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& I'm tripping ****
The most woke up in this *****
Entranced in my pants
So I press my luck
Awh shucks
Wish Uncle Boomer was in town
Get my noggin struck
Then my jimmy bust
And I’m covered in the utmost love

There's a fissure within my mind
So I enter the Divide,
To awaken the divine

Through a wormhole,
I burrow deeper
Into the steepest chasms
With my magic wand
Manifest the godhead sublime phantasmic

Make myself known to the
Cosmic collective consciousness
Like an oracle I peer
through the eye of a reptilian
While Sub-atomic particles
zoom past by the millionths
In slow-motion a pyramidal image surfaces
And i can see between
the vibrations that resonate
A glimpse through the window
Of a discordant future permeates

Putrid in a wasted stupor
Chasing that hit of enlightenment
To illuminate my brain
The lightbulb is lit

Suh dude
As a shape shifting parasite
enters through the brain stem
And takes all my faculties hostage

I’m slaving away
Been here all day
Quit your *******,
I'm in the kitchen
With repetition
Whippin it ~
chu see the flick of the wrist?
April 2017
Cunning Linguist Aug 2020
This is a prison
I just can’t escape from
My mental state’s elsewhere
My soul floats in mid-air

This is a nightmare
I just can’t wake up from
My mental state’s elsewhere
My soul floats in mid-air

I have the scars
To show you I mean it
I can’t fall asleep
I just wish I was dreaming
I have the scars
To show you I mean it
I’m falling to pieces,
I’m falling to pieces

I’m losing my mind
There’s no end in sight
I fight for my life
But I’m dying inside
This pain won’t subside
Just look in my eyes
If this isn’t living
I’ll say that I tried

Resigned to the grind
Of the slaves 9-5
I’m feeling confined
Please just rip out my spine
My brain is deep-fried
These tears that I’ve cried
Run red with blood
Til’ I’m left ******* blind

I often wonder if I disappeared
How many friends
Would hold me near and dear
And as I pull this gun up to my face
I can’t feel anything

I can’t feel a thing
I can’t feel a thing
I can’t feel a thing
I can’t feel a thing
Cunning Linguist Sep 2019
I tread to keep my head
Just above the water;
But find myself floating away ~

While others were sinking
or swimming
down yonder, I ponder,
though my thoughts betray

The reality that I perceive
Which may, or may not be as limiting
Of that which you can conceive,
Or can see much stronger

I no longer bother;
It’s deceiving so I castaway,
And leave myself astray in the fray /
To alter my relief of mindscape
and believe, there’ll better days,
beyond what I face

Cremate my remains in the ashtray someday

Energy never ceases to exist
It perpetually permeates the cosmic collective consciousness

Wherever my soul will occupy
the confines in space
Of the vibrations that happen
to solidify my base

And give me just the slightest trace,
that I’m phasing amidst
these in-between places

I feel as though I am an imposter -
Egregiously living a grievous dream,
of which I have conjured;

That I am lost,
and therefore cannot prosper
Because I harbor improper resentment,
that I will foster until my departure

This fractal picture of the macrocosm
only grows larger,
but from farther away;
As it becomes harder to map the realms
of territories unchartered in my escape

I try to attain, but only falter in vain
To discover what the universe
truly contains

And convey that in words
to paint mental frames/

Maybe it’s strange
but one must think
outside the constraints

It may sound absurd but please
keep up the pace
Spiritual enlightenment for real
is the surreal end-game
in which we all play chase replacing
Incarcerated rocks to be polished,
in this giant machine

Perpetually incarnating
A shining spirit until
that’s all that remains

Once every imperfection
Is completely erased
When the correct particles
have been finally arranged

& Nirvana has since become fully sustained
Can I truly be One with my Self-
And not just a product of fate
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
Just fractured textures
Excerpts of memories,
Forgotten conjectures

Trapped in space and time;
Just figments of rendered sectors
that I’ve assembled to fabricate
my reality beyond measure

