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Oct 2016 · 785
Tip of His Sword
waking up
there by my side
the woman I love
my beautiful bride

stepping out
just before dawn
a heavy dew
has covered the lawn

the sun rising
in a beautiful display
this has the makings
of a wonderful day

feeling blessed
touched by the Lord
throughout my life
I'm the tip of His sword

life was empty
not feeling whole
until He came
and filled my soul

sometimes sour
sometimes sweet
because of Him
my life's complete
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
A Letter to Heaven
To my dearest love

now you're in heaven
forever you will run
joyful and carefree
a young girl having fun

always youthful
not growing old
never feeling pain
so I've been told

no more worry
not another sleepless night
you are with God
and all of His might

facing life
without you by my side
is a pain
impossible to hide

when I go to bed
I pray every night
that soon I will die
and go into the light

waiting for eternity
my beautiful bride
soon I'll be there
forever by your side

your beloved husband
Oct 2016 · 394
Affair with my Rose
The first time I saw you
your beauty caught my eye
standing there so proudly
accented by the sky

Your look and your style
separated you from the rest
in the garden of life
you were simply the best

I walked over to you
and reached out with my hand
the softness of your petals
was really quite grand

Grasping your stem
my hands begin to bleed
overcome by desire
its your beauty that I need

Thorns cutting my flesh
deeply to the core
hypnotized by your aroma
I can only ask for more

I want to take you home
put you on a shelf
I would sit and admire you
and keep you to myself

In a short time
you begin to wither and die
I can not save you
no matter how I try

Your petals fall silently
landing on the floor
I'm lost without my flower
sad forever more
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
Free as a Bird
I can't write
there is to much noise
kids are playing
with their toys

dog is barking
chasing the cat
wife is asking
do I look fat?

phone is ringing
someone at the door
some kind of puddle
on the floor

a little quiet
and some peace
need a bit of
literary release

grab my book
close the door
sit in the corner
on the floor

pen to paper
I start to write
I don't care
if it takes all night

putting thoughts
into written word
gives me the freedom
of a bird

soaring high
up in the sky
words flowing
I start to cry

writing has been
such a gift
hope my words
give you a lift
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
Burning Alive
It's too hot
I can't stand this heat
The pavement on fire
It's burning my feet
The sun is relentless
Never seeming to yield
Skin is so burnt
Needing to be peeled
Under the shade tree
I try to huddle
Getting out of the sun
Before I'm a puddle
It doesn't matter
How much I drink
Eyes are so dry
I can't even blink
I must find a place
Where I can get cool
So I don't start
Acting like a fool
The weather will break
The heat will subside
It sure has been
One hot steamy ride
Aug 2016 · 2.9k
Ageless Love
looking in the mirror
not recognizing the reflection
when this face got so old
I have no recollection

creases around the eyes
skin looking like leather
time taking it's toll
worn out by the weather

body breaking down
getting difficult to stand
arthritis is a problem
especially in my hand

hair growing in my ears
and growing out my nose
growing places it shouldn't be
even on my toes

sight a little blurry
getting difficult to see
getting up every hour
just to go ***

even though this body
will break down and age
the fire for you inside me
will continue to rage
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
Heroes Amongst Us
You go I go
A firemans pledge
Grasping a buddies hand
Hanging over the ledge
Below them
An immense raging fire
There is no doubt
The situation is dire
Their bravery matched
By no other
Giving there life
For their brother
Every call
Fraught with danger
Battling fires
For a stranger
No matter the need
They stand ready to act
Heroes amongst us
That's a fact
Aug 2016 · 2.9k
Eulogy to the Worm
Poor little worm
In the earth
Feeling like
You have no worth

Used for bait
When we fish
Or for a bird
A tasty dish

Crossing the sidewalk
To get to your spot
You didn't make it
It was too hot

Looking like
You were fried
I'm sorry
That you died

Do you have a family
That you leave
Tiny worm children
That will grieve

May your life in heaven
Be everlasting
Play in the soil
Make a casting

Know that you
Had some worth
You were tending
To Mother Earth
Jul 2016 · 2.9k
No Regrets My Love
Don't live life
Full of regret
High expectations
Never met
Love letters
You did not send
Broken fences
You wouldn't mend
Hurtful words
Unable to take back
Feeling your heart
Start to crack
Pushed people away
Now your alone
No one to talk to
On the phone
It'll be okay
Don't be sad
Things can't really
Be that bad
That is why
When things look bleak
You must turn
The other cheek
Don't let life
Get you down
Turn your frown
Upside down
You must have done
Something right
Because I am here
With you tonight
Jul 2016 · 731
My Epic Loss
Standing outside
In the pouring rain
Watching through
The window pane

