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_I don't want to be a writer
Writing is my passion.
I don't want to be a teacher
Teaching is my hobby.
I don't want to be a singer
Singing is my soul.
I don't want to be an artist
i love art.
What i want isn't in my
. _
Some times in life some situation are created that's not in our hand... After that we survive at that time with courage..
Thanks for reading.
Nidhi Jaiswal Dec 2020
writer can create
deepest meaning

A writer have such ability to create meaningless word to deepest meaning for someone.
Thoughts of mine.
Nidhi Jaiswal Dec 2020
Never leave your passion
something what you want in your life
B/w that,
Your passion
makes you what you never think in your life.

Sometimes  we leave our passion for some thing which is imp part of life ..but after that i feel...our passion reached us that position in our life we never think.🤞
Just a single thought of mine..
Nidhi Jaiswal Nov 2020
Bas hame malum naa tha
kisi ke sath pane ki
khawahish bhi na thi
kisi se bicharne ka gam v nahi tha
To kya tha jo tha
bas hame malum naa tha.

Jane anjane me hua tha hame v kuch kabhi
The bekhabar hm bhi
Khudse hii khabar the

Til Til se sanjoya tha khaboo ka v mahal kabhi hhmne
Tut gaye sare khawb par til v na dikhi

Khawbo ki atishbaji dil me iss qudar ** rhi thi
Jaise khuli aashaman me tare nazae aane lage the

Uss hasin shaam ko main
Dulhan ki tarah saji uss saksh e oo aam ka main
Talab e intazar kar rhi thi
Par wo nahi aaya
Wo pal tham si gyi
Meri sanse ruk hii gye
Bin mausam ki bijliya barasne lage
Aachank tufan sa utne laga
Mere dil ke har kone me
Brishsh v hui khuli ragistan m
yado ka silsila mitne laga
kuch is quadar jaise
Reet pani me tairne lagi
Bas hame malum naa tha.

This poem is based on reality of life when you truly loves to someone but  still they don't understand your feelings. Than we feel  life is just stopped. But we should move on.
Thanks for reading
Nidhi Jaiswal Nov 2020
Good morning... Good morning...
Wake up early in the morning
Alarm clock is ringing
Birds are singing
Fishes are swimming
Also the sun is rising
You are still sleeping
In morning with pillow nd sweet dream
Good morning...Good morning...
Wake up early in the morning.

Morning Thoughts.
Nidhi Jaiswal Nov 2020
"Night nd morning
Dream nd reality
We are lost in fairy land
Magic in our soul
Glitters in our vein.

Thanks for reading
Nidhi Jaiswal Oct 2020
Being soft heart is not my weakness
But i found that,
Your hard heart makes you emotionless.

Today you are far away for me,
By your hard heart.
I know you may be restless,
Without you me too soulless,
By my soft heart.

I want to forgot you nd move forward
But your beautiful memories pushes me backward

what will i do with a soft heart
That makes me soulless without you.
What will you do with your hard heart
That makes you restless without me.

This poetry is based on my experience about love ,nd also based on Imagination.
Thanks for reading.💓
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