gene Aug 2015
“Everything about you is chaos,
  The kind of chaos that is unsettling,
  The kind of chaos that is atrocious,
  The kind of chaos I got addicted to,
  The kind of chaos that is absolutely beautiful.”
Lucy Tonic Jun 2015
You dangled the carrot in front of me
Said you wanted to multiply
I knew of all your schemes and pipe dreams
But I happily obliged
Now you're gone
And I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth
Cause the milk has long expired
So much for all those times I went south
Not trying to be bitter
You had to move on to greener pastures
But you know as well as I
You couldn't get away faster
Can you blame someone
For giving up on a freak
Can you blame someone
For wreaking havoc on your heart
We're so far apart now
You're keeping up your disguise
And the only time I ever saw depth in your eyes
Is when you never said goodbye
Jessy Ivan Diaz Apr 2014
You lie next to your pillows in bed and you have trouble sleeping the way the moon does when it’s phasing out. I can see it in your nutty eyes the fear that lingers from the nightmares you still have from that day he took you and did harm like raging fires on the hills of a dried out California.

Unlike anything before you linger in your corner
wondering if you’ll ever be okay,
if this tragedy is something that’ll prevent someone,
or something from loving  you.

It causes havoc in your heart
and I can hear it in your voice
as it shakes from your mind
replaying those burning moments
that have left third-degree marks on your skin.
His hands swept through the surface of your skin
as if you were some prize he won at a county fair.

You pop like a balloon and tears run down your face
you scream for help,
but nothing is heard
you feel alone,
no one believes you
because well,
you asked for it,


Your skin wasn’t asking to be touched by fire,
leaving scars that don’t fade by time itself,
Your body didn’t ask to be taken advantage of like dry grass in a drought.

so now you live in fear,

fear that you aren’t worth being loved,

fear that you have to live for the rest of life reliving those moments of torment

I am here to tell you even the deepest wounds can heal,

It just needs the tender love of someone with a steady hand to hold the pieces in place,
you are a walking miracle as your face is hit by the warm sunlight and your eyes melt like honey.

You are the hero in your story,
you don’t need to be saved by anyone
Most importantly

Don’t Forget to love yourself,
as I have learned to love even the darkest bits of universe.
I want to
Bite off your lip ring
And taste your blood
As I kiss you
Trying to consume you
Fiery in my conquest
As I travel to warmer regions
And I discover
Another set of lips
I must devour
Gripping you
Like my life
On my not letting go,
As I lap up your truth serum
The vulnerability of you
And the willingness of me
To embrace ourselves
A passionate engulfment
Of all the silent moments
That led to this
Havoc of beating pulses,
Sweat like morning dew
Gleaming off your body
I burrow deep into your soul,
Outside the dead of winter
Still lingers,
I don't ever want to leave...

APAD13 - 145  © okpoet
Marshal Gebbie Nov 2015
Ordinary people
Doing ordinary things
On an ordinary day
So that
May salve their lust
For Power
Caste havoc
In their own
Misguided image,
...In the name
of their own
Perverted cause.

Allah the Almighty
Surely quails in horror
That they do thus
To the innocent,
In His name?*

15 Nov 2015
Amber S Aug 2013
my muscles are singing for one more gallop,
my thighs, bruised and swollen, need a
my back is popping and creaking, but it’s yearning
to arch.
i need a fuck.
not gentle, not serene. do not take your time with me,
(let’s get straight tothepoint,
your point, please)
i am sore (always)
but it is the pain i thrive on, the pain that makes me
grin with a cheshire smile each morning.
i need a fuck.
animalistic, disorderly,
as the peevish thoughts in my brain.
i do not want flowers, diamonds, chocolates,
i want the blue of your fingers, the red of your teeth,
the overwhelming thunders and oceans
that rest between your thighs.
i need a fuck.
tonight dear, right now, dear,
let me hear you
A soul suspended in an intricate matrix
Of unprecedented circumstance
Buoyed by a feeling of immense ecstasy
And a cocktail of other mixed emotions
Experiences the gripping embrace
Of nostalgia.
Scenes regurgitated from the remotest part of
The brain get intertwined with a beleaguered consciousness
Relish and distaste merged into one
Them memories…emotional souvenirs of a tumultuous past
Recollection of the past is indeed  bittersweet
After all isn’t it
*A frantic chase after the wind
** a happy pessimist's...**nutshell** view of a certain facet of life
Batool Feb 2016
the words
creating havoc
echoing in the vast emptiness
of soul as they strike
against the high walls
built to keep them
Turning deaf ear
to the inner chaos
she wore a smile
became the part of **crowd
LiviKawa Feb 2015
Do you know how many
Poems I write that
Leak your name?

The subtle hints
Of twinkling eyes
And that burning smile

The words explaining
The days that you create havoc
And heat between our bodies

The whispers of
Love and confusion
And an all consuming lust

Do you even realize
The amount of poems
That are in my head
That scream out your name

Because if you did
Oh god
If you did
There would be chaos
I love you and I'm afraid to admit it
Clarice Alvarez Sep 2014
A storm took your name
And wrecked havoc as I slept
And thought about you
A new haiku from me. Just got hit by a storm today, and it happened to be named after somebody.
Ashley Willlson Dec 2012
I happened here, to her, to him
Engraved and gruesome, given to grim
Feelings fleeting, fraught with fear
Enunciated enemies, ear to ear
The damned diminished, dealing died
Corrupted criminal, the children cried
Beauty bloodied, balancing blame
Allowed alterations, our allies aflame.
Adele Nov 2016
They didn't know that
some pretty laugh and a smiling face

could stir a havoc inside.
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