Your face illuminated
By the light
Wanting so bad
To make things right

Wish that I
Could come back home
Until that day
The streets I'll roam

A faceless person
In the crowd
Hurting so bad
I scream out loud

Without your love
I'm an empty shell
Living in
My own personal hell

Not having you
I'll walk this earth
Without any value
Or any worth

For you were the one
That made me whole
You filled my heart
And touched my soul

I'll love you till
My dying day
God I wish
You felt that way
Jul 2016 · 1.0k
The Last Toast
When the time has come
The earth I shall leave
Promise me
That you will never grieve
Don't waste your time
Being sad
Remember all the times
That we had
Times of laughter
And of joy
I' ll always be
Your baby boy
Our life together
Had more love than most
Lets raise our glass
For one last toast
To the girl
Who made my life
You have been
An incredible wife
Dry that tear
Don't you cry
I'll be watching
From the sky
Always making sure
That you're okay
Till we're together
Again one day
Jul 2016 · 853
Birds Eye View
Perched up here
in my nest
Preening the feathers
on my chest
Constantly watching
The distant field
For any kind of meal
It might yield
Looking for movement
Some kind of sign
If you make a mistake
I'll make you mine
Seeing life
I spring into action
Eating you
Brings such satisfaction
Diving down
With incredible speed
A tasty dinner
Is what I need
You try to run
And try to hide
Once I spot you
I won't be denied
Almost made it
To your hole
I am coming
To get your soul
Talons digging
Into your back
Up to my nest
For an afternoon snack
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
Slave To The Jelly
When I sit down
At the table
I get excited
To read your label

Peeling back
Your foil cover
A small square of joy
I discover

Strawberry or grape
Jelly or jam
I don't really
Give a ****

I use a few
On my toast
That's the way
I like it most

I think I'm hooked
Don't try and knock it
I put a couple
In my pocket

When no one is looking
Into my pocket I reach
Slowly I pull one out
Man I hope it's peach

Always thinking about it
That sticky substance I crave
Won't someone help me
I'm becoming it's slave

In the fall
It's homemade preserve
On a Ritz *******
I like to serve

I can't stop
No matter how I try
I'll be a slave to the jelly
Till the day I die
Jul 2016 · 685
Painting So Real
Lovely painting
On the wall
Into you
I wish I could fall

You are such
A wonderful scene
Your grass is
An incredible green

Beautiful skies
The deepest of blue
Sitting here for hours
Just looking at you

And your mountains
So majestic and real
Rub my hand across your canvas
All the paint I can feel

Just imagining
What a dream it would be
If I looked out my window
And you I did see

Every brush stroke
Done with precision and skill
Just to see you
It gives me a thrill

On my wall forever
With you I'll never part
Always holding
A special place in my heart
Jul 2016 · 700
Lakeside Love
Putting cherry gloss
On those lips
The way your jeans
Hug your hips

Seven inch heels
Is what you wear
You like it when
All the boys stare

Pulled up on my Harley
Wanna go for a spin
You've got the face of an angel
And a body for sin

You got on the back
Wrapped your arms around my waist
Your scent so delicious
I wanted a taste

On this moonlit night
We drove to the lake
Sweet love to you
Is what I wanted to make

In each others arms
We lie on the shore
When we were done
I begged you for more

This has been
An incredible night
Swept up in emotions
Unable to fight

I'm falling in love
It's impossible to hide
I hope someday
You'll be my bride
Jul 2016 · 768
Peaceful Escape
Up here atop
This mountain peak
Peace and serenity
Is what I seek

Trying to escape
Lifes daily grind
Some kind of meaning
I'm hoping to find

Breathing in
This cool fresh air
So far away
I haven't a care

The environment here
Can be cold and unforgiving
Kind of like
The life I'm living

Taking in
This magnificent sight
Praying to God
He'll make everything right
Jul 2016 · 502
Loves Final Act
This show is entering
Its final act
It'll soon be over
That's a fact

It has had
An incredible run
Filled with laughter
And of fun

You and me
In the starring role
Two halves
Making a whole

Together until
The final curtain
Deeply in love
That's for certain

Always together
As much as time would allow
Hand and hand together
We'll take the final bow
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
Murderer Mows His Grass
I'm the murderer
Who mowed my grass
Killing thousands
With a single pass

