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J J Aug 18
Our first kiss, lips pressed--
Electricity to stone--
A new age to bloom.
J J Mar 19
Diffident huffs meet,
Kissing up the uncharted
Maps that blemish her
Body. Skeletons press
Together and softly
Spin along the fabric
That weaves dreams.

Seeking rest you offered
Me peace. Falling up
Between the ceiling
And a stranger's wall. You
Caught and held me
Close, as we both sat
Breathing in the heat of

A new morning.
J J Mar 14
love is a careless thing
burrowing off strangers pockets
love is there to catch you in the winter rain

love only burns so long
   for one or the other; but love--
                 is a memory of two lovers
making each other better.
    is a stinging pain that seeps vitrolic freedom

love is a thing caught late that prematurely
blossoms into song.
Love is a promise that marks a heart.
The Earth before she birthed her silver baby
mirror. Flotsam blended to the sea.

Love will always be there to warm you
when you both know you were wrong,
love is a power play built on character reference
love is the morning sun swimming in the fish's dying eyes.
  Nov 2020 J J
Mary Anne Norton
Leaves to crunch on
Revisiting Mother Goose
And Tales Grimm
Hopscotch and
Double Dutch
Dodge ball
Skip a rock
Kick the can
Make a silly face
And sing a silly Song
Marbles and jacks
Blowing bubbles
Super ball
And slime
Rekindle the child
Within you
Before it's too
And you forget
The happiness
Once within you
  Nov 2020 J J
Mary Anne Norton
Road closed
Store closed
Door closed
Heart closed
Come back for
Opening day
J J Oct 2020
Sailing soft, frozen in time--
Sat on your chair where I could've sworn
I saw a past life regression flash along

Your face. Stuck there now,
I'm alone now and forever forth.
For years I stored half my cash into a box
without second thought
just to end up spending it all in six months.

that last crash erased all the academic pablum
that proved less required reading
  more distraction.

Just a border now,
head against an extending wall,
Witless and stonecold sober;

At ease with every unanswered craving
And coexisting with a life where nothing goes
   according to plan.
Trapezing the edge of a rolling dice waiting to be flattened. I'm properly done writing poetry,no more energy or will. Wish you all luck over the coming years, whether you're in a good spot or your lowest lows
J J Oct 2020
Mothlet-like owl midges fizzling in and out of the waves
   that shuffle the moon's shed reflection,
hovering and imitating like a wettened rorschach--

with disembodied tiny teeth for feet
suckling from the scurvy gums
where shadows are allowed to be kings.

Kings that observe a godess body that spans the whole sky with ******* made of crinkled ash dripping latex that falls
then cuts into the grass to
                                        spread life--perfection spares no time for the impatient.

Glistening stream,mucky dewlap of the mountain carving a caricature of someone  praying for rain and dreaming of a metamorphoses into ice.

With the night comes tide. Comes time. Comes death. Comes life.

If you were to sit down in one spot
anywhere in the world and not move
for another second of yor life

from there on in--
you would see so much beauty and pain
You'd wonder what you ever did to be

as lucky as you had been.
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