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Timur Shamatov Oct 2021
even after all this time
i’m still addicted
to the poison
dripping from your lips
Lips of join and lips of pain
Timur Shamatov Sep 2021

you are a chaos
a storm

a wild flower
covered in thorns


gentle as waterfall mist
on a hot summer day

soft as a lover’s kiss
on a cold winter morning


you are poetry
in constant motion

a beautiful melody
enthralled in a whirlwind
Something about your love that drives crazy, makes me feel calm, both at the same time.
Timur Shamatov Jan 2021
Baby you already know that
When you hear that song
All the frozen memories will melt away and
You hate to love it but
You can’t deny it that
Years later, just like that song, I still make you smile.
We all have that song that years after brake ups good or bad we can listen to it and smile because it reminds us of some one we loved.
Timur Shamatov Dec 2020
Time had passed, you started to realize that
We can’t change the past
Present moment **** the future we could have had
You say you’re happy with another
Acting like I’m the one who pushed you out the door
Like I’m the one who killed our present by stepping on your soul
Justifying that I’m the reason that you are gone
Yet, miss me when you are home alone

Baby we both know that I lacked the
words to make you stay
Cause you are the one who chose to go
If my action did not show you how I felt
My words could never change your mind
I care too much to make you stay in a place that might have caused you pain
So I release your love and promises you made.
Sometimes you have to let someone loved or cared for that you let them go because what you had will never fade away.
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