Driving over
A giant ant mound
Now there's none
Of them to be found

Running down
A cricket or two
I hate to say it
But I think they're through

Earthworms sunning themselves
In the sun so nice
Cutting them in half
With a single slice

Devastation on the insects
It did rain
Not trying to cause
Them any pain

I'm a quiet guy
Humble and meek
But when I cut my grass
I'm a killer once a week
Jul 2016 · 475
Elusive Love
Love isn't something
That grows on a tree
You can't buy it
But it isn't free

It can come
At a high cost
But without it
We'd be lost

You're not going to find it
On a shelf in a store
Won't be lying
There on the floor

Isn't going to be
In any book
Not something
You can cook

Coming to you
In many ways
It'll find you
One of these days

And when it does
Don't push it away
Let it fill your heart
And it'll be here to stay
Jul 2016 · 625
One Request
Feeling like
I'm at the end of my rope
Life is a struggle
I've lost all my hope

Can't get ahead
No matter how I try
What is the use
I should lay down and die

No one would care
If this earth I did leave
Not a tear would be shed
Nobody to grieve

Problems in this life
I face all alone
There is nobody to call
Or answer the phone

Looking in the mirror
The reflection I see
There isn't a family
I see only me

What I wouldn't give
To have someone in my life
Maybe a friend
Possibly a wife

This is the thing
That I ask for each day
When I drop to my knees
To the lord I pray
Jul 2016 · 673
Forbidden Love
My elegant queen
Full of beauty and grace
Jewelry made of gold
Clothes of the finest lace

When I see you
It all seems surreal
Cannot control
These emotions I feel

Your hair soft like silk
Your eyes so sultry and dark
Whenever you're near
I feel a spark

You feel it too
I see that look in your eye
These feelings we have
We cannot deny

Let's surrender our souls
To our deepest desire
Let our bodies succumb
To the heat of this fire

A fire that burns
Deep down in our soul
I must have you now
To make me whole

You'll always be my queen
And I'll be your slave
This love that we shared
I'll take to my grave
Jul 2016 · 1.4k
A Flowers Story
I fall to the ground
In a family of seeds.
Lying in the soil
Nature meeting my needs

Coming to life
Through the ground I will breach
Growing so fast
To the sun I must reach

On top of my stem
A bud it did form
Soon it will open
The weathers so warm

The time has come
For me to put on a show
I'm going to bloom
And let everyone know

My color is yellow
Like a lemon so sour
Never have I been
Such a beautiful flower

I smell so sweet
A magnet to bees
Just to get a smell
Humans fall to their knees

Soon my flower fades
The show coming to an end
Please don't be sad
It's just nature my friend

Then jack frost sneaks in
Not making a sound
Freezing my body
All the way to the ground

The snow it does fall
Quietly covering everything
Such a wonderful blanket
I think I'll nap till spring
Jul 2016 · 446
Circle of Love
Trying to erase
These images from my brain
No matter how I try
These thoughts will not wane

Never will I forget
That look on her face
Was it shame
Or maybe disgrace

Seems like yesterday
When I barged through the door
She was in his arms
Need I say anymore

Sent me into
An incredible fit of rage
Like a starving lion
Released from its cage

Grabbed him by his neck
Like a lion does its prey
Looked him in his eye
Asked what he had to say

I'm so sorry
I didn't know she is your wife
Please don't **** me
He begged for his life

Feeling kind
His life I did spare
But from now on
He will walk with a chair

There is a lesson
He hasn't learned
If you play with fire
You're going to get burned

As for my wife
It is her I did leave
To me she is dead
For her I won't grieve

Since then I made
A brand new start
Found a beautiful woman
And gave her my heart

She is my true love
My only best friend
Our love will live forever
Never finding an end
Jul 2016 · 909
My Lifeblood
Driving to work
Feeling a little blue
Thinking about
A life without you

Trying to breathe
Without any air
That's how I'd feel
If you didn't care

Your love is my lifeblood
The fire to my soul
If I didn't have you
I wouldn't be whole

Together forever
On this you can rely
One day without you
I surely would die
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
Time is racing
Always going so fast
One minute the future
The next it's the past

Oh so fleeting
Quickly passing by
One day your born
The next you die

Always chasing you
Staying closely behind
No sense in hiding
It is you it will find

No drugs or operations
Can fool this persistent friend
With you from the beginning
Following you till the end

