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When they told me
your eyes are a window
to the soul
who would've guessed that
it was a fifty-foot drop,
a justified jump,
and I've fallen flat;
to the sorrow of my soul?
HTR Stevens Sep 4
Home from the winds, home from the sea!
Bidding all my friends come to tea,
I laid dishes for thirty-three;
But none sat at table with me.

I called the beggars in for tea,
And they were more than thirty-three –
They drank my health; I left for sea
With a heavy heart within me.
Steve Page Jul 15
Listen and Learn
Insight and Wisdom
Instruction in Prudence
Knowledge and Discretion.
With thanks to
Mother's Inspired Utterances.
Proverbs 1.1-7
"... proverbs and parables, the sayings and riddles of the wise...."
Proverbs 31.1
"The sayings of King Lemuel—an inspired utterance his mother taught him."
Ideas cast in thoughtless gold,
Will rend no fortune's tale.

Though dreams forged with dauntless hold,
Will breathe truth preveiled.

~Robert van Lingen
capacity for selflessness,
veracity for honesty,
fervency for forgiveness...

i never turn my back.
what is the cost of caring?

Mindful is the falling plum of its fate.
Doomed to be trod upon, yet,
From the remains is always born new life.

Louise Dec 2018
Climbing a mountain on a rainy day
inspires you to embrace
the light showers that comes your way
and humbles you to appreciate
walking in the city streets on a sunny day
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
These are interesting times
Blessing cursing each moment
Smelling like the '80s
Rhyming with the '60s
Cringing like the '40s
Gasping at '17

It's The War of The Worlds II
Man versus man versus nature and self
A free-for-all melee, just name it
Where bacteria and viruses
     and gas and atoms
Will be our doom in the end
But not before we've wreaked havoc

on all that we love.
and so it was. .  .
ZenOfferings Oct 2018
Purest of water
No longer has room for fish
Let life be fishy!
HTR Stevens Oct 2018
Should nimble Muse outspread her wings and fly,
Just wave your hand and to her smile good-bye.
HTR Stevens Sep 2018
To the rankers shall I call:
“Pride goeth before a fall - !
Do not think yourself too smart,
And end up pulling a cart!”
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