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Matthew Feb 2019
"I didn't know you were Queer."

What made you think I was straight?
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
I am a hijab,
A piece of soft cloth,
firmly and gracefully pinned around her head,
Covering her hair,ears and neck,
not her face.
I am a fabric in different colours,
most commonly  in black or white.
I am her safe guard,
Against the harsh sun and wind,
Unwanted men's glares,
Their sneers and harsh words,
Her beauty, pride and soul within.
For her,I command respect,
Make unknown men keep their distance.
I give her a symbol of purity and piety,
Together with serenity in her eyes.
Because of me she is not oppressed,
She is as free as a bird,
To soar over mountains,cross oceans,play sports of her choice and achieve the best education.
She enjoys life but by having me around her she pleases Allah too.
Hijab is not a symbol of oppression as is the belief but it gives a lady an identity of her own.
Mi hija,
no te calles.
Tienes una voz.
Nunca te des por vencido
porque tienes una voz.
Hay muerto y violencia
en este mundo pero
nunca olvides que
tienes una voz.
Una voz que tiene el poder *inspirar.
Cada voz tiene el poder.

— The End —