I could write another bite on your neck
And sink my words like fangs
Into your flesh
What would it mean
To you this time
After everything I've said
The way I've danced with alphabets
And letters fancied in dress
I could watch the blood pour down
The piercings over the drool I left
What would it mean to you
All that you've read
I've poured a glass of consonants
Over some ice cold vowels
And stirred it with my pen
You drank it all
And now you're a mess
Stumbling around a drunken wreck
Still taking shots of paragraphs
The bottle is empty I tell you
You're high on the cheap stuff
I should have warned you
You're going to throw it all up
We crossed a line,
and drew a connection
Every cut,
     every fall,
          has lead me to this moment.

And I think...
        I’m ready to finally meet you.
Coming on 35 years of age and I think I’m ready to give my time to one person.
I must be crazy to want this
even crazier to say it out loud
“Cause you are the girl of my dreams”

To give you something so precious
that was just meant for one person
Not for anyone else’s eyes to see.
I'm prone to ruin the good things, fighting through thorns of my past.
Cautious, sensing my demons within.
That I can be the partner you’d love,
share our bed, protect you and keep my demons at bay.

But baby, who’s gonna protect me from your demons within...
Never tried to go back to date any of my ex’s and never will.
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