Don't waste time worrying
Leave it all to fate
Before you know it it'll be over
Enjoy it before it's to late
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
My Oasis
Had to run away
for awhile and hide
emotions were spent
mentally I was fried
life was beating me up
couldn't take it no more
grabbed a bunch of stuff
and ran for the door
jumped in the car
hit the open road
all these thoughts in my head
I think I'm going to explode
window rolled down
wind blowing through my hair
have no idea where I'm going
I don't even care
the freedom I feel
every mile that I drive
refreshing my soul
making me feel so alive
thinking about what's important
and what I hold dear
its always been you
and our love that we share
you are my oasis
in the desert of life
so glad you're my friend
and my beautiful wife
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
Love is the Fuel
Love from you is like a gift
One that keeps on giving
If you weren't in my life
It wouldn't be worth living

Your love is the oxygen that I breathe
The blood pumped by my heart
Standing by your side
Never shall we part

Sometimes I want to wrap myself in you
And never let you go
Other times feeling desperate inside
Wanting to let you know

Your love is the fuel that feeds this fire
Burning day and night
Your beauty only fans the flames
We hold each other tight

Making love was magic
All our energy gone
Grateful for this night
We welcome in the dawn

Another day beginning
In our wonderful life
So happy I'm your husband
And thankful you're my wife
Jun 2016 · 907
Our First Kiss
Sitting on the swing
The old boards begin to creek
I slowly lean over
And softly kiss your cheek

The fireflies so many
Their glow fills up the sky
I brush your hair back
And look you deeply in the eye

The silvery moonlight
Perfectly accents your face
Using *******
Softly I did trace

Crickets rhythmically chirping
A perfect serenade
A night just for lovers
For us it must be made

I thought I'd take a chance
On such a night like this
Holding your head in my hand
Those lips I'd finally kiss

One kiss turned to two
Another turned to three
Right by your side
That's where I'd always be

How many stars in the sky
This I'll never know
When they all stop shining
That's when I'll let you go
Jun 2016 · 4.2k
Your Love is Like The Sun
My love revolves around you
Like a planet circles the sun
A journey never ending
A journey just begun

Your love is the gravity
That keeps me on the right track
One look into your eyes
I knew I couldn't go back

Your passion is so hot
Like the surface of the sun should be
What makes it extra special
Is that it only burns for me

Your love just like the sun
Is always giving life
I thank God everyday
That you are my lovely wife

The sun is always
The brightest in the sky
Your love for all eternity
Will shine brightest in my eye
Jun 2016 · 1.4k
If I were a Rose
I'm glad to be a rose
Filled with beauty and grace
It makes me very happy
To be on display in a vase

I come in many colors
Red, pink and yellow
I make the girls happy
When given by a fellow

I come in different shapes
In many different sizes
Some people grow me
And try to win prizes

My aroma intoxicating
So delicate and sweet
Sometimes in your bath
Other times at your feet

I'm happiest in the garden
Growing wild and free
Reaching for the sunlight
Giving pollen to the bee
Jun 2016 · 695
Face my Fears
What would I do
If I had to face my fears
Would I turn and run
Or be brought to tears

Could I be brave
And face them head on
Battle the demons
Until they are gone

Whatever it is
It doesn't matter either way
No matter what I do
They'll be here to stay

Deep in my mind
They have a strong hold
Always behind me
Until I am old

I have to live life
With these fears I must deal
It's only my imagination
A fantasy not real
Jun 2016 · 857
My Angel
This letter is to my angel
Who died a short time ago
So many things I wanted to say
Things I needed to know

Making a list of the things
About you I'll miss
First thing at the top
Those lips I'll never kiss

Thinking of the walks
That we used to take
All the time in the kitchen
Those meals we used to make

Quiet nights together
You lying close by my side
Working in the garden
Spending time with you outside

Being without you
I don't know how I'll survive
Missing you so badly
God I wish you were alive

I'll try to be strong
And face each day with love
For my beautiful angel
Who's watching from above
Jun 2016 · 6.8k
You're My Grease
You are my foundation
You are my rock
A shoulder to lean on
To whom I can talk

When we are together
I am at peace
I'm your bearing
You are my grease

Twenty five years of bliss
Is what we had
Proud you're my wife
Our daughter her dad

I hope twenty five more years
Is what's in store
When those are done
I'll need twenty five more
Jun 2016 · 1.7k
Talented Ladies
I'm impressed
With the ladies on this site
So much talent
Amazing words they can write

