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Bastiana as me, being this lady truly that you see,
Within my solemn being, I am a love-a living dream.

You can not keep me from the light,
I am always a part of life, though not in plain sight.

Have a few or two lily's and put them aside,
I give this to the well and cast the spell-bide my time.

I tried the name Sebastian on for size, no lie,
But found myself in love with Bastiana, I can't deny.

Bastiana as me, I know I'm Alan to some degree,
But when all is frozen in time-don't you know?
My love, Bastiana...why this is the one true me.
My love, it's this one and only name, the real me!

Why oh why do I keep on trying to deny...?

Bastiana means revered, by the by. Hehe
Alan S Bailey Jun 15
What does one grain of sand get you when you
Are missing a beach full of good times?
Maybe the thing to do would be to leave the
Plain social behaving life behind.
Alan S Bailey May 19
Wise person says,
You can't buy happiness
Without learning that something
Always gets lost upon
The return to reality.
Get lost on the way to achieving enlightenment?
Well maybe this can help.

Growing up is so hard to do when growing to become shallow and vain,
may someone find joy in money...? Or whatever that foolishness is.

Simple free-verse wisdom
Alan S Bailey May 19
I think I found myself lost, maybe.
You're just a girl...yes a lady.
You just were around me and
I felt the hairs stand on end.
Heart beating quickly.

I the pretty dolled up one,
I lost all my self control
I said I loved you and...

Why? You for such a simple cute girl, a lady,
"Not in blue-dressed in pink,"
Could have such huge boyish brown eyes,
Yours was short raven hair, "or like a wildcat" I think,
It grows now full all around your sweater.
I am of the impression that I could fall
Into them all, and be swept away a feather.

Yes I fell, I was "mad idiot" and I lost,
Just to a simple short girl,
With colorful beads in lace,
You could hold me in your embrace,
So much where my heart belongs.
And one like lightning could strike me,
Just you...being so very strong...
Gimme a wink, gimme a view...

And I will like all of your poems!

n' that means YOU!
Some people love to show you how to kick (go in for the attack!)
I'm the one who taught my shadow on the wall... to KICK BACK!
Kick *** was my mentor true
You see the writing, the truth in life,
Behind the painting of joy, none can say.
An empty room, a seat wherefore to write
Things that come to mind in full light
Are burnt by the light of the world's day.

You feel like you're going to pop,
Hold on it's quite the same as when you
Were a kid, you're just watching empty
Drama and behold, after all you're just a 'clay mold,'
This is the rest of  your life. Do as you're...

No going back, you see the clock count
The endless hours of one meaningless
Waste of natural beauty as it will someday decay.
This is all that's too come, soon at least they will
Earn a fortune in time, all that's left of the sun
And the stary night 'Ashen Gray.'
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