I’m tethered but the pressure
Never lessens whatsoever
Forever endeavoring to sever my essence
Or consciousness altogether

The splendor of the Nether
Whether it’s my pleasure to ever enter
Or remain a lonely specter
destined to beg the question,
but plagued to always remember

I invent scenarios in my head
And fantasize how I long to be dead
While conceptualizing my grave end
Though I dread the inevitable attempt

The hand I’m dealt lost in the shuffle
My walls crumble deciphering life’s puzzles
Disillusioned with the hustle and bustle
Solutions come full circle at the bottom of a bottle

Mental status: unstable
Cerebral stasis turns tables
Visibly miserable and unable
To cope without the love of my chemical savior

From the apex, I’m ready to sail
While failing to grasp what all it entails
I steadily hide intent in my tales
In my dreams I’m haunted
since leaving the cradle

Life is beautifully frail
I see myself dancing in the portrayal
with the reaper as the main feature
veiled together in a cerebral theater

Patterns intertwine
In fashioned structures
I slumber and suffer
Painting caricatures

Of a perfect life
I yearn to capture
In lustrous colors
That fail to convert
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
*****, I’m still deft like a leopard;
Repping these streets,
Still chasing da paper
Quick wit the maths,
SoCal’d-rap c u lator
Innovate it & faded,
I drink it straight up, no chaser

Backw(ar/oo)ds I’m facing
I’m trippin’ my laces
Inhaling clouds of a thousand lit vapors
Sowing my seeds,
Young man he ain’t got no patience
Be wading my way
Thru a crowd of y'all haters

Insane bro,
How they still don't know my name
Money and fame
I scream while I slang,
It's lame
And I can't move my feet,
my knees are weak
Padlocked to my mafkin’ seat

****** around and popped some molly,
U know I be boolin’
Wit a couple of y’all thotties
My Impala’s no ‘Rari
I’m not saying sorry,
***** I got no money
My Mom’s where my house be

I see you sneak dissin’
Just gonna squeeze this in
I’m a heathen and I mean it
~Ope please excuse the dopeness,
I’m just wokest with the flow dontcha know it?
Best have some hands to throw 4sho,
Unless u glow wit it

If I had as much love
As I had **** in my pants,
I’d fill you up at the first glance,
Given the chance
Got u entranced,
We **** when we drance
I’ll show you London,
You show me France yeah

Suicide’s on my mind
Though I can’t seem to find
Motivation inside
I say I wanna try
But I’m wasting my time
Just want some good vibes
Hmu if you find em?

Said I'm havoc wit astounding clout
Blow clouds spit them fractals wow
shifting shapes, him prismatic now
-I’m in another dimension
Guess I never questioned
the consequences
of my pathetic aesthetic

Ya I wear a ****** mask
so you can’t see my pain
Tell me does it resonate,
Does that penetrate your brain?
Man everyday, it straight feel the ****** same
So let’s just vegetate
Now watch me steady levitate
I’m breaking loud,
Falling apart like towers to a plane
Flowers to a flame burning down,
Mayday, mayday
You melt the beams in my heart,
What can I ******’ say?
Catch me diving headfirst in them opposite lanes
Then my mind,
Gets flushed down the ******’ the drain
*****, if you ain’t a succubus
Get the **** up out my gravy train

I smoke big doinks
Gets my mind zoinked
To the point I’m anointed

All about the jinkies
When I'm smoking on that ******,
Take you to the movies,
Tryna feel up them *******
Finna get *****,
I’m no noobie wit a Hoop-D
Shoot my shot up in the *******,
When I hit her wit da roofie

That beat slap harder than a drunk stepfather
When you feeling up his daughter
Got some choppers in the locker,
-Steady mob but I’m a scholar
Now they droppin’ all these dollas
Got the armor to conjure
& conquer the darkest monsters
Hollerin at my partner,
Slobber on my whopper while I stomp em’
Noggin I’m finna clobber
Coldest shoulder on the mountain

