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Feb 2015 · 1.8k
Snow Kisses
If I could,
I would cover you in kisses
like snow slowly but surely
making the ground a blanket of
soft, fluffy white.
I like writing love, borderline-erotica poems.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Exquisite Ecstacy
I am the rhythm
You are the touch
it wouldn't take much
to make some exquisite love.
Thus I fall into the deep pit of almost-erotica.
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
Words can Hurt
Words can slice and dice peoples' hearts
quicker than a knife ever will.
Words bring emotion and people will always remember how you made them feel.
Jan 2015 · 937
We Will Not Forget
Three words.
**Je. Suis. Charlie.
We will remember this attempt to take away our rights of free speech. Yes we will.
Jan 2015 · 11.5k
Life is not made up of things.
It's made up of **moments.
It doesn't matter how much thick your pocketbook is because you still could be poor in spirit.
Jan 2015 · 726
Deep in your Heart
Bury me deep within your heart
and let me stay there for a while.

Take me with you
wherever you go.

For you are already embedded
permanently in the tissues
of my heart.
By a while I mean forever. <3
Jan 2015 · 674
Which Way?
is the only way.
I am convinced that love is the only way to world peace. It cannot be achieved through war, violence or heated arguments. It's through accepting and loving each and every person's differences that bring world peace and true happiness.
Jan 2015 · 730
I Love HP
Every person I encounter
changes me.
Every person that I write
or have written to
guides me on my path to
who I'm supposed to be.
The friends that I have made on here need to know how much I appreciate them.
Jan 2015 · 3.0k
The Void
If I shouted into the void,
*would you answer back?
Answer me, please. I long for your pleasant response.
Jan 2015 · 8.4k
Puppet Show
I refuse to give a
standing ovation
for a
*puppet show.
I am disgusted by our political system. It sickens me how both parties are funded by wealthy CEOS, so in essence the privileged few are pulling the strings of the puppets, who are the politicians.
Dec 2014 · 477
What They Don't Tell You
Is that
Life is
To all who knew Andy, my condolences and deepest sympathies are for you. I never met him or even talked to him, but a life taken at 15 because of cancer is worth writing about.
Dec 2014 · 1.8k
We Kiss Once More
We kiss
and drown in each other
once more.
We love with a love that is more than love. <3
Dec 2014 · 2.9k
Dancing Together (12 word)
And we will dance
until the whole world
is dancing with us.
Peace. It is contagious.
Dec 2014 · 558
My Ideal Situation
The less room between us
the better.
I am just voicing my desires loud and clear haha.
Never forget
to leave the light on
for me.

Nuncas olvides
dejar una luz encendida
para mí.
I'll always come back. Siempre volveré.
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Who knew that
colored paper with
dead guys' faces on it
could have the power
to influence, corrupt, and even ****.
It baffles me how people think more about the bottom line and filling their pockets than helping people and valuing their human relationships. Where's the love???
Dec 2014 · 975
Qué Diré a Mi Hija
Mi hija,
no te calles.
Tienes una voz.
Nunca te des por vencido
porque tienes una voz.
Hay muerto y violencia
en este mundo pero
nunca olvides que
tienes una voz.
Una voz que tiene el poder *inspirar.
Cada voz tiene el poder.
Dec 2014 · 597
Tu Toque
Hay algo sobre tu toque
que calle mis demonios más ruidosos.
Me pongo loca por su toque en mi piel.
Dec 2014 · 609
Light as a Feather
You make me feel light as a feather
when you kiss me deeply,
capturing my air and my sanity
in one fell swoop.
I love him. I truly do.
Dec 2014 · 941
Meant to be You
Free yourself from what others think.
You are not meant to be a copy of someone
else; You are meant to be ORIGINAL, UNIQUE, OUTSTANDING and VIVACIOUS!
You are meant to be You.
Minds are books.
Never close them.

Mentes son libros.
Nunca los abráis.
Dec 2014 · 949
When I am Gone
When I am gone,
find me in the
slow, creeping morning light
at dawn
when the dew glistens
and returns to its creator.

When I am gone,
find me in the sparrow
that swoops and bends
to find the perfect place
in a giving tree.

When I am gone,
find me in the genuine smiles
of those around you
whom you fill with great joy.

When I am gone,
find me in the radiant sun
peaking through the clouds
giving light to the world.

When I am gone,
feel my love
for my love is a candle
ever burning, never fading,
always understanding that
sometime we will meet again
Dec 2014 · 787
Knowledge is Power
The mainstream media feeds us lies.
Our food companies feed us chemicals.
Schools conform to the government.
The government is run by corporations.
We are taught to obey, work and consume.
Are we free?

Can we do something about it?

If you don't know something
look it up because
knowledge is **power.
I have recently been awakened, thus I must search endlessly for the truth.
Dec 2014 · 398
Love is the Answer
I now know the truth.
It has been inside me all along
but I haven't realized it until now.

I say unto you,
love is the answer.
All you ever need
is love.
It connects us all
to one another.

Immorality is out there
Hatred, greed, selfishness, violence
but you need to understand that love
is more powerful, more radiant
than any act of terror,
so smile at a stranger.
Comfort those in need,
for we are all called to be givers
of this force we call love.
Nov 2014 · 800
In My Heart
And I know that I should be careful,
That I should hold back,
But with you, I can't.

