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Sorrow of a love affair
Above the clouds of yesterday
Slowly falling to the grounds below
Colors running fading slow
As what we stood for starts to burn
The one that got away we always think and say but the truth was is that you left because I let you go.
Rose petals on the floor
Rose petals on the bed
Your piercing eye and skintight dress
Music playing
Mind racing as you pull me in
Falling deeper into lustful thoughts  

Push me off
Turn the music up
Play it slow

Your hips bent and your *** shook
Your body twists and turns to the rhythm of this ******* song
Got me sweating at this privet show

Witness to your beauty
Victim to my lust
Feel no pity in our hearts
Reality is morphing into fruition of our thoughts...

Bite your lip and lick your neck....
         Take our time and do it right...
Want us laughing through the night

Cause we both know that in the end we gonna break each other’s hearts.
I’m good when I play the lovers game
Like a Devil in disguise
Hazel eyes and my coy smile
Got you falling into fire
Choking on miasma of our lust
Heart is pounding with delight
Got you thinking that this might last
We just met but you already lost
Draw you in and drink you up
Taste your lips and feel your warmth
You fall deeper into world of my past
Eyes convey the coldness of my heart
As you straggle to keep me warm
Now you know
I’m not there to catch you as you fall
Your love becomes the payment and the
As we both return to burn in Devil’s Paradise...
Who hasn’t fallen victim to Devil’s Paradise...
Laughter resonating through the night
In the darkest your lips searching finding mine
Time is slipping as we spend another night

You look at me as the water begins to wash me of your skin
Tear filled eyes as you look away
And we both know that what you feel for me just isn’t right within

One word will forever resonate within my mind
As you walked out the door, I know that it was not a lie
This time you truly meant it when you said “Goodbye”.
Doing stupid stuff, just because I could, now realizing that I killed a lot of love from good women because I’m stupid.
Timur Shamatov Aug 2019
Time with you is slow and sweet
Like honey on the edges of my lips
Kiss you soft and breathe you in
Feel you take and lose control
Dreams are melting-morphing into one
Shiver at a though that this could be our love personified
As you take my time and let it drip
Oh so slow and oh so sweet
Timur Shamatov Jul 2019
Lay beside me darling and grab my hand
Close your eyes and try to visualize
Us rising, flying over the mountains and the clouds
Still rising higher, as we fly towards the galaxy above
Hold me tight as we dance across star filled skies
Still rising higher and higher past the darkness of your past
Towards broken sphere and frozen dust
Bringing fire to its soul
As it spins, burning, melting into solid core
Hold me tightly as my love brings to life this world within your broken heart
If only it was this easy to fall away and crawl out of abyss.... ;)
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