I realize that I miss your friendship on
A level of which I never knew before.
In the way we spent all day just talking
About things that mean something to only me and you.
As you worked all night, so you texted till I passed out.
As I woke, I’d texted you till you passed out too.
You were a true friend who didn’t need me to always reach out first cause you were true.
And I know why we had to say goodbye
Cause we were morphing into tragic story
Of wanting something we couldn’t have.
I know you’ll see this, know that what I feel is love; on a level of true friendship.
Never wanted to end like this, and I don’t want you reach out to say you miss me too, cause I know you do.
Just to say goodbye again.
In a world full of fake, know you were true and I love your spirit and miss your soul.
I miss my friend, she was always one to keep it real and caped me focused and moving forward. But when you spend too much time together emotions grow....
Succumbing to ghosts of lustful past
Knowing that my soul will be price
Falling further into beauty of our chaos

Baby, I love the way you take it slow
You are the angel at my door and
The devil within me, taking all control

We both know how this will end
Yet, we push on; falling victim to our past
Lonely ghosts reappearing on algid night.
Sometimes even knowing that it’s bad for you, we still push on because it’s familiar.
I don't think this is working out;
You and I that is...
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
I don’t want to lose myself...
                                 ­      loving you.
Sometimes going back to someone is a lot harder then letting them go in the first place.
I will always remember
The night
When I reached out to
Kiss You
With that kiss
Never thought I’d see you
Never thought I would like this
You bared your body by
Sending me your ***** pics

You showed your soul to total stranger
And covered me in bliss
It’s a shame I never got to touch you
I never got that kiss

I know I come across as crazy
It’s funny, so do you
With plans that we make often
Will never be the truth

Never thought I’d meet you
Never really did
But seeing you so *****
It really got me shook

I hope you one day know this
To me you meant much more
Your body I’ve always wanted second
Your soul was always first.
In a place of love I wake
To lustful gaze in you
I’m lost in winter of your eyes
They match the color of my heart
A Hue of Frozen Blue
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