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Ces Sep 2020
Those bewitching eyes
Glinting like stars
In a world of dreams
Those plump cheeks that invite
The gentlest of kisses
And your lips seem to me
As little fountains
Of perpetual euphoria

You say you lack beauty
And your worth is nil
Oh! How I prayed to the gods
That they take away my eyes
And give them to you.

That you may behold
Such magnificence
That roused in me
This intense longing
For your caresses
Your touch.

Such burning desire
That can only be quenched
By your comforting
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Le Balcon (“The Balcony”)
by Charles Baudelaire
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Paramour of memory, ultimate mistress,
source of all pleasure, my only desire;
how can I forget your ecstatic caresses,
the warmth of your ******* by the roaring fire,
paramour of memory, ultimate mistress?

Each night illumined by the burning coals
we lay together where the rose-fragrance clings—
how soft your *******, how tender your soul!
Ah, and we said imperishable things,
each night illumined by the burning coals.

How beautiful the sunsets these sultry days,
deep space so profound, beyond life’s brief floods ...
then, when I kissed you, my queen, in a daze,
I thought I breathed the bright bouquet of  your blood
as beautiful as sunsets these sultry days.

Night thickens around us like a wall;
in the deepening darkness our irises meet.
I drink your breath, ah! poisonous yet sweet!,
as with fraternal hands I massage your feet
while night thickens around us like a wall.

I have mastered the sweet but difficult art
of happiness here, with my head in your lap,
finding pure joy in your body, your heart;
because you’re the queen of my present and past
I have mastered love’s sweet but difficult art.

O vows! O perfumes! O infinite kisses!
Can these be reborn from a gulf we can’t sound
as suns reappear, as if heaven misses
their light when they sink into seas dark, profound?
O vows! O perfumes! O infinite kisses!

The Perfect Courtesan
by Michael R. Burch

after Baudelaire, for the courtesans

She received me into her cavities,
indulging my darkest depravities
with such trembling longing, I felt her need ...

Such was the dalliance to which we agreed—
she, my high rider;
I, her wild steed.

She surrendered her all and revealed to me—
the willing handmaiden, delighted to please,
the Perfect Courtesan of Ecstasy.

Keywords/Tags: Baudelaire, translation, French, balcony, paramour, memory, mistress, desire, caresses, fire, coals, rose, *******, night, breath, feet, lap, body, heart, vows, perfumes, kisses, gulf, suns, heaven, light, seas
Hussein Dekmak Jul 2019
Like a birth of new life at the crack of a new dawn,
I dream to help you rise to the call of love and humanity!

Like a cool summer breeze, I long to caress your soul
and awaken it to the cry of a starving neighbor!

Like a charming smile painted on your face,
I yearn to brighten your day with my poetry!

Like a ringing of church bells and the call of prayer at the Mosque,
I wish to invite you to join me in a caravan of hope and liberty!

Like a murmur of my mother's prayer,
I dream to be the echo of blessings that sustain your spirit!

Like a beautiful song of love on your lips, I wish to be
the letters of happiness, and the music that dances inside your chest!

Like a sweet thought that slips into your dreams,
I fantasy to sail into your life, and fill it with joy and inspiration!

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
ManoelO Jul 2018
Our carnal delights are kept at bay

By our
Earthly commitments
but in subtle caresses
the dormant desires
Breaths from the
suffocation of
Our obligations.

Our eyes were
Windows to our

We resisted all

Till we departed and our
Dreams stroked
Passions frustrated

And we awoke
With a thirst
For Sensations.
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Joliejoliesara Jun 2015
For making you love me..
For having secrets..
Telling you partial truths..
Kissing you in all the right places..
Letting you sleep in my arms..
Allowing you to believe in forever..
I'm sorry I embraced every bit of you..
I'm sorry I exploited your caresses
Im sorry I encouraged your dreams to get tangled with the notion of me
I'm sorry I got in your head
I'm sorry I had no plans of staying

PS. You should've known
The steam rises
and announce us:
jasmine tea is ready
I will serve you a cup
and keep talking till dawn.

It rises equally
the urgency of the word
steaming me the reason:
words own texture
that poem will save as caresses.
My second poem written in english. Hope it's understandable. Feel free to propose a better version. (octubre 2014)
I find
that your caresses
leave marks
on my soul.
I find that having a love like this a burden that I am more than willing to carry.

— The End —