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Lucy Tonic Jul 2015
"Because cowboys and snakes are my kin"*

Because I feel volcanoes in my skin
Because I've sinned
Because I want to get in
Because I've already grown...

Nature replicates in sets of eight
Deviating ends of the weak and the great
Chemical stew makes memory fail
Chemical brew makes brain inhale
Do the push, take the plunge
Absorb the agony like a sponge
Can't map the contradictions
(Is there truth in fiction?)
Give up the blood and give up the ghost
Reaching out to them that hate you most
Couldn't even reach level two
Divy up the army between red and blue

Pieces slowly fitting
But puzzle never solved
Reaching out to nothing
Only one resolve
Listened to a hero's song
'Bout a thousand times
But wisdom never sank in
Too much focus on the rhyme
(Prayed for the night, for the very first time
But night never came
And the rain falls on everyone but me
Cause nature's got a few tricks up her sleeve)

Imperfect circles, always imperfect circles
(Autumn angel gets their wings)
Lucy Tonic Jul 2015
off of the benches and into the trenches
you can't delete it, only repeat it
Lucy Tonic Jul 2015
She's in between a rock and a hard place
Faces don't smile at her anymore
Old friends lock their doors
And neighbors shut their drapes
And that's all it takes to be in hell
She transformed from a lamb into a black sheep
People don't smile anymore
Digging deep at the core
Of a rotten apple seed
And that's all she needs to never tell
What's on her mind, what's in her eyes
Blinded and traumatized
But she has tough skin
When she's smoking the liquids and
The consonants beat her down
Like the promises of the sounds
That soothe her, then leave her hanging around
By herself
Cause if you can't share love than love is wasted
Put on the shelf
By a man who swore he loved her taste
So she takes the bottle and starts to pour
Cause nobody smiles anymore
She's in between the demons and the sea
She wants to bring out her inner number three
But if you can't share love than love is wasted
Lucy Tonic Jun 2015
You dangled the carrot in front of me
Said you wanted to multiply
I knew of all your schemes and pipe dreams
But I happily obliged
Now you're gone
And I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth
Cause the milk has long expired
So much for all those times I went south
Not trying to be bitter
You had to move on to greener pastures
But you know as well as I
You couldn't get away faster
Can you blame someone
For giving up on a freak
Can you blame someone
For wreaking havoc on your heart
We're so far apart now
You're keeping up your disguise
And the only time I ever saw depth in your eyes
Is when you never said goodbye
Lucy Tonic Jun 2015
Our hungry souls desired long before the umbilical remnant dissolved
From the beginning, we desired death
We flirted with it, took it to dinner
Because there's a difference between white walls and a empty sheet of paper
You can decorate with pictures, scribble down words
But the first mistake, the first fake heart, the first ride, the first scar
Will never disappear
It lasts forever
You may disagree, but I know better
None of us were born with a blank canvas
The memories were simply erased
So we wouldn't go crazy
But some of us did anyway
Lucy Tonic Jun 2015
"Two unconnected, discontinuous segments of consciousness are not part of the same person, but belong instead to two different persons."*

Lived many wretched lives
But this one takes the cake
Life is but a trial
Remembered most for your mistakes
Out of your reality and out of my awareness
I was dragged by my naked collar
The mystic became violated
As the deity asked for a dollar
Apocalyptic visions come
When I dream by day
Cognizant of many things
But the mystery lies in wait
Their interpretation is prevailing
But they are blind to its function of power
They think the concepts of light and truth
Can be found in a beautiful flower
The sinners wait with bated breath
Measuring my faults on a scale
But the second coming's coming soon
Only He can judge me where I failed
Have enough chaos in me
To produce a thousand dancing stars
You have your way and I have mine
The right way only exists on Mars
Security of conformity you choose
But I was not meant to have that choice
I am just a highly flawed individual
Searching for freedom and a voice
Constantly seeking a fortress, a lighthouse
But I know this must be in solitude
Exile is where I belong
The path home always eludes
Lucy Tonic Jun 2015
Ancient as the wind
Monroe hips
And a smile that could stretch for miles...
Classically outdated
But the flower never faded
Honey is just searching for redemption
On the wings of Magdalene...
One day your empire will rise from the sea
The ashes will fly with the breeze
And the rain will be as pure as the first tear that fell from His eye...
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