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If I could,
I would cover you in kisses
like snow slowly but surely
making the ground a blanket of
soft, fluffy white.
I like writing love, borderline-erotica poems.
I am the rhythm
You are the touch
it wouldn't take much
to make some exquisite love.
Thus I fall into the deep pit of almost-erotica.
You know you are in love when

You go out for a great meal and nothing
On the menu appeals more than
His/her lips...

You are kissing him/her and
A tiger comes up to lick your
Hand (tasting?) and you don't
Even notice...

The thought of him/her
Sends a thrill through your
Entire body...

When you are around your
Other friends they tease you for
Being a bore because all you
Talk about is him/her...

You see him/her across the street
And rush headlong into
Oncoming traffic...

The mustache on her lip
Only serves to make you want
To kiss her MORE!

You love to run your fingers
Through his hair...
Even though he has more
On his BACK than on
His head!

It's been 20 years and the above
Is still true!
Can you add to this?
Please do! And repost!
The more love in this world
The better!
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