Lady RF
And her magic pen
Looking forward
To reading you again

Your highness
Ultimate Panic Queen
Writing so good
It's really obscene

Oh Gwendolyn
Our talented gypsy
Writing so intoxicating
It makes me feel tipsy

Penelope the Poet
A creative young scribe
Reading your stuff
Gives me a sweet vibe

Valsa George
A writer of nature and things
When I read her
A smile it brings

Sedoo Ashivor
Writing poems with such taste
Every word having meaning
Not one she will waste

Thank you to all you wonderful ladies
For the work you share
I'm headed back to Hello Poetry
I hope to see you there
May 2016 · 1.1k
Haunted Farmhouse
A farmhouse in Iowa
Eight people killed with an ax
The killer never caught
These are just the facts

It happened a hundred years ago
On that fateful night
All killed in there beds
didn't put up a fight

They say the place is haunted
Go there if you dare
My wife and I are ghost hunters
Not easy to scare

We decided to spend the night
No one there but us
What would happen next
I'm reluctant to discuss

Voices of children talking
Are some of the things you'll hear
Objects levitating off the floor
Can give you quite a fear

I'm seeing things
I couldn't believe
Are my eyes
Trying to deceive?

Unseen entity
Tugging on my shirt
Starting to get worried
Don't want to get hurt

Everything I told you
Is honest and true
We spent the night alone there
I wonder would you?
May 2016 · 501
Tracking love
Just like a hound
Relentlessly looking
None can be found

Endlessly searching
Throughout the years
Instead of love
Found only tears

Wanting someone
To share my life
I need a friend
Not just a wife

I thought I found a gem
But it turned out to be fake
Got fooled again
Heart continuing to ache

Then I finally found it
This had to be real
I can tell by the touch
And the way I feel

Now the search is over
All the looking is through
I finally found my treasure
And it turned out to be you
May 2016 · 829
Morning Reflection
Sitting here Sunday morning
Just watching it rain
Rolling down my cheeks
A river of pain

Thoughts of things
I've done in the past
And of relationships
That did not last

Thinking of loved ones
Who have sadly died
Trying to remember
Every tear I cried

Hearing the call of the morning dove
Makes me feel so blue
Bringing me back to a time
When I didn't have you

You rescued me from a life
That was cold and lonely
From then until the end of time
I'll be your one and only
May 2016 · 1.5k
A Tribute to the Fallen
When you were old enough
You answered the call to serve
Many friends among you
Didn't have the nerve

Off to basic training
Learn to fight a war
Time to become a man
Off to a foreign shore

Battles you will face
Put your life on the line
Dying for your country
To you that would be fine

For our freedom
You paid with your life
Leaving your parents
Kids and a wife

Thank you for your sacrifice
A cost we cannot repay
Allow us to honor you
On this Memorial Day

Our Country
Forever in your debt
Promises that...
We will never forget
May 2016 · 820
Path of Love
Walking through the garden
Feel the moss between my toes
Butterflies wings fluttering
Landing on a rose

Hosta leaves holding water
Enough for a snail to drink
The feeling here so tranquil
It gives me time to think

Sitting under the cherry tree
Soaking up the sun
Two dragonflies dancing
Looks like they're having fun

As I continue down the path
I came across a tree
Initials carved in the bark
Made by you and me

It's here where we had our first kiss
Its here where we fell in love
Sometimes I come here to this spot
To pray to God above

Thankful for this day
And all the promise it brings
Enjoying this precious moment
While the songbird sings

As this special time wains
And I rejoin my life
I'll carry this moment with me
As long as your my wife
May 2016 · 1.5k
My Silent Friend
I just bought
A new notebook today
Have so many things
I want to say

Filled the last one
In like a week
Writing is the
Way I speak

Express emotions
With pen and paper
Spoken words
Will turn to vapor

All my thoughts
Fill your pages
It's a story
For the ages

When I see
Your empty page
All my feelings
Start to rage

Maybe I'll write
A poem or two
Close your cover
When I'm through

Inside your cover
Does flow my pen
Silently waiting by my bed
Till I need you again
May 2016 · 451
Why have I been
put here on earth?
What is my value?
What is my worth?

Am I destined
to be something great?
Or less than ordinary
will that be my fate?

Life passing by
not having a clue
Which way to turn?
What do I do?

