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leo arden Aug 25
let him sing his song of sorrow

for chance his joy return tomorrow.

for chance his joy forsake his life,

he’ll tell himself he shall be saved

by love returned, and free from strife,

but naïve he shall remain, enslaved.
let him sing.
Darryl M May 8
When Convos no longer flow.
Do you really think we’ll still grow?

I used to flow with everybody.
But, hey, if you don’t like the flow, let’s put a bridge on it.

I thought I paid my dues.
Got a ticket out of your life.
But I guess that ticket was lottery,
Because I never won.
Now what we have is just a gamble.

I thought I had no issues.
But why am I here with a bunch of tissues?

We had what we had.
But I guess it’s toilet paper, it’s all used up.
Picked up all the dirt, now it’s time to flush it out.
Flush it down the drain.
With all the memories that brought me all the pain.

You’re the one that never will bow.
You’re the one who made me take a vow.
You’re the one that brought the wow.
The one that fits in nobody’s row.

Not everything about me is about you.
But it’s funny how I still keep your pictures.

I guess you were nothing but a nightmare
dressed in a daydream.
Completed: 30th December 2017 [23:39 PM]
What slave have I become!
Embracing servitude,
Desire no rebellion,
Please! O, my will! Succumb!
To her, with gratitude,
Besides Beauty, there’s none.

I vow to cede control,
No action beyond me,
Beauty is my master!
I’ve no need for my soul,
Beauty, I cede to thee
Fortune or disaster!

Liberty is worthless!
My eyes must stir the heart!
Why live, and not seek you?
I publicly confess,
To Beauty, to Astarte,
You command all I do.
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Samuel Canerday Sep 2018
Snared, and fettered
Chained to hope eternal
Freedom is waiting
Just there, you see
Around the corner it lies
And when the sun streams down
In a glorious display of dawn
On the wanting faces of the broken
They will cry out as one

May fire scorch the wicked
And return the world to ash
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
The head fuckery of societies rules.
The indoctrination in our schools
has led to the homeless on our streets while politicians count their seats.
The privileged few, too rich to mention
fail to reveal their true intention.

The NHS setup to break by psychopaths all on the take.
Big business stripped of all its gold,
no pension funds left for the old.
Big pharma, they don't miss a trick,
they're making you & I feel sick.
They push the pills that ring the tills
even though they know it kills.

With the best advice and greatest will
our kids are on **** & fentanyl.
While drinking water turns a son
into a daughter,
it's Atrazine that makes
a King a Queen.

While we're divided black & white,
we'd never stand up to their might
So take your neighbour, hold their hand and together we'll reclaim our land.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Utopia is a planet with no borders & free movement of a free people.
Araoluwa Jacob Jun 2018
I am so calm
As calm as the ocean at night
As calm as I could ever be
I am calm because I am mad
mad at the fact that my heart aches
i cannot express my emotion
my inevitable situation kills me
slowly enough to destroy me
making me break pieces by pieces
and become a shattered memory of the world
people would see my pieces and step on me
those pieces are of no use no more
they have been as calm as they could ever be.
Now they are shattered because of the inevitable pain they are feeling
The pain of a sick horse.
the pain of an eagle whose wing are broken
the pain of a mother during labor.
A hurt child. an abandoned beauty.
A flawless person whose name is flaw.
the pain is so unbearable that i have been shattered.
with nobody to reach out to
they left me in this agony
i still feel spite even when I'm in pieces.
My world of breakable hope and dissatified pain is reaching out to me with chains.
chains that i Can't break from
Abigail Fischer May 2018
I don’t write right,
I don’t speak neat,
I write what I speak,
Leaving error for unique,
I don’t care to be fair,
And fair isn’t there,
In the battle of scare or be scared,
I fear the fears,
Fears that encapture slow,
Slow and arrogant,
To put on a snare and show,
Slow is nasty,
Nasty is the only thing I see,
In the world of winning,
I don’t write for you,
I don’t write to read,
Don’t tell me I write wrong,
These words are wrote to be freed,
Not for your benefit,
Yet you still convince my mind,
There is something wrong,
Wrong to be kind,
Wrong to be in need,
But I’m not listening,
Grab my pitchfork,
Grab moreso the pen,
Write from the hell,
Find it within and carve the shell,
Hide it within a sin,
And watch the world it’s emerged in.
Pax Apr 2018
You've enslaved my heart
before I could ever say
I'm willing.
a quote

I want to say my thanks to my long time friend beth by saying this: your writing searches for truth from our deepest wells of feeling.
Mohamed Nasir Feb 2018
There's a flower in between the rocks
Undesireable unless one seek the flower
In cravices in the shadows of ***** towers
Procure trade on whims of nameless men
Openly or in disguise she thrives due to
Demands, in decadence of her world
The underworld enslave her soul
Like the geisha in *******
Decries a social stigma
Imposing upon her
Remove her off
The streets if
you will
Back sprouting
Amongst people and rocks
Enticing yet perceived as weeds still.
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