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I am kicked around
dragged on the ground
folded into a crinkly mound,
yet I have the warmest embrace
that's the most profound.
Your absence is like
gears grinding together
creating sparks
that dance to the ground.
It is the dissonance
of a chord on repeat
with no resolution
and the subwoofer
in a car on full blast
trying to mess with
the rhythms of my heart.
I choose to accept
your every quirk.
Whenever our hands
accidentally touch...
I feel electric charges
crawling up my arms
like vines.
Your soft, supple hands
brush mine and
awkward silence commences
as I scan more items to check out.
Your warmth penetrates
my frigid skin and I
no longer feel
devoid of **love.
I get most of my clothes from
hand-me-downs or thrift stores.

So what?

What if I like being unique?
Sit down for a cup of tea
with me
for we will banter ever so freely.
People inside church
versus outside church
are totally different animals.
Just when I thought people are loving in church, their greed takes over.
Little do people know
that the man that promised Germany "prosperity" (spit through my teeth)
was born on this day.
4/20 is ******'s birthday. On such a joyous day of Easter, this is the ultimate form of irony.
Are we all barely afloat?
If so, is someone in that boat?
We all wonder who are the people sitting pretty while others barely make a living. I see myself bobbing with a sea of others chained to the seaweed representing society's grip on us all.
Like a big slice of chocolate cake,
I would love a cultured gentleman
with a delightful accent.
I need a guy who
protects me like Edward from Twilight
is loyal like Noah from The Notebook
and sings like Jesse from Pitch Perfect.
It also wouldn't hurt if he looked like Jesse too! ;)
Excuse me,
We are from completely different
cultures, regions and lifestyles,
but I am interested in your life.
I have had many conversations on airplanes with complete strangers from different cultures. It's so much fun to get to know someone so intimately for that period of time.
There's just something lovely about
a kiss.
I am not perfect.
I make silly, stupid errors but
chastising me for it will
make me dig an
even deeper hole for myself.
Improvement comes with encouragement.

Wistful Wanderer
Let me pour my existence
over a cup of tea.
And a mind with regret
tells my heart to forget.
I will slowly turn the page to the next chapter in my life, without you.
The way she pounded that piano
made both the piano and me suffer.
I have always been disgusted by people who simply pound the piano. Treat the piano with care, please.
Todo lo que necesito es amor.

All that I need is love.
People say,
"There are other fish in the sea."

I say,
she was my sea."
I include the swear word because sometimes there must be a bit of emphasis to make literature interesting.
I came into church broken
and emotionally spent but
You healed me.
With song and prayer,
You taught me how
to love myself again.
I didn't realize how good going to church felt until I was singing in the choir. My eyes lit up and I began to feel truly happy.
Stars need darkness
to *shine.
My sweet teenager,
life makes you grow up so fast.
There are so many things
that you have yet to learn.
Rest your head on your desk presently.
For right now,
the world rests on you.
My protector,
(although I don't think I need protecting)
My rock,
My soul,
is you.

P.S. I love your kiss ;)
Dear Russians,
would you mind not taking Crimea?
This is not the Cold War
nor the time of Imperialism,
so I suggest that you go back
and think empathetically about
the Ukrainians pushing to be
part of the European Union.
You must try to walk a mile in their shoes, understand?
There is no more Soviet Union
or the Iron Curtain,
so you really shouldn't be meddling
in Ukraine's affairs.
Let the revolutions play out and
what will be, will be.

Wistful Wanderer
Why yes,
I do have the audacity
to say controversial things.
Is it okay if I just
listened to your voice
*one more time?
"What am I supposed to do
when the best part of me
is always
Now let me go
and I'll bring with me
a wave of misfortune
and unhappiness.
Today was not a good day for me. I felt like a disease infecting people with my unhappiness.
Have you ever thought about
tight-rope-walking in a storm?
The wind whistling through your hair
making you constantly check your balance
until you become so paranoid that you fall?
It's the same with life.
When you fall,
you sure as hell better be getting back up again.
Life is a balancing act. Going here, going there, doing this and doing that can be challenging. I reflect on this concept through an analogy.
Yet you never understand how
beautiful you are.
Peer into a mirror.
Stop and stare intently at
your *beauty.
Because my heart is empty
my stomach is empty.
I spill the contents of you
on the floor.
No rag will ever clean that up.
Love, romantic love, must wait.
But they didn't tell you about
the emptiness
that buries itself deep in
your flesh, bones, muscles
and tendons.
In the darkness of her room she cried
out all the feelings she had held inside.
In a traumatizing hail storm,
stand out on the street corner
waiting for me to arrive.

In the operating room,
suffer with me as our
first child is brought
into this world.

In essence,
stand by my side.
You don't need to say anything.

*Just be there.
Drop all the expectations
and just be yourself.
Realize the consequences
but recognize who you truly are
on the inside.
Today I realized that I was expected to be great at everything. The pressure put on
by your teachers and parents is enormous. On top of that, we need to maintain our friendships and give ourselves some time alone. That results in what I'm feeling right now. Stressed.
I shivered as I walk down the street
in my heaviest winter coat.
My teeth chattered noisily as I walked past
a young man in a wool coat.
Not thinking, I rushed past him,
but he took my hand.
Stopping dead in my tracks,
I gave him a dumbfounded look.
He asked, "May I escort you to your destination?"
Too awestruck by the man's question, I choked out a "sure."
I didn't even know this man, yet I realized something.
Chivalry is not dead and neither am I.
The grinding floors
and pounding doors
cannot keep me anymore.

I have retired from this
apartment named ironically "Bliss."
You, my fair neighbors,
all shall be missed.
Forget war.*
If you want to see
real* blood, guts and gore,
look in the garbage bin
of a womens restroom stall.
I can't just let my feelings
blow away
like the seeds of a fluffy white dandelion
in the palms of a little girl.
We all wish someone would come along
and help us pick up the pieces.
Call me the rain, but never the puddle.
Call me the floor, but never the doormat.
Call me the dog, but never the tail
but you can call me the sky because
it has never been
stepped in,
or pulled.
I refuse to distort myself
for other people and their desires.
When you finally accept your individuality,
reach for the sky.
I find
that your caresses
leave marks
on my soul.
I find that having a love like this a burden that I am more than willing to carry.
We must find the love
inside ourselves
to carry on.
Life is hard. We falter and we fall, but that does not mean to give up. We must dig deep and find the love inside ourselves to keeping going.
Staring out the window
completely lost in thought.
This is something nobody
inparticular can be taught.

Such a feeling of autonomy
only exists in the mind
and even then we know
how much we are confined

to our little cell of thought.
Since when did cellphones become another *appendage?
Where is the change?
Where are the people rising up
to combat the oppressors?
Maybe we're all just stuck
behind a screen.
Children play.
They don't care about
race, religion or ethnicity.
They just play.
I looked at a playground today and had this revelation.
Come closer.
You don't need
to be

Loneliness is an option, but not a very happy one.
When you crack like thunder,
I flash like lightning, love.
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