Asking myself
is there something more?
This can't be it
of this I'm quite sure

On things I rely
there are just two
One is my faith
the other is you
May 2016 · 2.2k
Weight of the World
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Almost too much to bear
Knees starting to buckle
Sometimes life isn't fair

I won't give in
I'll fight the fight
Every day
and every night

It's me alone
against them all
That's the reason
I must not fall

On me alone
Your life does depend
I will care for you
Till the very end

Things have gotten in the way
many people have tried
These things I have overcome
I will not be denied

Providing for you
at this I can not fail
Sheer determination
That's how I will prevail

I'll never let you down
giving nothing but my best
Always putting you first
so lay your fears to rest
May 2016 · 854
Wheel Of Emotions
Emotions spinning
like a wheel
Never knowing
how I'll feel

Sometimes distressed
or maybe melancholy
Other times elated
or feeling down right jolly

Go from happy to sad
inside of a minute
Looking for a fight
not caring who's in it

I went to see a doctor
he told me I was ill
The way to feel better
just take this little pill

It makes me relax
and helps me keep my cool
But when I take it
I just sit there and drool

I had to make a choice
I'll live life on the wheel
I might not have control
but at least I'll be able to feel
May 2016 · 1.0k
Unlock Your Heart
Picking the lock
That you keep around your heart
If I were a locksmith
That would be a start

I don't know the code
I haven't a key
I will keep on trying
For all eternity

I must never stop
Those chains I must break
Not to have you
Is something I can't take

An emotionless prison
That's where I'll be
I must get out
I must be set free

By any means necessary
This job I'll get done
Nothing can stop me
Not even a gun

Sooner or later
Your love I will win
I will be patient
For our life to begin

You shouldn't worry
Don't have a fear
Whenever you need me
I always be there
May 2016 · 444
Sitting in my bed
Notebook on my lap
Writing a poem
Emotions trying to tap

Trying to put
A thought into a word
I have no talent
This is absurd

Everything I do
I'm riddled with doubt
But when I write
My feelings come out

Creating poems
About love and pain
Such a cool way
To empty my brain

I write for you
It is me you inspire
You are the fuel
To my creative fire
May 2016 · 981
Touch of Sadness
Sitting here
With a touch of sadness
Weekends over
It's back to the madness

Work all week
Feeling like a slave
All I got
That's what I gave

Each day goes slow
Every hour seems like two
I cannot wait
Till I'm back with you

Time with you
Each second I will cherish
I love you
Till the day that I perish
May 2016 · 900
The Fix
The love that you give
Is just like a drug
I need a fix
Give me a hug

There is no help
No way to detox
Somebody help me
I'm hooked on a fox

You have a strong hold
One I can't kick
Every time I try
I start to feel sick

There is no needle
To stick in my vein
Just a simple kiss
Or I'll go insane

No pill I could take
To give me that feeling
Anytime without you
My senses start reeling

Nothing I could smoke
To get me that high
If I'm without you
I surely would die
May 2016 · 486
Impossible Escape
Trying to escape
My mortal enemy the past
No matter how I try
The scars always last

I tried to run
I tried to hide
All the walls I built
Were just pushed aside

Following me
like a stalker would his prey
Always there
Will you ever go away

Tired of paying
For the mistakes that I made
To change what I did
There's nothing I wouldn't trade

To society
I already paid my debt
I will never forget

Always wanting
The freedom of a dove
I got that
By finding you my love

The demons of the past
Finally put to rest
The love I feel for you
Filling up my chest
May 2016 · 1.1k
I Choose Me
If I could be anything
What would I be?
What kind of creature?
What kind of tree?

Maybe a dog
So loving and loyal
Sit around the house
For my master to spoil

I could be an eagle
With such incredible eyes
Riding the air current
Soaring free in the skies

Would I be an oak
majestically standing amongst the trees?
Or maybe the willow
Gently swaying in the warm summer breeze?

With all of the things
That I could possibly be
After careful consideration
I'd rather be me
May 2016 · 894
My World Almost Died
The day you almost died
Was the worst day of my life
I honestly couldn't imagine
if you were no longer my wife

I saw you lying there
Looking so frail and weak
I leaned over your bed
And kissed you on your cheek

The problem was in your lung
Caused by a blood clot
On the other one
There was a little spot

The news was overwhelming
I honestly must say
I fell onto my knees
And I started to pray

I walked into our house
And you were not there
Sat down on our bed
At your picture I did stare

Put my head on your pillow
Eyes started to well
The lingering scent of you
What a wonderful smell

For a couple of days
It was touch and go
I'd be lost without you
This you had to know

After a risky procedure
And medicine you did take
Along with some help from the Lord
The clot it did break

With a new lease on life
A precious second chance
I will shower you with love
and fill your life with romance
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