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Time with you is slow and sweet
Like honey on the edges of my lips
Kiss you soft and breathe you in
Feel you take and lose control
Dreams are melting-morphing into one
Shiver at a though that this could be our love personified
As you take my time and let it drip
Oh so slow and oh so sweet
Lay beside me darling and grab my hand
Close your eyes and try to visualize
Us rising, flying over the mountains and the clouds
Still rising higher, as we fly towards the galaxy above
Hold me tight as we dance across star filled skies
Still rising higher and higher past the darkness of your past
Towards broken sphere and frozen dust
Bringing fire to its soul
As it spins, burning, melting into solid core
Hold me tightly as my love brings to life this world within your broken heart
If only it was this easy to fall away and crawl out of abyss.... ;)
You shouldn’t be alone
I know your mind is racing as you’re pacing
To my will you’ll surrender all control
Forget the future and the past
Love couldn’t and it wouldn’t last
So take another shot and fall away into
Someone else’s bed and break their soul
Play the game of stupid love
Better them than you cause nothing lasts
Take another puff and lose your mind as
You disappear into nights of lust
Frozen to another’s touch
Cause darling you don’t want to hurt
Trust me take another pill and close your eyes
Life only lasts a moment and it’s worth loosing time playing games of causing scars.
I think we all have had that moment or a few where we close our eyes and fall away into abyss.
  Jun 11 Timur Shamatov
Deb Jones
I look at the scenery
I sit down in the cafe chair at an empty table that seems to wait for just me
The chair is warm from the sun
I watch the people around me
As the sweet breeze blows back my hair
I wonder what
The other people are thinking
I wonder if it is pleasant things
I look at the laughter
in their eyes
Some smile with their mouth
Not with their eyes
They have secrets to hide
I turn my face away from the view of them
The street is not teeming with people
That’s ok with me
I can sit here all day
Eyes closed
Day dreaming
It’s never boring
And it’s never really
Just about me
I hope everyone in the muted sidewalk cafe is enjoying their day
For me...
It’s about how the sun
on my uplifted face can feel like kisses
It’s how the breeze renews me
It’s about the reasons I am here
The need to reset myself

I slowly open my eyes.
My meditation is done
I look at the painting I crawled into
One I am forever glad to visit
The people are old friends
I imagine their life is like mine
I feel happy and at ease.
Into a pool of ecstasy we both fall
A moment of honesty as we both lose control
Souls intertwine morphing into one
Hallelujah on my lips and
No regrets as
We both fall victim to exuberant romance...
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