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Nikki Mar 21
My demons and I
We go way back
When I was utterly alone
They were there
To criticise me
To torture me
To feed my insecurities
And my worst impulses

But they also protected me
Consoled and soothed me
And accepted me at my worst

For most of my life
They were my only companion
And they stuck with me
When things got tough

That is why it is hard
To leave them behind
And make room
For a new chapter in my life
For a chance at something better
colette alexia Jul 2020
I'll reinvent myself
Doesn't mean I'm trying to be someone else
Just because you haven't seen
This side of me
It feels good, it feels clean
Even if it feels a little foreign to me
Your fingerprints aren’t all over everything
Kristine Feb 2020
As the dawn comes
The new life begins
Waking up
For the new chapter
Welcoming with positivity
Sound of wind
Whispers a hymn
When sunlight touches
Good vibe injects
As time runs
Can't expect
Things may fall out
That accords to the plan
Feels agitating
Causes to ruin
A happy day
You've made
But things fall
In a certain situation
Makes you realize
And understand
Someone's worth
As the twilight comes
Moon started to show
The sparkling stars
Brights during night
Brings hope
For those in the dark.
Paras Bajaj Apr 2019
My mind can't remember
the colour of her eyes
and my heart is okay with it.

I guess that's closure.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
J-Long Feb 2019
I can't take this anymore
I might have a mental break
All the thoughts clouding my mind
Are getting too hard to take
"I feel no emotion"
Yeah that persona's fake
All the bottled emotions
Are about to leave destruction in their wake
The end of a chapter
Beginning anew
But the change hurts so much
Oh I wish I knew
Walking down a dimly lit street
Called 'Life Avenue'
To an unknown destination
But what else can I do?
EJ Lee Jan 2019
The last day
With my family
It’s sad
After tonight
We will go our separate ways
It will be days
Till I see then again
Once I go I will be on my own
But soon we will reunite
And be whole again
Stephanie Oct 2018
“I signed the papers”
You said
And the next day
I finally
Missed you

Funny how that works
Katelynn Aug 2018
It’s our final year,
Of high school here,
Then soon we’ll leave our mark,
To make a world of our own.

Though we are just a speck,
Drifting through time.
It seems through all these years,
Gone in just a flash of light,
That moved way too fast.

We’ve made it through the stress,
And moments of being depressed.
Now we are waiting for our moment,
Where we will be best dressed.

Some will apply to move forward,
And others prefer to stay,
But we all will make decisions,
To make our own way.

Ordering our gowns,
Removing our frowns,
Planning for prom,
Not realizing,
How much we might miss mom.

But until that day,
Here we’ll stay,
Waiting for our taste of freedom.

But until that day,
Here we’ll stay,
To a new chapter,
To a story that has just begun.
Now that I am a few days into my senior year of high school, I can't wait till it's over. But I have to remember that I should really relish in this school year because it only happens once.
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