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Amira Mar 2020
They say the truth gives closure,
when spilt, we loose our composure.

They say the truth either heals
or wheels sanity away.

The truth,
a perception or a belief?
Blind Eye Dec 2019
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
If you are asked
Why do you like flower?

Tell them
You asked the wrong question

Tell them
Peace and

Or stay
If you wish to
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: But the fragrance moves on
Keiri Oct 2019
I stand here naked in the crowd
A spotlight hits me where I'm proud.
I'll flash the skin of my bones
I will cry to you! Hear my moans!

I will come clean in the open field
Remove my mask and lower my shield
Oh please, shoot me in my roots.
Bleed me! Throw me off my boots.

I am but only a human being.
For it's not just the lies I'm not seeing.
Refuse to be more than I'm capable of.
There is no such thing as peace, fly off, dove!
I have lied, I have deceived.
I have hated and I have grieved.

But I am only mortal.
Imperfect human and fertil.
A beast of the many.
Proud of inventing the penny.

I stand here telling the truth!
The elder, the grown and the youth!
We are but a brink of humanity!
Already through our sanity!

Hit me with your words which shall not be spoken...
I hope, I dearly hope, I'm not alone who feels awoken.
Here the world will grand a token.
For my fellow who are broken,
Accept we are but only human,
Yet human we shall be...
alexa May 2019
the truth is
i'm terrified. absolutely petrified. people think i'm ******* depression personified.
the truth is
i'm just as hurt as you, if not more. you shouldn't have lured me here. i'm sad and don't know what to do.
the truth is,
all i want is you to hug me and whisper in my ear "it's all going to be okay." and for it to be true someday.
im sad and im tired. im tired of ******* hiding it. here is my truth. im sorry.
Ariel Jan 2019
I didn't leave you for him
I wish you wouldn't listen to them
I left you for me
I just wish you could see
I wasn't happy
Afraid to be lonely
Yes you treated me perfectly
But it just wasn't meant to be
This thing between you and me
It wasn't meant to be
More than just a friend to me
I like our friendship
But I can't stand being tied hip to hip
I'm not an alcoholic
I take sip by sip
And it hurts to see
You drinking more after me
It's temporary happiness
But that life isn't full of bliss
Keep going like this
And the good moments you're gonna miss
Aleena Jan 2019
My love
My thoughts
My life
Sweetness to my soul
Darling if you only knew
adept May 2018
maybe it's just you afterall,
you need to realize that
you have no place to speak
when you are just as bad.
Your act could only last so long.
Jillian McLean Jan 2018
I wish I could give you medicine to cure
the feeling you get when you don't feel so pure

I wish I could wave my wand and make it stop
or ease the real pain with a coughdrop

I wish I could say,
it will be okay.

But the truth is,
we won't know what life gives.
I can't say if you will win the lottery one day
I can't tell you if  your friends will come through...

But what I can promise, what I musn't forget to say,
is that everything is temporary, the bad won't stay.
Jillian McLean Jan 2018
I changed the colour of my hair from brunette to blonde
not for me but for you
maybe then you might respond

I got rid of my natural nails and replaced them with longer more colourful gel ones with lots of details.
not for me but for you

I stopped wearing sweats or comfortable pants and shirts, I now wore dresses and short skirts
not for me but for you

I  tossed my sneakers and flats, started wearing high heels which are all lined at my doormats
not for me but for you

I spoke softer, more high pitched just like every woman "should"
you make it a part of womanhood.
not for me but for you.

Is there anything you would like me to change?
Is there anything more you want me to rearrange?
Of course it's not gonna be for me, it would be for you.
Afterall, it's a game you play, it's the thing you do.
Not for me but for you.
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