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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
My mother does not listen
Just wants to argue
Means well but she has no clue
Makes simple things complicated
All my protests make her aggravated
Yet despite behavior I know she tries
The love unexpressed is held in her eyes
The way she goes showing it is wrong
Only love real and true creates reactions so strong
My mom.. she's great but can also be a great pain in the ***
Laura Sep 2020
i am not afraid of the light
or it's ability to show me who i am

when it does not come around so often
leaving me in the comfortable shadows
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
The cow is crying
In moaning tune
She cursing.

*Last few days
I was on a trip of village
When i was on the way
Lightning started flashing
Cloud thunder
The wind was so strong
Trees shaken up,
Hut started flying*

Our car stopped on the deserted road,
The sound started coming from the cloud,
You are not human, you have become crazy,
There were snowflakes in the raindrops,
Nature showing their havoc!
The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work.

When i reached to village,
I saw an old cow crying,
There were clouds of sorrow on his face,
It seemed like she want's to asked question from everyone!

*I checked the goods
I found that cow shepherd did not let him eat
She was a pregnant cow
She went to graze in garden
The owner of the garden tortured him a lot
And she lost her child
Since then and crying.*

The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work
"Nature showing their havoc"
This poetry is based on a true story,In today's time humanity get lost..due to this..Animals are tortured time to time,Rad data list is filled with extension of animals in today's time.we should control it.
The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work
_**Nature showing their havoc!**_
Thanks for reading.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
If asked why I hold onto love so tightly even when it's killing me
I'd say because it's the only escape I've found from the pain of survival

How many wounds have healed by the graze of a tender touch?

Times you have crossed my path at the exact time I needed shelter from life's storm you made a roof out of your attentive arms to protect me

I would say  thank you but my mind can't create a "Thanks" big enough to display my infinite gratitude

It is easier for me to say "sorry" for not showing my love than to try and come up short

You never knew you were my once-upon-a-time because I was too embarrassed to confess to you that I believe in fairytales

Which has left us on two very different pages
A little confessional freeverse
Jessica Jarvis Sep 2018
I tell you
01001110-because there is no seeing with this wall between us,-01101111
so how can I show you?

View via PC for the ideal image.
Tyler Roberts Jun 2018
I look at this blank page
And I just write
I don't think about
What comes to mind
I'm able to find
A silver line
Among the black clouds
That try their best
To block out
The Light
It gets you through
The night
Sombro Jan 2018
A friend is watching me
I showed him my life last night
I made mistakes and he knows it
I may have done things he knows now

A friend can see me
And now I know what that's like
I know what others feel like
When they know all they do is being watched

A friend knows about me
And I can't decide if that's good or bad,
Whether writing this is another rope at the willow
Pulling its supple roots from the ground

A friend has found me
Dug me up from the ground
An ugly root, but one that makes
A flower bloom quite highly

A friend has shown me the sun
Something I forgot was there
I don't know if he stands me
I wouldn't like him to say

A friend has made me see myself
What a strange thing
What a strange worry
To forget your reflection

A friend has left me in my own hands
A complete little picture
Oil paint, that's the worth I know
That's the way my mind thinks these things

A friend has left me to think
What a valuable little thing
Like gold that's something stronger
Than brittle iron, fragile big steel

A friend has seen me
And now I have to live with that
Strange tides wash my feet
Coral rocks wink at me from the shore

People tell me what I am now
And I suppose that helps me think
Friends have found me on the beach
Putting out the sun again.
Dharker Jun 2017
My mouth moves in a direction
that I can't control
Twinkle in my soul
Sparks from this long time
never grows old
Although nothing more to what it is
I often have to think
If this smile keeps appearing
My feelings may start to change
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015
Emotion, emotion,
Where are you?
Are you hiding?
Leaving me nothing to do?
I'm slowly dying,
Becoming an empty shell.
Where am I going?
Am I going to hell?
My depression is showing,
I can barely stand it,
Being barely able to deal with this ****.
I don't know how to cope,
And I am losing my hope;
I feel like falling to bits.
So, emotion, emotion,
Where are you?
Are you hiding?
I'm slowly dying.
And, to be honest, I need you.
I quickly wrote this 9/19/15 at 9:30 PM in my Exploding TARDIS notebook. I figured I'd post it.
Meg Howell Aug 2015
Submerged in rigorous waves,
Walking out among the decadent summer haze,
filled with peace and calm for the riveting scene in front of me,
But what do the crashing tidal waves really mean?
The world has a way of showing what we humans have done to it
Showing and telling really makes all the difference
Starting now, I will not be the one,
to take advantage of the magnificent sun,
or the bright crowded clouds,
or the misty afternoon rain,
For these are the epitome of beauty,
and technology is not,
so, I'm putting my foot down,
I'm refusing to let my mind rot
Beauty comes and goes
in mysterious ways
and some of its excellence,
is found on summer days
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