You spark the flame,
The forest fire of passion
In my heart.
I love unconditionally, with no obstacles or walls. Freely.
Nov 2014 · 439
Mi Hogar
Él es mi refugio,
**mi hogar.
Soy yo cuando estoy consigo. <3
Oct 2014 · 869
En La Noche
En la noche
me gusta pensar
en las cosas profundas
como el futuro
de nuestra sociedad.
También medito en
las memorias
de tú y yo.
Cosas profundas
como el agua  
que corre en el río
o nuestros besos mojados
en la lluvia.
Las palabras de amor
que mezclan con
mis pensamientos
profundos del mundo.

*Que tenga el mundo
en mis manos
cuando estoy contigo.
Este poema es sobre mi mente desorganizada que contiene muchas ideas para la sociedad pero estoy enamorada entonces tengo pensamientos de mi novio también.
Oct 2014 · 603
The Illusion of Plenty
Yesterday a phrase popped into my head
while I was working.
It was, "the illusion of plenty."
I work in a grocery store
and everyday I am shocked
at the number of people
I see on foodstamps.

The US should stop worrying
about foreign wars because people
in our own country
are losing the war
against poverty.
The time will come
when you'll stumble upon
someone who will turn your life
upside-down and inside out.
Chances are, that encounter will happen when you least expect
patience and diversion are key
for that special someone
to walk into your life
I have been there. I've been the one waiting for love. I want to help anyone
needing relationship advice. Feel free to message me about your problems. I will try my best to fix them :)
Oct 2014 · 481
Soy Compositora
Me daba cuenta que
todos los acordes en mi mente
pueden ser escritos en una melodía.
Una canción. Una sinfonía.
Me alegro que por fin pueda escribir la música que siempre me ha distraído en la cabeza :)
Oct 2014 · 1.9k
Poema Corto de La Naturaleza
Las hojas verdantes se caen del árbol alto y magnífico.
Las veo fijamente en maravilla.
La naturaleza es mi hogar.
Oct 2014 · 1.4k
Love's Pulsing Warmth
Love surrounds me.
I can feel its pulsing warmth
enveloping me like an electric blanket.
Aug 2014 · 413
Not Pathetic
Pathetic is
not life
nor love.
Aug 2014 · 1.8k
The touch of
your soft fingertips on my back
delights me.
How can one resist the touch of one's significant other? It simply can't be done!
Aug 2014 · 717
Sometimes I wonder
why I was put on this Earth.
I assume it was to make a difference.
I love helping people so naturally I am pondering ways to make my life more meaningful to the lives I touch.
Aug 2014 · 609
Happiness Revealed
Dear everyone,
Happiness does not
come from a scale.
Those that feel that they need to lose weight to please others are wrong. Don't look at a scale. Live your life how YOU want because you have no one to please but yourself.
Aug 2014 · 3.1k
Light me as your candle.
Feel my warmth surround you.
No matter where you are
my light will guide you home.

where all is dark and dim,
rejoice in my warmth
for I am always beside you.
Our love will never die. An everlasting light. <3
Aug 2014 · 818
Déjà Vu
I've found
that I've been down
the drainpipe
once or twice before.
Finding yourself in those coincidences can be either humorous or extremely frightening.
Aug 2014 · 594
Ponderings over Green Tea
Hello there, green tea!
Now tell me,
am I who I ought to be?
This is a little vague and philosophic, but I hope you enjoy the mysterious quality of this poem.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
I find
that your caresses
leave marks
on my soul.
I find that having a love like this a burden that I am more than willing to carry.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
The same thing
The same thing
over and
over and
over again
over again.
It's monotonous
It's monotonous
but it gives
but it gives
me money
*me money.
I really hate work.
Aug 2014 · 541
You Gave Me Everything
Yet I still feel like leaving.
Parents. that's all I have to say.
Aug 2014 · 738
The scratched iron cooking ***
full of my mom's beliefs
hit the floor,
spilling its spoiled contents
onto the scratched hardwood.
In a firm tone, the word rolled off my tongue.
Mom, I am not you. I will not live according to your desires. You can't force me to stay here, so I won't. This poem speaks of a clash between my liberal and my mom's conservative beliefs.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
San Francisco
I am bombarded
by ideas, languages,
diversity in all directions.

The smell of sewer
intertwined with perfume
and the sweet smell of
Thai food.

The jingle of the cups
of the homeless and
the clickity-clack of girls
walking in stiletto heels.

Never a dull moment
in this city of
Find the beauty
Lose yourself in the rhythm
of life.
Jul 2014 · 503
Love Wisdom
I find that love should be
spontaneous, supportive
and above all,

Find that guy that makes you laugh and he's the one <3
Jul 2014 · 393
This time,
we know we are forever.
The way our hands fit together
better than a child's puzzle
or how we somehow end
on the same words
when trying to finish a sentence.
You love correcting my flawed logic
while I pleasure in correcting your flawed grammar.
Somehow, no matter how different our brains are,
we both crave intimacy, respect and most importantly,
We are forever
tracing the lines of each other's backs
and navigating every nerve in both brains
the same way.
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
You Are
You are
the ink,
the page,
the poem.
"Surely you must've known, it was all for you." -Pride and Prejudice
Jul 2014 · 532
Drowning in You
Where are you drowning, my dear?
Because I'm drowning in you.
You and only you.
I don't even want to save myself!
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Forget-Me-Not (5 word)
Will you ever
forget me?
Oh dear, it seems like I'm sinking back into my minimalistic ways. These words called out to me tonight.
Jul 2014 · 856
To Love and Cherish You
Why do you desert me thus?
I am not born to any of this absence!
Let me love and cherish you.
Absence is hard to cope with, especially when it is your true love.
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