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Nidhi Jaiswal Oct 2021
Dig deep into darkness,
it has the lightness that
even light
cannot offer.
being brightening
beautifies everything with the
amount of focus it gifts.
It grasps in it
every hidden element
with so much of grace
that it comes in our eyes
and we are able to recognize
the beauty it has to offer.
starry, sparkling,
shining and
even brighter.
It hides the same things
that light puts light on,
but they still are
Light makes things visible,
everybody has the access to it
but not everybody has
'the choice to see'.
But darkness makes us see them
for the dark of everything
is only for the exceptional.
The line that parts
dark and the light
is the line of
Maybe that's why
we open up only to those
who we want to be
seen by.
  Jul 2021 Nidhi Jaiswal
Hey, "Nidhi"🥰
I'm sorry to wishing you earliest on this poetry site
What i will do i cant wait for 7th july.😅
Happy, Happy, Happy🥳
Dearest, Cutest, Sweetest😋
Person in my life my  short world🌍
My dearest sister and friend👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
I'm glad You came in my life
I wish every moment i spent with you✌
On your birthday i prayed to god
You shine like star⭐
May your balloons never pop,
May your cake be the sweetest,
May your gifts be plentiful,
May this birthday be your happiest.💕
Happiest birthday wish,❤
Nidhi Jaiswal May 2021
I don't want to leave you
I promises many time
I will never go away from you
but i did.

I left you on the same street
Where  we 1stly meet
I don't know why
I hate myself
I broke myself
I broke to you

For me
Fall in love with someone
Wasn't easy
I made my heart like an iron
You came like a magnet u steal it.

I found you will be the one
Who love me a lot
Cares me a lot
But i was wrong
This hollow world is so selfish
Everyone comes in our life for a reasons
Nd give us life lessons.

I'm not talking about you
I feel you are like me "soft hearted"
I  know,
You will love someone very deeply
I wasn't so much lucky
I decided to left you
With me you will never happy.

i don't give you all the happiness of your life
instead of it
I can't give you a little bit of pain
I always want to see smile on your face.

I Left  you for your better future
You deserve someone better not like me
Who loves you more than me
Who cares you more than me.

Sometimes i feel i wasn't at your level
One day you will left me
When another one comes in your life
I was at bottom level.

I made my heart like a white paper
That is filled with black ink
People comes in my life they want to make space on it
But the ink is so dark
No one have such courage to remove it
I also tried since my childhood but i can't
Waiting for someone
Who understand me better than myself
I think it is on my destiny.
A Mysterious story resides on my eyes
I look at the mirror to hide myself.

I never said my deepest feeling to anyone
It resides on my soft heart
How much i love
How much i care.

I know,
may be one day love will end
But ,
Our friendship shouldn't end
I still with you every time ,everywhere
You can call me
like the 1st day you call without hesitation
As a person i don't want to loose you.

Dear love
Please don't forgot
Our love.
Fractional ink.
I haven't experienced about love just a tried to write something about love.❤
Nidhi Jaiswal Feb 2021
Samaj ke bandisho se azad
Bin pankho se urna chahti hu
Pankh tute hai to kya
Khawo se aashaman sajana chahti hu

Hoshlo ki urran hu main
kisi ki muskan hu main
bharat ki anokhi shan hu main
band pare khawbo ki arman hu main

manti hu zindgi ke safar me
Me mil jate hai kuch humsafar
naa hote hue apne
Phir ban jate band aankho ke sapne

Haa main uarna chahti hu
Oos ke bund ki tarah dhara ko susobhit karna chahti hu
khilkhilana chahti hu
Hasna chahti hu
Apne pankho ko failye dhara ko napna chahti hu
apni khusboo se sbko mekhkana chahti hu
apne gunjan se nabh ko gunjit karna chahti hu
kali se ful ki tarah khilna chahti hu

kya thi galti meri
kis bat ki milli mujhe  ye saja
ye Samaj ki bandishe
Pairo m jakri ye janjiro se niklna hahti hu
kuch kehna chahti hai
Khud ko khud se milana chahti hu
kyuki jaise main dikhti hu waise hu nai
Mere hai kuch azad sapne
Pinjre m band panchi nahi hu
aazad bharat ki ek shakti ka rup hu
Ek larki hu mai
Haan ek larki
jo khud apna itishah bnana chati hai
Auro se alag khud ki duniya basana chahti hai
kUch karna chati hai
Apne liye
apno ke liye
Iss jahan ke liye.
Nidhi Jaiswal Jan 2021
_I don't want to be a writer
Writing is my passion.
I don't want to be a teacher
Teaching is my hobby.
I don't want to be a singer
Singing is my soul.
I don't want to be an artist
i love art.
What i want isn't in my
. _
Some times in life some situation are created that's not in our hand... After that we survive at that time with courage..
Thanks for reading.
Nidhi Jaiswal Dec 2020
writer can create
deepest meaning

A writer have such ability to create meaningless word to deepest meaning for someone.
Thoughts of mine.
Nidhi Jaiswal Dec 2020
Never leave your passion
something what you want in your life
B/w that,
Your passion
makes you what you never think in your life.

Sometimes  we leave our passion for some thing which is imp part of life ..but after that i feel...our passion reached us that position in our life we never think.🤞
Just a single thought of mine..
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