involved the ego needing to be fed
you're the one who pays in the end
cause i can live with myself and an empty bed
08.15.2020 - 19:36
for: jms

i am still not over it and that's okay
Bri Stokes Sep 2020
I watched you sail away with her
to places so divine;
to paradises I could not reach,
phantoms of fantasies
I could not meet.
I felt a slow,
kick up in your wake,
awakening nightmarish
of debts
long-since paid.
on sapphire tides,
I watched your ship leave the port.
Breathed in
simmering flames of Hell.
I might've bid you farewell,
if I could just see
the encroaching walls
that shake
and shriek
with the corpses
we called:
"You and I."
I heard you're getting married soon.
paschelco Sep 2020
I saw you last night.
nothing has really changed,
not a single look was exchanged but we both knew.
your eyes feel the same... what?
a lot can happen in a year,
If you asked me 889 days ago if i'd be here
I'd say no.
did the stars align or did hell freeze?
all I know is the atmosphere has turned
ugh , my stomach .
shaking this is everything but cosmetic
889 days and it feels like the 29th.
it only takes your voice.
your voice to deploy thoughts of confliction.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
I don't want this tradition.
Melanie Shupe Aug 2020
The way my name wraps around his mouth
is the same way I've wrapped my mouth
around him, 100 times, probably more, I stopped keeping track.

What do I have to change?

And we have been down this road, with its curves and twists, at least 100 times, maybe less, I stopped keeping track.

And I fail to squash it every ******* day, but I will never not miss him. Never not hear his laugh in my dreams.

What do I need to work on?

Happily ever after seems far away.
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