My manhood hooked in the crook of ur nook
Y’all wanna tip toe but I don’t pussyfoot,
Wanna throw bows?
Tell ya *** not to look
Vibrate in the ****,
You could say that ***** was shook

Yeah my lines are blurry,
Insufflate blizzards in a fury
Digging where the sewage be
For all these ******* I am luring

Skewering all you limp *****,
Ripe for the barbequing
Cos I been roastin y'all ***,
This **** just ain't ****** new to me

Suckle on my Johnson just to savor the taste
That’s real cheese flavor,
Parmesan off the grate
Got some fries with that shake,
Know those thighs make me quake,
Great Value™ cellulite it’s processed Equate™!

Assassinate you with stealth
God's not gonna save you
When you’re screaming for help
Guns drawn, black lung,
***** I shoot from the belt
Dead-Eye in the sights,
Just need five perfect pelts
Gettin’ litty
Spend $50’s
Pet kitties
**** *******
On this niftier side of ******
while I acquire the wealth

Yo, I smoke a rello
To un-harsh my mellow,
Y’all yellow bellied fellows
Can’t reach my own level

Don’t like my rhymes?
You can fight me
Ignite whilst I smite thee,
From the sky
These bolts come to strike, see
Now I’m magically
Sporadic as lightning

Got Gucci on my zipper -
Throw me a bag, u kno I’ma flip her
Call me Jim Lahey, *****
Cuz’ I am the ******* liquor!
Gonna put on my slippers,
And rock you wit da dripper

In tha cut,
I’m tripping ****
Yuh rolling up that indica
soundcloud. com/duderocketship
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
Voyage through time
Infinite, spiritual wander
Passages, fading through space
Symmetry, shaping the constant

A broken ambition
Restored by the
Stars, emanating

A captivating
Scene of celestial
Worlds, separating

Dimensions split apart
Premonitions for art
Reflection equals perception

Face the unknown alone
Transposed become what's shone
Sewn in the fabric of space-time

I can not find
© Subnuba December 2018
Lyrics by Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocaña
From the album “Distant Pixels” by my prog/tech metal band “Subnuba”
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
Tremors resound
Shaking the infinite Celestials
The final sign

Ominous force
Striking the core of all sequential life
Unknown terrors

Eliminates the mental divide
Face the unknown

Corpses flying towards the genesis
Temples reborn

Merging my visions through meditation
Weave dreams as reality

Frequencies resonating
Buried in fantasies captivating
Memories disappearing

Haunted by altered consciousness
Restore the mind's eye
Glimpsing a broken existence
Capture the last light

From a vengeful dynasty
Severing the timelines, crossing paths
Eviternal embers searing the
Gateways to abandoned dimensions

Perpetual pathways
Emerging from
Ancient genesis

Endless eclipses
Circling the reddened skies
Spawned by chaos
A rampant multiverse

Lost within illusions
Cyclic omens
Creating wormholes

Break through the shadows
Impeding harmony
Save the dismal expanding universe

Projecting from
Astral realms centered in the cosmos
Through the portal

My mind escapes
Sail away from the pain of waking life
Shape creation

Arcane nightmares
Appear before the end of ages
Dying remnants

Cosmic horror
Shatters my mortal coil to pieces
Lucid dreaming

Merging my visions through meditation
Weave dreams as reality

Frequencies resonating
Buried in fantasies captivating
Memories disappearing

Haunted by altered consciousness
Restore the mind's eye
Glimpsing a broken existence
Capture the last light

Flowing through all lifeforms
Spectral terrors
Deceiving mortals

Into the unknown
I voyage here forward
Absent icons
Decipher the patterns

Lost within illusions
Cyclic omens
Creating wormholes

Break through the shadows
Impeding harmony
Save the dismal
Expanding universe
© Subnuba December 2018
Lyrics by Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocaña
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