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I would love to dance with you for dancing we never
got. the chance to do for the pains that you suffered
never allowed us
But In my dreams, It's where go I dancing with you my darling I'll never let go together we'll slow dance night
Then straight on till morning It's to then I'll awake from my beautiful
dream of you remembering the last
and final dance with
Always wanted to dance with Helen but through pains of disability It never allowed us to
Helen Jul 2015
is not a disability to me
be it PTSD
or Bi Polar
or Anxiety Depression
or just riding Solo

it's not a disability to me
it may play havoc
with my everyday life but
it's not an impediment
or an indication
that you lack ability
to deal with living strife

it's not a disability to me
it's more a heightened empathy
a conscious awareness
not a disease (some cases can be)
but not a disability to me

it just means your fortitude
takes you to the next level
when the ground falls
beneath your feet
you don't lay down to grovel
you find ways to make
a near endless day
better than it was yesterday
you praise all tomorrows
because you made it today

your mental disabilty
has never been a disability
to me
*in any way
I don't see you as anything other than the person I love. We all change as we go along :)

— The End —