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Paras Bajaj Apr 12
My mind can't remember
the colour of her eyes
and my heart is okay with it.

I guess that's closure.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
J-Long Feb 16
I can't take this anymore
I might have a mental break
All the thoughts clouding my mind
Are getting too hard to take
"I feel no emotion"
Yeah that persona's fake
All the bottled emotions
Are about to leave destruction in their wake
The end of a chapter
Beginning anew
But the change hurts so much
Oh I wish I knew
Walking down a dimly lit street
Called 'Life Avenue'
To an unknown destination
But what else can I do?
Sophia Feb 4
I promised myself I wouldn't get attached.
I really did...
And it seemed to work...
Until our last night.
Until you got in a cab,
and got on a plane to discover the world.
Even though you will never see this.
I thank you, and I will for the rest of my days.
In a short period of time you showed me what it's like to be truly loved.
And that in life you must take certain risks.
May God bless and protect you everyday!
You are truly a gift.
Thank you and *see you later.
*fun fact: I hate goodbyes
EJ Lee Jan 7
The last day
With my family
It’s sad
After tonight
We will go our separate ways
It will be days
Till I see then again
Once I go I will be on my own
But soon we will reunite
And be whole again
Stephanie Oct 2018
“I signed the papers”
You said
And the next day
I finally
Missed you

Funny how that works
AditiBoo Sep 2018
There was a time where you took a smile for granted
When you had more friends than you actually wanted
There was a time where worries were a past time
When you knew, for certain, that you were at your prime

And now you know
That carelessness leads to recklessness
And with nowhere to go
Nonchalance merely masks helplessness

You sit, a beggar in his corner
You wait, like a prophecy, for a disaster
You twist your thumbs unconsciously
You tap your foot impatiently

You're a hunted deer, jumping at any sound
You question every new kindness coming your way
You stay put, refusing to lift your feet off the ground
In your own playground, you've become the prey

You're overwhelmed at this one-eighty
Everything just gone topsy-turvy
Yesterday - in complete control
Today - utterly out of control

So you struggle to cling on to anything
A remnant of the past, in which there is credence
You hold on tightly because it means everything
Your better days, your key to confidence

There was a time where you took a smile for granted
When you had more friends than you actually wanted
There was a time where worries were a past time
When you knew, for certain, that you were at your prime
Katelynn Aug 2018
It’s our final year,
Of high school here,
Then soon we’ll leave our mark,
To make a world of our own.

Though we are just a speck,
Drifting through time.
It seems through all these years,
Gone in just a flash of light,
That moved way too fast.

We’ve made it through the stress,
And moments of being depressed.
Now we are waiting for our moment,
Where we will be best dressed.

Some will apply to move forward,
And others prefer to stay,
But we all will make decisions,
To make our own way.

Ordering our gowns,
Removing our frowns,
Planning for prom,
Not realizing,
How much we might miss mom.

But until that day,
Here we’ll stay,
Waiting for our taste of freedom.

But until that day,
Here we’ll stay,
To a new chapter,
To a story that has just begun.
Now that I am a few days into my senior year of high school, I can't wait till it's over. But I have to remember that I should really relish in this school year because it only happens once.
Kindness Kills Oct 2017
The road looks bumpy from down here
I'm sorry that sleepwalking me loves jackhammers
And wondering what else she can mess up
Without a concept to time to tell her when to stop

I'm sorry about my gasoline decisions and my flaming attitude
I burn everything I touch
Nothing near me  goes undamaged
Nothing  near me stays
I can no longer tell if I'm setting these fires while I'm awake or not
Though I doubt it even makes a difference

Somethings crept it's way under my skin
I haven't been myself for weeks
Every word seems to roll off your tongue in just the wrong way
I'm not saying it your fault
I swear i see a slyness in your eyes
I'm not saying its your fault

My pens have run dry and so I have I
I have said all I can say
I must now be on my way
I wish nothing but the best of you
edited oldie
Kendra Magnuson Mar 2017
It’s not that I'm not moving on with my life, it's that I've never taken the time to write you out; I've never wanted to. I've never wanted to forget the way things felt and I've never let anyone take that away from me. I've never let anyone erase the way your hands feel. I've never let anyone take away the way your eyes look when you want me to stay. I can see every part of you so clearly it's like I was with you yesterday. I see the way your hair looks the first day we met; I remember it so perfectly. I remember how it felt to wake up so angry and still be so ******* in love with you that I didn't know what to do with myself. I don't want to let go of that feeling. Of understanding that you can love someone so much that no one else actually meant anything in comparison. No matter how much effort they put in to keep you it didn't matter because they were not the one you really belonged with. I remember the way you held me in the hallway, your face was so pained and you held me so hard for such a short time that I still feel how much I didn't want you to let me go.
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