Oskar Erikson Feb 23

you already have the key to my phone, yet you'd deny me the pattern to your own.

Tehreem Aug 2016

Would you love her?
If her hair fell free
Locks sway on her shoulder
Wind catches them boldly
Sunlight will invade them
Brown blaze of strands
If you could see them play
Confining her forlorn face
Would run your fingers slowly?
If she sets them free
If she let them flow
A Rapunzel is what you need?
A glance of that entangled mane
Would be enough to drive you insane?

A flaw for the world hidden and draped.

You with the long fingers and the longing gaze.
You with the green (hazel, brown, brilliant.) eyes and the wistful sighs,
come. (Sigh with me.)
make memories, leave marks.
ignite me, like sparks.
Stay up with the night until the right larks sing.
Sin, with me. Wondering, what the morning brings.
let the moonlight light us.
You look like stardust, (and hair like rust.)
and there must be something.
Worth discovering.
(discover me.)

The Lunchtime Poet May 2016

Picking the lock
That you keep around your heart
If I were a locksmith
That would be a start

I don't know the code
I haven't a key
I will keep on trying
For all eternity

I must never stop
Those chains I must break
Not to have you
Is something I can't take

An emotionless prison
That's where I'll be
I must get out
I must be set free

By any means necessary
This job I'll get done
Nothing can stop me
Not even a gun

Sooner or later
Your love I will win
I will be patient
For our life to begin

You shouldn't worry
Don't have a fear
Whenever you need me
I always be there

Sienna Luna Oct 2015

Greased wheels, I knew you once.
I loved to balance like a child.

Roaming the paved streets; riding is like flying.

I knew you when the store held you back.
I chose you from behind handlebars with purple streamers.

Your tires silently carried me to classes,
each brake stop signaled that we were close to our arrival.

I sat on your worn black seat like I was on a throne of sorts.
Even though that seat is tattered with one rip on the side,
all I saw in you was my own damn pride.

Spokes, I knew you once.
I played your tune each journey that we went on.
No hill was ever tall enough, no road was ever too bumpy.

Gears, I knew you once.
Click, Lock, Click
sometimes you were tight and never let me ride
sometimes you were loose and my feet went flying ‘round too fast for me to catch
                     what you were doing.

I knew you once, when time was young.

Maria Etre Nov 2015

It rained
everyone was drunk
on the idea of cuddling
and love

Especially when it gets cold
the merciless wind
surprises your skin
all alone
with no one to hold

It rained
and every one was drunk
on coupling
but I
I got trashed
with the rain
all alone
walking on the sidewalk
gulping every strand of rain
falling for the cold
creating a relationship
by myself
that touched my skin

I got intoxicated
with the freeing feeling
of freedom

I wrote on damp paper
with shaking cold hands
"Thank you"

and watched as every droplet
traced its path
down my piercing locks

raine cooper Oct 2015

some doors shouldn't be opened, but humans have such a violent need to be loved,
so we break the locks and let the demons in

Alan S Bailey Oct 2015

Bite the hand

You will be behind me, or
Even in front if you like
I wont call you anything,
Or if that is you want me to,
I will call you everything.
Whatever you say,
I will lie here in a pool
of rampant madness, decay,
You shall be my "soul's" leader,
You will tell me when I'm "good,"
Or if I am insane, I won't complain,
I will be your tool, your stool,
I will not shun you if that's ever
Even been possible, you will be free
To ram your religious and political
Ideals down into my mind whether I
Believe or not, or they will "save
You," and take me away in locks.

Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015

It’s “then” that I realize,
When my friends leave,
That half of me dies,
Not at the door,
But beyond the locks,
And delirious drives

Come the other half –
The side
That revels in the quiet;
It slowly bites my tongue,
After sleep,
When I slip outta bed,
Crazed from dreams,
And even further by work;
Let me reside, the floor.

There’s no respite, no hour,
I’m annoyed even by
My stubble,
And the duty to
Shave –
Name me “lazy?”
Or labeled the animal?

I open the shades –
The forecast calls for rain.
I close the shades –
It’d ‘ever be night.

And after I’ve chased them out,
Something still and falls.
It’s not water, but rather,
Silent apologies that drip
And drizzle
From the sky and
Corners of my mouth.

They’re the “wants” left unheard,
In the form of unanswered
Voicemails, texts,
Email intentionally marked “spam,”
And pebbles echoed window,
Attempts “disguised” behind
Melody and
Resonant retribution.

I’ve always known how to
And now,
More importantly,
When to pull back.
If only I could
Myself from bed,
As this feeling’s “today,”
And it may not be there

I still hate people?
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