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Alan S Bailey Aug 17
A crossed-stars distance apart...

Ours a tale, a fateful twist, a strange dance,
Like two stars forever intertwined,
Moving alongside each other over the
Horizon, but many many light years apart,
My love is like this what I see in my mind.

You and your small, delicate hands,
Me in my old age holding on many years away,
But still waiting for you to cross this distance.
One day you will see just how far apart we are,
But they still seem so nearby one another in my heart.

Please don't be afraid,
I will be one days length off-away-even distanced,
Though so far away. It's what draws me out to you,
Even in my last breaths, you'll stun. I am never going to forget
How you held me this close with that salty sweet
Taste I still can't resist on the tip of your tongue...

I will never distance like the stars do to-even if you let go.
Alan S Bailey Jun 14
A million words, a million thoughts,
We've all been here writing till the end of time.
What new ones may have been brought?
It's all I can think of, did something happen?
Am I still original or am I out of line?

"Soon-to-be-victorious" you start the  song,
A dirge of memories past, till the very last.
The rhythm sounds like 'other time folk music,'
Played to an *****-like effect,
I guess you would be able to out-do my
Eccentric best.

Keep playing that well worn traditional back-days song!
You know I was here to **** you down all  along...
Alan S Bailey Feb 18
This is my special day,
Smack dab in between yesterday and tomorrow,
I see the example of it made known to me
directly forming in between myself and
the void that is space.
That will be my destiny you must have gave unto me,
and I guess I always owe you one great big THANKS...

Now, for the TOUR D' HELL, I
(some reason) must always get inside.

Going down...
Alan S Bailey Feb 11
Furious as possible,
He set out, avoiding each obstacle, seeking
An answer, stamping out all he would
That kept him from being able to
Be in question or be skeptical.
In the end if all went well,
She came down to him and let
him out of his minds cell.
He'd been rusting away in thought,
A lolling image sitting high in a loft.
Then but to any despite his anguish,
He couldn't explain how he got there.
Once he had a grand vision,
His life on the go, simple, peaceful
Without and within.
But there was this strange force that
Would never stop following him,
It was beyond a river, it 'let the fear in.'

Giving in to temptation was his new name.
She brought him vegetables on plate,
With a strange piece of meat that was quickly
Thrown away. But he ate it all in spite,
They turned him to the door, he said good,
Keep alive. You never know when they will
Come to take you away. A vision of a sort,
Is it worth taking a chance,
Setting wild, or rather to slow decay?

I curse that person angry as can be!
It is this version of which I can never
Be free. Yes I take nothing light,
Tossed aside without a chance because
He'd never fit in, he had nothing but lack.
Turning away, never to return or do
This ever again or be so, she and I made a pact.

One thing I know is that we're never going back...
Alan S Bailey Oct 2019
No matter what we think
No matter what we do
The truth is all things, all places, all people,
All are a reflection of everything
That exists, a melting *** of universal life,
Dreams and you.
Alan S Bailey Oct 2019
If one is at an obstacle of an imposing sort
or with any other side step made, this state,
to find a way past each of these, in this life's
dangerous maze, somehow without mistake.

It's just that I've always stumbled
when I see that it's so **** far,
way beyond this side of the dark,
someone give me a way to find
the other side in the light,
if that is what it is, if this some
strange curse, a bad plight.

...or is it a greater truth?

Perhaps the "Gods are playing a trick
on me?" Or perhaps there is no way back
or forward. I look back at yesterdays
pain and see it's staring back.

Death is a visage we all put aside until
it is right there and there's no way
to avoid it. Just happen to be able
to keep running...unavoidable,
This and that. Stunning. I will write, I will
work, I will not hide. Eventually we all
have to face it, and sooner or later
we all have to try to fight it.
It's that stone cold that hangs over
you even with vices. They just happen to
be able to visualize a nicer tomb
than was waiting for you. I guess
that was worth all the human sacrifices.
Just thought I'd give it a whirl. It's been a while since I wrote...
Alan S Bailey Sep 2019
This world has always inspired
Many great things. Follow dream and
You get shown a love, you're
There to hear how the heart sings.
Voices echo on in the vast forever,
But this is still an seemingly
Empty abyss. How can one
Follow their love if you are here
At the front lines paying attention?
Why you keep track of everything,
What about natural affection?

One strange thing I've learned about
This world, is that dreams have
No value in the physical,
So they can manifest themselves
In all times and places.
All we need to do is watch and
Life will eventually fill in all
Of the spaces.

Still, after 20 long years without,
I can't seem to find a way to fly again
While your words alone broke my spirit
That day, never to return again.

Even a dream can't undo that damage...
Hope this reaches you, if you still think of me
I still can't stop thinking of you...
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